Roller Coaster Ride

Hello my family and friends!

This week has had a lot of ups and downs. Literally, I think Sister Witherspoon and I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that you can experience as a missionary this past week. That is why I have titled the email the way that I have.

I won’t go into all the lows, because what matters is the awesome parts. So here is what happened……

Tuesday was freak’n awesome!! We had a lesson with our investigator (M) in a member’s house. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy of one. She has been reading and really enjoys it! She also reads a little bit to her sisters and asks them questions about what they are talking about in the verses. She is so golden.

After our lesson with (M), we got a text from the member who we had the lesson with and she said that she had another friend who wanted to meet with us and she wanted to know a time that we were available during the week to meet up again and meet her friend. It was great. 🙂

We went and saw a member on Tuesday who had just had surgery and we took her some lunch.


While we were there, her non-member friend came over, so we had a lesson, and then Sister Witherspoon extended baptism to her. She said yes and we pretty much left it at that. We said a closing prayer and said goodbye because we had another appointment to go to.  We got a call later that night from the friend though saying that because of some things that have happened in her life recently, she is now ready to take the discussions and get baptized. We were like WHAT??! Okay, we would love to help you make that happen. 🙂

We had a Zone Meeting on Thursday which went really good! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how we can apply it more in our studies and how we can apply it more with our investigators, recent converts, and less-actives so that they can become more rooted in it. I definitely could do better at my Book of Mormon study. It is such an important book and we are so blessed to have it in our lives. It seriously is the answer to all problems! We have noticed with a couple of our recent converts lately that are now less-active that they haven’t been reading the Book of Mormon. That is why they are less-active! If they would just read, things would go so much better.

Friday we had a chapel tour with (M). It went longer than planned, but the spirit was super strong! It was an awesome chapel tour. The member called us after to thank us for doing it. She recognized the spirit as well and she was just so excited. This is something that her family has wanted for (M’s) family for a long time and it is finally starting to happen. 🙂

Saturday we had a social media split! Booyah!

11049558_10153852247428642_8227330040008899489_n11252166_10153852247798642_7570992813701274304_n 11200889_10153852247728642_3917533445354011545_n

#socialmediasplit #cincinnatimission. We had a few service projects and a couple of lessons with some members and one of our investigators.




All in all, it was a good day! Social media splits are something that our mission started and they are now doing them throughout the world. Baltimore does social media splits once a month and they have seen a lot of success from it, so we are now going to start doing our social media splits once a month as well! We have to flood the earth with social media just like Elder Bednar said. It is so easy and can have such an impact!

Yesterday (M) came to church. Booyah! She loved it and is looking forward to coming back again. We also got to Skype home with our families yesterday.


I love my family! It was so great to be able to Skype with them and tell them stories of things that have happened recently.

So, that is about it for the week. I love you all! Thank you for your love and support! Have a great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer


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