Transfer Doctrine

There was probably about a month where I really struggled with a term that missionaries like to call “trunky”. I really never thought that I would get to that point on my mission. I remember when I was companions with Sister Origer and her mom sent her information about school. She about freaked out and I just laughed. “Haha! I don’t have to worry about that ever.” Then I remember when Sister Webb was trying to get housing figured out. Once again…I never have to worry about that right?? Well, I started getting similar questions. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t think that was the only reason for my trunkiness. I know that part of it was that my mission friends were starting to go home…I constantly thought about what I was going to do with them when I got home, but I was also thinking about what it would be like to see my family again. (I am very grateful to my mom and dad for getting all of my college situation stuff worked out on their own, so I don’t have to worry about any of it.)

It was brought up at interviews with President and Sister Porter about how “trunky” I really was. I didn’t think it was that bad, but after talking to them, I realized that it was worse than I thought. It was a constant battle with myself. I made a goal that day that I wasn’t going to talk about home anymore. I didn’t want Sister Witherspoon to get transferred from me for my actions…because that is what would have happened.

Anyway, so the past few weeks I have been working really hard on it, and it is going good! Sister Witherspoon and I have been seeing a lot of grace lately, so I will tell you about some of it right now as I talk about our week.

First off, we are staying together…yay! I am not going to be a sister training leader, which I guess right now is fine. I am going to just focus on training and making sure Sister Witherspoon is the best missionary she can be.

I am really excited to still be here in Miamisburg. At the end of this transfer, I will have been in Miamisburg as long as I was in Columbia City. CRAZY!! There is going to be a lot of awesome things happening this transfer though. Now let me tell you the highlights of the week.

So Monday we had a fun Nerf war at the church as a zone. It was super awesome!

Wednesday we had a lesson with (G). That was pretty much AMAZING! Before we went into the lesson, Sister Witherspoon was like “I am going to tell (G) to give me her cigarettes.” I was like “Are you crazy??!” Look, I know as missionaries we are supposed to be bold, but sometimes being bold scares me, especially when it is THAT bold. But, we did it anyway. (G) wouldn’t give them to us, but we set up a return appointment for Friday. We decided that we would fast on that day, and she was going to fast with us. We set up things for a blessing, and it was all going to be great! But then, come Friday at 7:00, as I was starving from literally eating nothing all day and doing lots of service, (G) didn’t answer the door….WHAT??? Come on now…it was sad and disappointing. We had a lesson with an investigator the next day and we had a member out with us, but this investigator (R) wasn’t home, so we took the member to go see (G). This time (G) was home. The good news is….she ended up fasting with us on Friday, and she no longer has any cigarettes!!!! That’s right folks, (G) is now living the Word of Wisdom and she is preparing to get baptized towards the end of May (before the transfer is over). WAHOO!! Exciting.

Another grace moment….We tried so hard this week to have a lesson with our investigator (C). We seriously could not get anything to work out. Every time we would schedule a lesson, something else would come up or (C) just wouldn’t be there. It was so frustrating!! But, yesterday before we went to church and our ward council meeting, we stopped by (C’s) to bring her breakfast. It was a little early, and (C) was the only one up, but we helped her clean her kitchen and do her dishes and we talked to her about coming to church. She said she would! She ended up coming to church and brought her 5 year old son (TJ). On the way to church, she got lost, called us freaking out, and said she was going to go home, but we were able to calm her down and convince her to keep driving. They finally made it and luckily they made it just in time for the sacrament! Double grace there! We are supposed to be having a chapel tour with her tomorrow. 🙂

Last but not least is (B). Remember him?? We got a call from (B) on Monday evening. He was just checking up on us to see how we were doing, but we set up a time to go see him on Sunday. He was also going to come to church with us, but he ended up getting sick from dialysis and was really dizzy when he woke up Sunday morning, so he didn’t come to church, but we still had our lesson with him yesterday afternoon. He is doing just great! He is currently reading in Moroni in the Book of Mormon, but this is his 3RD TIME THROUGH!! Okay, this man is ridiculous….seriously. We set up a chapel tour with him for this week as well, but he is also now on date for May 9th. Grace is happening all over the place people!!

I am really happy that I get to be here in Miamisburg still. Yesterday I had a feeling that God is pleased with me and the work that I am doing. I am obviously not perfect, but guess what? Repentance is real. I am so grateful for that. I struggled for a little bit, but now I am back on track and I ready to keep going! This work is so amazing and I am grateful to be a part of it!

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Sister Palmer

PS: Pictures are of mine and Sister Witherspoon’s matching shirts,


and of us soaking wet after a run one morning.


Gotta love the rain!


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