#satangotdesperate part 2…nope, it’s beyond that

Dear Family and Friends,

Holy freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know what to say right now. There is so much stuff going on through my brain at this moment. I originally was going to title this email something along the lines of “Satan’s desperation pt. 2”, but it is beyond that at this point.

So this week was an awesome week, and then it has just spiraled down hard this weekend. I will hurry and let all the negative off of my chest, and then I will tell about all the other awesome things that we were able to accomplish.

My story starts on Friday. We had a dinner appointment with some members, and while there, the mother, sister “L” adjusted both mine and Sister Witherspoon’s backs. Nothing wrong there, it felt great. But…Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a train and thrown across the room. My throat also hurt really bad and I had a slight fever. Sister Witherspoon asked me if I wanted to call the mission nurse, but I told her no because I would be okay and I just wanted to tough it out and go out to work. My fever didn’t get any worse, in fact it actually went down a little, but it persisted about half of the day. By the time we got to our personal studies, I was EXHAUSTED. Literally, all of my energy was suddenly drained. I didn’t understand why, but I continued to fight it.

Sunday Morning I woke up. I didn’t feel like I had been hit by a train, but I had another fever and this time, my throat felt a little worse. Once again, Sister Witherspoon was taking good care of me and she asked me if I wanted to call the mission nurse. Once again, I told her no, that everything would be okay, and that if I wasn’t feeling better after church, I would call. Well, I wasn’t feeling better after church, so I called the nurse. I was worried that I had strep throat (I kinda was thinking that the whole weekend, but I just kept putting it off. I really needed to get rid of my pride and just let people help me). Sister Willoughby (the mission nurse) told me that I should go to urgent care, so we did! We got there, I got back into the room, I told them that I thought I had strep throat and they did a swab on me. They told me that it would take about 5 minutes and then they would let me know the results. I kid you not, they came back literally 45 seconds later. The doctor had a big smile on her face. I said “So, I have strep?” She said “Yeah…..you sure do!” She then had me open my mouth and she shined a light in the back of my throat. “Yeah, you really do have strep!” She prescribed me some medicine and sent it electronically to the pharmacy…Well guess what? The Pharmacy closed at 5:00, and by the time we got there it was like 5:15. By this point, the urgent care was closed, so we couldn’t call them and ask if they could transfer it to a 24 hour pharmacy. Thankfully, we have some awesome members, and one of the members in the stake presidency is a doctor, so he prescribed me the medication that I needed, and some members went and picked it up. Hallelujah! I felt like I was dying last night….literally, but now I am doing a little better. My throat is still a little sore, but it isn’t as swollen, I can breathe better, and I have been able to eat a tiny little bit. I haven’t really eaten much the past couple of days, so it feels good to eat. 🙂

*Side remark: Sorry for all of you people in the Miamisburg Ward who may be reading this right now. If you get strep throat, please forgive me for possibly contaminating you.*

Also, we got our transfer calls today. Are you ready for this? You probably won’t believe me, which is fine, even I am still freaking out. We are getting DOUBLED OUT! In fact, our whole district is getting doubled out. Not just that, but about 75% of our zone is leaving. Out of 8 areas (two of which are in trios) there are only 5 people who are staying. Not 5 areas, 5 singular people! We are all freaking out! As of right now, we have not gotten any leadership calls, and we haven’t found out if our area is getting shut down, although I don’t think our area will get closed down, because Miamisburg is an awesome place and we  have been accomplishing a lot of awesome things. 🙂

So as far as the actual week goes, let me tell you a little bit better news. We saw (M) like almost every day this week, and a lot of our lessons were in members’ homes with her. That was awesome! So far, she is still good to get baptized this Saturday. Hopefully this transfer call doesn’t change it. We have an appointment with her tonight, so we will let her know and get things worked out.

On Thursday, we were just about to be done with our weekly planning, and we get a call from one of the members and she said that there was someone at her house who was very anxious to meet us, and asked if we could come over. So we went over right away. This member is a little older, and the person that was anxious to meet us was her aid. Sister “T” the member, had read a little bit of the Book of Mormon with (B) that morning, and she wanted to know more. She said that God had been on her mind a lot in the past couple of months. She told us a lot about her life. She hasn’t been much of a church goer, except for when she was little. She said that there was one point a little while ago when she was meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses and was going to go to church with them, but she got a feeling that she shouldn’t, that God had something else planned. Well, a few months ago, she started working for Sister “T” as her aid. She said that she just felt good every time she came over. So anyway, that’s like the really short story, but she is excited to learn more, and she even came to church yesterday! Unfortunately, she lives in Dayton, so we are going to have to pass her off to the elders who are in Dayton. It was an awesome experience though. We got a new investigator, contacted a referral in a member’s home, and had a member present in a member’s home. It was fantastic. 🙂

So yeah, since we were confined to our apartment yesterday after we found out I had strep, we still had one lesson to get to hit 20 lessons for the week and to hit standards. So, we called up one of our recent converts and had a lesson with her over the phone. Haha! Gotta love technology. Thankfully though we were able to reach 20 lessons and we got standards. Booyah! 🙂

Currently, since it is Memorial Day and the library is closed, we are emailing at the members house who got me my medicine yesterday, and they are feeding us. They saved some fruit and stuff from our ward Memorial Day picnic that happened this morning that we unfortunately were not able to go to because of my strep throat. I love the members here! Haha.

So that is it for my week folks. I love you all! I hope you have a great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer



Our district fun day that we had on Monday. It was so fun, but it started to pour rain while we were there.


A district picture from our last district meeting in the transfer.


A picture of me during weekly planning. I am now on my last planner for the rest of my mission. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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