Hello my wonderful family and friends!

This week’s email isn’t going to be as long. Sorry about that. There isn’t as much to tell though. Most of our week revolved around (M). We did have a couple of extra adventures that I will mention though.

So (M) is doing freak’n awesome! We saw her a few different times this week. All of our lessons with her were in a member’s home. We had a lesson with her on Saturday in our Stake Presidents house. It went really well! We taught her the Word of Wisdom that day. She had already researched some of it and knew what we believed. She doesn’t have a problem with anything, and she committed to live it! Booyah (M). #sheisgolden

She also came to church yesterday and had another great experience! We had a lesson with her after church. We are going to be having Family Home Evening with her tonight in a members home and she is bringing at least one of her sisters (hopefully more) and probably one of her friends. We are looking forward to it! She has a baptism [date on the] calendar and she is still on track to be baptized on May 30th! That is right after the transfer, so pray that we are still here!

Oh yeah, so this is the last week of the transfer! Craziness. It is also Sister Witherspoon’s last week of training. It has gone by so fast!


So we had a car fast on Friday, so we were all out walking. It ended up being a pretty good exchange for the most part! I had a great time in Springboro. Sister Witherspoon got to stay in our area and lead. #proudmommamoment The only bummer part was that sister Witherspoon was in the hospital by the end of the day…..CRAZY! Don’t worry folks, she is okay. She just got a little sick. I never thought anything like that would happen on my mission, but it did! We are very thankful for members who watch out for us and we are especially thankful for the members who took care of her while I was away for a little bit.

So that is why my email is titled the way it is. We are having a lot of awesome success right now, especially with (M) about to get baptized, so he got after us. Oh well, we continue to fight back! Sister Witherspoon was such a trooper. 🙂

We also got to talk to (G) this week! It was so stink’n nice to hear from her. She is doing good. She has been bombarded with questions since she has been in Arizona, so that caused a bit of contention and doubt, but she has such a strong testimony and she knew where to turn to help her overcome it. She isn’t going to be home until the beginning of June, but she is going to work towards baptism again when she gets back. She knows she needs to do it! Keep her in your prayers please.

So that is about it for the week! I love you all. Thanks for your love and support. Have a fantastic week!


Sister Palmer


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