Member Presents

Hello! So this week was a pretty awesome week! We had a lot of fun and we were able to accomplish a lot, so let me get started….

On Monday we had a zone fun day, which was a lot of fun! They always are, but I do love them. We had a picnic at the church, so everyone brought some food to share, and then we played basketball and volleyball and chair soccer. Classic missionary games, but it was really good to get out on the court and play. I especially enjoyed basketball. It is still one of my most favorite sports!

We had a legacy meeting on Tuesday. I didn’t think it was as awesome as the first legacy meeting that we had, but it was still really good! We watched a video clip from the movie “Facing the Giants” It is a pretty popular movie clip, and it makes me cry every time (pathetic, I know…) but the video clip was about a football player, Brock, who is doubting that they will win their game that Friday. The coach makes Brock go out on the football field and do the death crawl with one of his teammates on his back. The coach then blindfolds him so that he can’t see where he is at. Anyway, by the end Brock goes all the way across the football field. It was really good to watch and we were able to relate it to us and to our situations. Right now, I need to not worry about where I am at (which I am not too worried), and just push hard to the end. God’s grace will kick in and we will be able to finish. That’s just what happened this week.

This week we had a big focus as a mission on getting member present lessons with our investigators. Sister Witherspoon and I worked really hard every day to accomplish the goal, and we were delivered! We had a couple of appointments on Tuesday evening that fell through, so we took our recent convert (G) all over the place with us to have a member present lesson, and we got one! We had a lesson with (C), even though it wasn’t a scheduled appointment.

There were a couple of days this week where we didn’t have any appointments set up with investigators, but we still had members come out with us so that we could try. One of those days was on Friday. We had a very recently returned missionary (and I mean very recent. She just got home on Tuesday) come out with us. Once again, we went and saw (C) and had another lesson with her, which that one also went well.

Saturday, we had one of the young women out with us and we had an appointment scheduled with (R). We went to her house, she answered the door, and she told us she was very sick. She said she had a viral infection and she was supposed to be on bed rest for a few days, and technically she was under “quarantine” because it was so bad. Needless to say, she didn’t let us in the house, which was fine because I don’t want to get sick. We still shared a little message with her though in the hallway so that we could get a member present! #makingithappen

Saturday we also had a Relief Society activity, which was lots of fun! It was mostly just a social and a dinner, but we went because there were going to be a couple of less-actives there and one of our investigators was supposed to come (but she ended up not being able to). We had Hawaiian haystacks for dinner, which were so good! There were so many leftovers too! The Relief Society seriously sent us home with so much that we had to put it all in a garbage bag….I felt like a freakin’ pig as I carried this giant bag out full of food, but I wasn’t going to complain either. Haha! We have enough Hawaiian haystacks to last us this whole week. 🙂

The biggest miracle of all was yesterday. We went to go contact a referral from one of the members that we had received a couple of weeks ago. We stopped by the member’s house first to see if she would be able to come with us, so that hopefully we could get another member present. She wasn’t home unfortunately, so we just walked across the street to meet the referral. We met the referral. His name is (D). While we were talking to him though, Sister Kimura, the member that had given us the referral and that we wanted to come with us walked out of their house…miracle! We eneded up going inside the house and talking to a couple of the daughters.

One of the daughters, (M), is our age and she is agnostic. We got talking about how she came to be agnostic and she opened up a lot to us. She has had some health problems throughout her life that have been a big trial for her. I had a very strong feeling that we should share the Plan of Salvation with her. It was kinda awkward at first, but the lesson went really well and the spirit was really strong! We ended up picking her up as a new investigator, so we got a member present, new investigator, and referral contacted all at one time! It was awesome.

That’s about it for my week. I love you all! Have another great week!

Love, Sister Palmer

The pictures are from zone fun day. One of the elders had brought Baja Blasts. DSCN0925[1] I have never had one because it is a Mountain Dew, but I have heard lots of good things about them, so I decided to try one. It was delicious! DSCN0927[1]


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