Mini Missions

Holy cow!!!!!!!

Hello my dearest family and friends! I am freaking out a little bit inside right now because of all the awesome things that are going on here in the mission and back at home. I am just loving life right now! I realize that my email last week was probably a little negative and depressing (obviously because I was a little down last week), but let me tell you….this week has been so much better! Let me tell you of some awesome things that have been happening.

Okay, so last week we had Stake Conference. Since it was Stake Conference, President and Sister Porter were there and so I got to say hi and talk to them for a second. Sister Porter gave me a hug and had mentioned to me about (M’s) baptism that had happened that day and how excited she was for me. I told her how sad I was because I couldn’t go and because I was missing Miamisburg so much. She told me to find 1 reason everyday why God decided to put me here in Anderson for the last 6 weeks of my mission. I haven’t been perfect, but there were a few awesome things that happened this week, and I am slowly finding reasons why I am here. I love it here!

Okay so earlier this week we had a lesson with one of our recent converts (K). She has been a little down on herself and had some depression and we had a super awesome lesson with her where I was able to talk about (G) a little bit (a recent convert from Miamisburg who had some depression problems). I told her that (G) was always the most depressed when she wasn’t reading, praying, AND coming to church. Notice all three of those things had to be done. I don’t know what all I said, but she thought it was interesting and wrote down a few things that I said so that she could remember them. This was on Tuesday and I finally felt like there was a reason why I am here. I have to be here for (K)… (and many others) because I might have just the right story or experience to share that might help them continue to increase their faith in Christ.

We had another walking day on Wednesday. Good grief! We just had one last Friday. Too many car accidents. Hopefully people start being more careful on the road. One of the members took us to Dairy Queen for dinner that night though. Yummy!

Another big highlight this week was on Friday. We had a zone meeting on Friday, and it was AWEOME! The spirit was so strong and there were a lot of things that stood out to me. I had been asked to share my testimony at the beginning of the meeting, but we had a testimony meeting at the end so that anyone else could share their testimonies. I had a really strong feeling that I needed to get up again even though I had already given my testimony already. I stood up though and as I stood up, all the thoughts that were going through my head left me. I had to sit there for a minute and give the spirit a chance to speak so that I would know what to say. I don’t even remember what all I said, but I do remember getting a feeling of comfort as I bore my testimony that God was with me, he knew what I was going through, and He has a purpose for me here in Anderson. It was really nice to get that feeling.

We also went on a little mini exchange that afternoon with the STLs. I was with Sister Dunford, and can I just say…..I was so happy to be with her! She is so awesome.


We were in the same district in Miamisburg when elder McDade was our District Leader. Now Elder McDade is my Zone Leader and Sister Dunford is one of my STLs. So, it was an awesome exchange with her. We found 3 new investigators in like 45 minutes. It was great! Sister Dunford and I talked a lot about what I had been struggling with and that I was trying so hard to find my purpose. I told her that I want to work so hard this last transfer and have so much fun, but I was struggling trying to accomplish that. We had a really good conversation and she helped me feel so much better. She also told me that one of the reasons she knew God loved her was because He had sent me here at this time to be with her again. It might sound kinda cheesy, but it was just what I needed to hear to find another reason why I am here at this time. I am here for the other missionaries!

This weekend we got our mini missionary. Her name is Sister Risch and she is really cool.

DSCN1000[1] DSCN0994[1]

We got her on Saturday morning, so she hasn’t been here extremely long, but we are having a lot of fun with her, and hopefully teaching her a lot!

So that is a quick update on the week. Like I said, it was so much better than last week. I am happy, I am having fun, and most importantly, I am working my hardest. 🙂 I will be home in exactly one month from today (don’t worry folks, I am not getting trunky this time). There is too much going on to get trunky and I am going to finish my mission strong! I love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Palmer


Revelation Horse

Dear Family and friends,

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great day yesterday. I know we did. In fact, this whole week was SO MUCH FUN!! Let me tell you about it…

So on Monday we had a ping pong tournament as a zone. It was a lot of fun, but I was unfortunately out after the first round….dang! It was lots of fun to be hanging out as a zone though.

Tuesday we had a really good lesson with our investigator (C) and our new investigator (K)… (K) is (C)’s babysitter. He watches her son while she is at work. We taught them both about the Book of Mormon and gave each of them a copy. That night we also had dinner with some members. We had Skyline chili since it was Sister Witherspoon’s first time having it. Remember how I didn’t like it the first time I tried it? Well, you just have to eat it a few different times, and then you will like it. I like it now!

One of the cool things about Wednesday was that we were able to find a new investigator! We had gotten a referral from our recent convert (L) for her aunt that lived nearby. We went on Wednesday to contact her and we were able to share a little message and set up a return appointment. Yay!

Thursday was awesome! We had specialized training that day, and then after Specialized training, we had a new missionary training. DSCN0891[1]10464003_786855728064915_642504696248212608_n

It was so fun and the best part was that I got to see Sisters Davis, Jackson, Yoakum, and a few other missionaries that I love so much! 🙂 We didn’t get back into our area until around 5:30, so we went and got Chipotle for dinner and then we went and had some cold stone for dessert and then ended up going out to work. We found another new investigator before the night was over. Yay!

Friday was amazing as well….Okay so back story. We got in Thursday night and we got a call from the assistants saying that I was invited to go to Mission Leadership Council the next day.


Mission Leadership Council is for the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders, and you normally don’t get invited (I don’t think) unless you are going to be a Zone Leader or a Sister Training Leader. Hmmm…we shall see what happens. It was a lot of fun though! I got to see more of my friends again!

10305056_787283141355507_1862090406740799074_n DSCN0897[1]

Sister Witherspoon stayed here in Miamisburg that day with Sister Lovell, because Sister Lovell’s companion, Sister Armstrong, got invited to come as well. Sister Lovell has only been out one transfer longer than Sister Witherspoon, so she is not quite done with training. #twogreeniesinanarea… That was the hashtag that they sent on every text. They ended up having a really good day though!

Then we had conference this weekend! Basically I had 4 days in a row of awesome revelation. That is why this email is titled the way it is. We had such a great week though.

Let me tell you of one quick grace moment. (C) and (K) were supposed to come watch conference with us on Saturday like they said that they would, but when we went to go get them, they weren’t there. It was really sad, but people have their agency. As we were planning on Saturday night, we felt like we should still go take them breakfast the next day and try to get them to come watch conference with us on Sunday. Well, we did and guess what?? They hurried and threw on some clothes, then we went to a member’s house to watch conference. Not just that, but WE were able to have a lesson afterward, so we got a member present in a members home. It was great!

I love you all! Have a great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer

PS: Also, this is the last week of the transfer. CRAZY!! Time is going very fast.

His grace is sufficient!

Hello my dear family and friends!!

Holy cow! What a week we have just had. It has been crazy! Let me tell you about it though….

So Monday, we ended up going to Graeter’s ice cream as a district.


The Kettering sisters were getting doubled out (boooo!), Sister Rose was leaving, and so was Elder McDade. Most of the district left! Sad day.

Tuesday was transfers, obviously! There were a butt load of missionaries going home…including my dear friend Sister Standage. (sad day!) I had the training meeting right before the transfer meeting, so I didn’t get any pictures with people.

My new companion is Sister Witherspoon. She is from Kaysville, Utah. She is the oldest of 5 kids, and all of her younger siblings are girls. She is 20 years old. Just turned 20 a couple of weeks ago.


So far, we have gotten along, so I think it will be good. By the end of the first day, I was exhausted! I remember thinking “Man, Sister Standage trained me when she had only been out for 3 transfers, and I only have 3 transfers left!” I don’t know how she did it being out for so little time. I’m not quite used to someone asking me so many questions. I just kind of expect her to know….then I remember that she is fresh from the MTC and so she doesn’t know. I am enjoying teaching her and she is really good at taking advice and applying it. 🙂

Little (T) did end up getting baptized on Saturday. Yep, Sister Witherspoon got here at a good time. Baptism in the first week baby! It ended up going really good. His parents and his sister came, as well as his grandparents.


Then he got confirmed on Sunday and his parents came to that. Sister (D) was telling me that she was going to go shopping for a skirt, and they were going to get little (T) some dress pants for church. Yay! We hope the whole family starts coming back to church.

We also saw (B) after church yesterday! Holy cow…it has been like 3 weeks since we have seen him, but we were finally able to get back in touch. Guess what? He has now read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon. You hear that? The ENTIRE Book of Mormon. Now he has started over re-reading it. Man…he just needs to get baptized. He has been taught almost all of the lessons. We set up a chapel tour with him for Wednesday, and then he is planning on coming to church on Sunday. He told us that he was going to make things happen this time! Hopefully he will start to progress a lot.

Also, the weather has been fantastic the past couple of days! Wahoo!

I don’t really know what else to update on for the week. It was an awesome week, and I can’t wait to see what this next week has in store. 🙂 I love you all! Have a great week.


Sister Palmer

Can You Feel the Love Tonight??

** No this is not a Disney sing-a-long, Lion King-esque story…

Hey family and friends!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope it was a great day for all of you. 🙂

So let me tell you about the week…

Monday last week, we had a shorter p-day because we had gone to the temple on Saturday (two days before…see the previous post). That’s okay though because that gave us lots of time to go out and work and see people! Yay. 🙂 We finally got to see our investigator (B). He is still doing awesome. We saw him a few different times this week. Since the last time that we saw him, he is now on date for the 14th of March. He is also in Alma chapter 55 of the Book of Mormon (as of Friday). I have never had an investigator read that much of the Book of Mormon before they got baptized. That is just crazy!!! He is pretty awesome. 🙂

Wednesday we had a Relief Society activity. Sister Rose and I weren’t going to go because we didn’t have an investigator or a less active member going, but then one of the members told us that she had invited a non-member friend and asked us to come. It ended up being pretty good! We had a lot of fun and I was able to see a couple of members from the Middletown ward and they gave me a few updates on what was going on down there. It was nice to get an update. 🙂

Friday we had exchanges. I was here in Miamisburg with Sister Summers!! We always have the best time on exchanges. She goes home at the end of this transfer, so that was the last time that I will get to be on exchanges with her, but we made it lots of fun. Thankfully she isn’t “trunky”, which is a good thing. While we were on exchanges, we saw our investigator (A), who we haven’t seen quite as much as we would like. (A) has a really good friend who is LDS and she has known her for about 20 years or so. She also was getting taught by missionaries last year. Anyway, Sister Rose and I picked her up as an investigator again about a month ago. Sister Summers and I had a really powerful lesson with her! We were able to talk about a couple things (like why she didn’t get baptized last year). The spirit was really strong and by the end of the lesson, we had extended a baptism date for March 21st. March is going to be a great month!! We will see if I am still in Miamisburg though.

Saturday was Valentine’s Day. It was also Sister Rose’s birthday. We had a really good day! We had a meeting in the morning with the Elders. During lunch we came home and ate some food while Sister Rose opened her presents. That night we had some members feed us, and they had heard it was Sister Rose’s birthday, so they made some really yummy food and got a delicious cake! We sang Happy Birthday to her and had a good time. Overall, it was a really good day. 🙂

Today it is snowing.


That sucks. I hate driving in the snow…it is no fun.


So this past week we got a few different voicemails from President and Sister Porter. They were talking about all of the great things that are happening in the mission right now! They posted our baptism recap video on a Facebook page for the missionaries who have already gone home. Sister Porter read a couple of the posts from some of the previous missionaries who commented on the video. It made me feel good! I am so happy to be a part of the OCM (Ohio Cincinnati Mission) right now! There are so many good things going on. We have set some pretty high goals, but we are working super hard to achieve them! It is all part of leaving a legacy behind.

So there is my update! I love you all so much! Have a great week.


Sister Palmer

Christmas Time!!!!!

Holy cow. Does the subject of this letter let you know how excited I am?? This week is Christmas, but even better, I get to talk to my family!!! I can hardly wait.

Hello my wonderful family and friends.

I sure hope things are going great for you at home. From the emails that I got, it seems like they are. I hope that you are all ready for Christmas this week! 🙂

So this week was actually pretty good. It had some downers, but for the most part I enjoyed it. Sister Rose and I are finally starting to work well together. That’s a plus!

Right now we don’t have any super solid investigators, so the work is kinda slow. I mentioned last week I think about our investigator (L). We were planning on her getting baptized this weekend, but we have pushed it back. We want to make sure that she is ready, and we are also teaching her son (A), and they want to get baptized together. It will be a lot better that way! 🙂

So, this week we had a Christmas conference. It was so fun! We had a wonderful Christmas program. I got to see all of my missionary friends (that haven’t gone home yet) and we got to watch “Meet the Mormons”. That was such a good video! I loved it. I am just like my mother and cried when it got to the missionary mom. It didn’t help that the day we watched it was my 1 year mark from the day that I entered the MTC.

Ready to head out the door of my home and enter the MTC.

Ready to head out the door of my home and enter the MTC.

Why don’t you all join me as we look back in time a little…I remember that day as if it happened last week. I got up in the morning and started packing. Yep, I am a procrastinator, and I had not done any packing at this point. Thankfully for my wonderful dad who packed it all up for me and made everything nice and neat and organized.

Sitting with my sister Morgan at Denny's on the way to the MTC.

Sitting with my sister Morgan at Denny’s on the way to the MTC.

I remember my family going out to lunch at Denny’s. (They give missionaries going into the MTC a free meal, so we figured “Why not?”) I remember after lunch we drove off to the MTC. As soon as we came around the corner and we could see the MTC my dad asked me “Are you nervous Kayla?” I of course replied that no I was not nervous, I was excited, although my insides would have told otherwise. I really actually was scared out of my mind!!

One last picture before Kayla enters and we leave.

One last picture before Kayla enters and we leave.

I said goodbye to my family and I remember thinking that 18 months would be so long and hard, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that anymore.

Well, here I am 1 year later. I look back on everything that has happened this past year. The things I have been able to do, the people that I have been able to meet, the friends I have made, how my testimony has grown. This has been one of the greatest things I have ever done! I only have 6 months left. I am excited for when I finally get to be back at home with my family and friends, but for right now, I think I will continue to work hard and enjoy my time here. 🙂

I read a quote today by Elder Nelson. He said this “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but we are not. Each day, ours is the challenge to access the power of the Atonement so that we can truly change, become more Christ-like, and qualify for the gift of exaltation with God, Jesus Christ, and our families.”

I thought it was a good quote. Pretty much sums up my mission. I have had to make a lot of changes and even more important, accept a lot of changes. I have had to apply the atonement to help me change and grow and progress to become more like Christ. How grateful I am for that opportunity that I have had, that I continue to have, and that we all have as Gods children. I am thankful for my savior and all that he is done for me and that we get to celebrate his birth this week.

I love you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Have a fantastic week. 🙂


Sister Palmer

Opposition and God’s Grace

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello! Today is a great day! The sun is shining…I have read awesome emails. Things are just going fantastic at home. 🙂
So let me tell you about our crazy week. There were very many ups and downs.
So on Monday we met this lady who told us that she is going through a transition phase right now and that she is pretty much open to anything. She said that she would love for us to come back and teach her, and she has 2 daughters living with her. That was quite the miracle! We are going back to have our first lesson with them tonight. 🙂 Oh, and she said she would get baptized…it was kind of a crazy contact, but so super awesome!
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were terrible!!! We had so many awesome appointments scheduled those three days, and almost all of them cancelled. 😦 We had a zone meeting on Tuesday, and before the meeting was over, all of the appointments that we had that day except for 1 got cancelled. It was so sad! And they all got cancelled for valid reasons, not just because people were flaky. Needless to say the beginning of the week was rough.
But then we have Friday. Friday was our day of REDEMPTION! We found 2 new investigators that day. One of them was an older man who had met with missionaries like 30 years ago. The other was a cute little mom who had recently moved into a less-active family’s house. We stopped by to try and see the less active family, but instead we met (R). She was awesome, and we have another appointment with her tomorrow. 🙂
Then we had a lesson in a members home with our investigator (B) who is getting baptized on the 22nd. We taught her the word of wisdom and she committed to live it!! Wahoo!
Finally, the best part about the day. We went to see our favorite Duck Dynasty investigator (S). He is very shy. We had been committing him to pray about a baptism date, but he still hadn’t. I had been prompted to extend the 29th to him a couple lessons previous, but I hadn’t because we wanted him to feel comfortable and to be able to receive revelation and make his own decision. Well, since he wasn’t keeping the commitment about praying for a date, I decided to extend the 29th. He sat there for a little bit in silence and then said “The spirit is really kicking me right now….Yes.” Sister Webb and I both almost started crying and jumping for joy. We are so super excited! We can hardly wait! That will be a great birthday present. 😉
Saturday ended up being an awesome day too! We had a chapel tour with (B). That went really good and she got excited when we showed her the baptism font. She can hardly wait to get baptized. 🙂
Sunday wasn’t quite as great, but it was still good. I spoke in Sacrament Meeting. The bishop called me on Saturday night and asked me too. (Welcome to the life of a missionary). Haha, it wasn’t even that big of a deal. I spoke on Gratitude and I used quotes from 2 different talks. The first one was by President Uchtdorf from this past April General Conference, and then the other one was from President Monson clear back in 2008. I believe the talk was called “Finding Joy in the Journey”. Both were really good and thankfully I was only the “youth speaker” so I didn’t have to speak for like 20 minutes.
Anyway, that’s about it for the week. Overall it was pretty good. Sister Webb and I continue to have lots of fun together!
DSCN0706[1]             DSCN0707[1]
She is so funny, and I am really enjoying being companions with her. 🙂
Love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Palmer


Hello my wonderful family and friends!!

Okay, I am in such a great mood right now. Probably because today was an awesome emailing day. I got to hear from some of the people that I wanted to/needed to hear from, so now I can write my email to y’all.

So as you can tell from the subject of this email, conference was pretty great! I don’t have time to update on my actual thoughts on every talk and stuff, but overall it was pretty awesome! Sister Origer and I only watched one session at the church, and the other three sessions were at members’ homes. That was nice because it was as if I were at home, and I was able to sit on a nice couch and pay attention. Plus we got to eat a lot of yummy food while we sat and watched it. Just the way it should be. 😉

Satan was working very hard this weekend though…(stupid Satan). We tried so hard to get investigators to the church or to a member’s house to watch conference, and everything fell through. Ugh! I was so upset and frustrated by last night. There was a miracle though and that was that we were able to get in contact again with one of our investigators (D) who we haven’t heard from in like a month. I was super happy about that.

To add on to my anger that I had last night, just as I was starting to relax, I was heading over to the couch to lay down so that I could calm down a little. Just as I was about to lay down, I noticed a GIANT spider on the wall….ewww. I hate spiders and this one was big. After Sister Origer and I finally got it killed, it became a funny experience, and it was nice to have something to laugh about, but in the moment I didn’t like it. There is another experience to illustrate how much God knows and loves us. He knew that I wouldn’t survive in the jungles of Brazil with all of those crazy bugs. Haha okay then…

We went on exchanges this week and that was a lot of fun! I went out with Sister Summers. We always have a blast when we are on exchanges. We did a ton of walking that day, but it felt so good! Sometimes it is just super nice to walk a ton and to get tons of exercise. 🙂

The weather out here is getting so cold! I can’t even stand it. I don’t know why I am getting so cold right now. The weather hasn’t really bothered Sister Origer at all…My body just needs to warm up.

So this week we have interviews with President and Sister Porter. I am so excited! I love interviews. Next week we have a sisters conference up in Cincinnati, which I am also super excited about and we also have the TEMPLE!! Nothing gets better than that. 🙂

Well, I love you all folks! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Palmer