Kindred Spirits

Hello y’all!

This week was pretty great! Not quite as crazy and exciting as last week, but there were still a lot of good things.

Sister Witherspoon and I went thrift store shopping on Monday. That was lots of fun and I was able to get a few nice shirts. I spent less than 10 bucks, so booyah!

We had zone conference on Tuesday. Can I just say….I love being in the presence of President and Sister Porter. They are both so awesome and I love when they teach us. We talked a lot about less-actives and working with them to help them come back to church, but also to bring them with us to teach our investigators. We were promised by our keyholders that if we worked more with less-actives, we would find more new investigators and we would also have more baptisms! Sounds pretty good to me! Having a less-active start to come back to church and be active again feels just as great as when one of your investigators gets baptized, so I am more than happy to work with less-actives. I always have been, but now Sister Witherspoon and I are going to put a really big focus on it. 🙂

Wednesday we had exchanges. Both Sister Witherspoon and I went to Springboro this time. First off let me tell you…our Sister Training Leaders are in a trio right now, so there were five of us in their apartment that was definitely not made for 5 people to live there. Thankfully we were just there for the day, but it was lots of fun! I got to go with our new STL, Sister Krueger. It was nice because I got to know her a little bit more. She is hilarious! We had a good time. The day was kind of slow, but we were still able to have a few lessons and extend baptism to people. And we were able to pick up a new investigator! All in all, it was pretty good.

Thursday we had a zone weekly planning. We had it at the Middletown building. I love that building! I always enjoy when I have the opportunity to go to Middletown. It is nice to just reminisce on when I was there. As we were driving back, the GPS actually took us through Franklin to get to our next appointment. That was fun because I just told Sister Witherspoon stories of when I was there. Haha good memories!

Friday we had one of the members take us out to lunch! It was lots of fun, and so good! We went to a place called Dewey’s pizza. After lunch we went and did some service for one of the members, and then we went to go see the Dorsey’s (because we haven’t seen little (T) in a while.) The only person that was home was (H). She is 17 years old and she is the only person in the family now who isn’t a member. We have been trying to establish a better relationship with her. She came outside and talked to us for a little bit. While we were talking to her, I had a very distinct thought come to me that now was the time for us to start teaching her. I felt like we had established enough of a relationship with her for her to trust us, so I just started talking to her and asking her about her feelings and her beliefs. We had a pretty good talk and in the end, we were able to make her a new investigator! I am excited to go back and see her this week.

We had a lesson on Sunday with a newer investigator named (M). Holy cow, I love (M)! Her family (we haven’t started teaching the whole family yet) was a referral from a member family that lives right across the street from them. Sister Witherspoon and I had gone last week to contact them. I mentioned the story of contacting them last week in my email, but we had another appointment with (M) yesterday. She told us that she had prayed every day last week!!! We were so excited. This is a big deal because she is agnostic. We ended up finishing the Plan of Salvation and then we have another appointment with her tomorrow.

The reason why my email is titled the way it is is because I feel like I knew (M) in the pre-existence and that we were really good friends. I know that as a missionary, you already love your investigators and you want them to get baptized, but I just feel that it is deeper with (M). I want so badly for her to feel the love that God has for her, because as a missionary, I have been blessed to feel the love that He has for her. I want her to see how the gospel can bless her life. We extended a baptism date during the lesson. She didn’t feel quite ready yet (which is okay, she has only met with us twice) but she didn’t say no to it. She recognizes that it is the next step for her once she does come to know that it is true. I am so excited!

Anyway, that is about it for the week. I love you all so much and continue to pray for all of you! I hope you have a great, and happy Mother’s Day!


Sister Palmer

Pictures are of me and sister Witherspoon this week.

DSCN0931[1] IMG_0521


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