Coming to an end…part 2

** PREFACE: This is from a hand-written email that Kayla wrote a couple of hours after she wrote the email that was shared in the previous post. It arrived on Friday (July 3rd), and unless she writes an email on Monday (July 6th) that she wants shared, will end up being the last letter from her mission. I felt it was worthy of sharing so that you would get a feel of the emotions that she is feeling, the love that she has for her mission, and the testimony that has grown inside of her.

Dear Family,

Hello! I figured I would write a letter home today, seeing that it is probably the last hand-written letter I will send home (unless I decide to write one next week and address it to myself…ha-ha!).

Man, I don’t even really know what to write…I just know I wanted to write a letter home this week.

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you get really excited or when you get really sad/upset? Yeah, it has happened a lot this week. I’m getting really excited to come home, but also really nervous and I’m sad to leave here.

There is a show on the Mormon Channel (YouTube) that I started watching this week called “Two Brothers Two”. It shows two brothers as the grow up and then as they go on missions. It is really good! It made me cry, especially when it shows video footage from their missions. The love that they have for the people they teach really shows. In dad’s email today, he talked about love for our missions, the people we teach, etc. Sister Watts and I also talked about our love for our missions and the gospel when we were on exchanges. There has been a lot of love lately! Sister Watts and I were talking about how love = pain. That’s why it is hard to say goodbye, or get transferred, etc. because you grow to love! Not just that, but if you do it right, you feel the love God has for us and these people. That’s why coming home has so many mixed emotions. You love your family and want to see them, but you love life here and you love being a representative of Christ. It’s just great!

Anyway, now I am rambling. I can’t want to share experiences of my mission with you guys! They are so much better coming straight from my mouth.

Well, I know that as soon as I put this in an envelope and seal it I will think of more to write, but oh well! Nothing that I can’t just tell you next week. 🙂

That’s it for now. I love you all! This week is going to be awesome and next week is going to be even better! Talk to you soon. 🙂

Sister Kayla Palmer


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