That was awkward…


This week was actually really good. For it being a transfer week, we did really good! Transfer weeks are known for being kinda bad because of the change and such…but I guess since there wasn’t any change between us, we had just another normal week. WE have been trying to have 3 awkward experiences a day as a zone, so that is the why my email is titled the way it is, although some stories you my read about can also fall into the title…

So this week, we had a chapel tour with (B)!!!!!!!! We were so stink’n excited that he actually came! We have tried at least like 5 times to have a chapel tour with him since we started teaching him and every time something goes wrong and he doesn’t show up. Well, this week it finally happened!! We got some training a couple weeks ago in leadership council and then in zone meeting on how we should do our chapel tours so that they aren’t super long, but that they are super powerful. (B) was our first investigator to test our training on, but it went really well. The spirit was strong, especially when we were in the chapel. I thought it was a great experience for us and for (B).

(B) was supposed to come to church yesterday, but he didn’t make it. We don’t know what happened. We haven’t talked to him yet to figure out. We were super bummed! There was some more things that we could have done to make sure that he got there, so part of it was a lack of effort on our part, but I was just hoping that he would come anyway because of his experience at the chapel tour. Oh well! We will do better this week. On the bright side, we had 2 less-actives at church that we have been working with, and 2 recent converts that haven’t been to church in a while.

#miracleinadifferentway #lookingforthegrace

Those were the hashtags that Sister Witherspoon sent out to the zone when she told them about our day. She does a really good job at finding the grace. 🙂

So Friday we did have to walk almost all day! There have been too many car accidents throughout the mission these past few months and so President Porter said that the next missionaries to get in a car accident would mean that everyone’s cars would be “grounded” and we would have to walk. It actually wasn’t that bad though! The sun was shining and it was super nice outside! (Gotta work on my tan.) We were able to talk to a lot of people and I felt like it was a pretty productive day since we were outside.

I have to tell you what happened on Friday though. Boy do I love our investigators….So we thankfully were able to have a miracle…a member present. We were able to find a member that could come pick us up and take us to our appointment, which was awesome. Here is what happened at the appointment though….

So our appointment was with our investigator (R). I have talked about her before. She is a Wicca and she is awesome. We love (R)! Here is where it got kinda cool, creepy, weird, I don’t know what you want to call it. Just as we were about to say a prayer, (R) looks at me and says that she has something to tell me after we pray. “Just me?” I said. I was starting to kinda freak out a little. I said the opening prayer and during the whole time, my hands were sweating because I didn’t know what was going to happen, and while I was praying out loud, I was saying a prayer in my head that we would all be okay and that (R) wouldn’t drop us and that things would be fine. Haha! Okay. After the prayer (R) proceeds to say something, I don’t remember exactly what, but to me it sounded like she was getting ready to drop us. I finally stopped freaking out in my head and just listened. (R) told me that someone in my family was going to get sick, like not just a cold, she made it sound like it was going to be something tragic (hopefully not cancer or anything). Anyway, someone in my family was going to get sick and that because my faith is so strong, I was going to need to be there for them and that they were going to rely on my testimony and my faith during their trial to help them keep their faith strong and so that they could be confident and get through their trial….Then she said “Now your guardian angel, or spirit, or whatever you want to call it can leave me alone.”

Okay, so it wasn’t worded exactly like that, but that was the gist of it. It was crazy! I didn’t know what to think. My mom and I love the show “Long Island Medium” and we have always wondered what it would have been like to see Teresa Caputo and have a reading with her…Well, I think I pretty much got read by (R)! Apparently my guardian angel or spirit or someone had been bugging her for a while and that was the message that she was told to give me. It was an interesting experience. She isn’t a medium, but she has had experiences with spirits before. She told us that spirits speak through symbols, so she doesn’t know when it is going to happen. She said it could be 6 weeks from now, or it could be 10 years from now. She also didn’t know who in my family it would be….so there are a lot of possibilities there. I didn’t proceed to ask her questions, but in a way I wish I would have. I don’t think she is crazy…now is what she told me real? Who knows, but I am not going to think too much on it right now.

So yeah…there are a couple of highlights from my week. It was super awesome week. I love you all! I hope you have a great week as well. 🙂


Sister Palmer

I got an awesome bouquet of flowers from my parents this week.



The pictures aren’t the greatest. It was very pretty!


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