Revelation Horse

Dear Family and friends,

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great day yesterday. I know we did. In fact, this whole week was SO MUCH FUN!! Let me tell you about it…

So on Monday we had a ping pong tournament as a zone. It was a lot of fun, but I was unfortunately out after the first round….dang! It was lots of fun to be hanging out as a zone though.

Tuesday we had a really good lesson with our investigator (C) and our new investigator (K)… (K) is (C)’s babysitter. He watches her son while she is at work. We taught them both about the Book of Mormon and gave each of them a copy. That night we also had dinner with some members. We had Skyline chili since it was Sister Witherspoon’s first time having it. Remember how I didn’t like it the first time I tried it? Well, you just have to eat it a few different times, and then you will like it. I like it now!

One of the cool things about Wednesday was that we were able to find a new investigator! We had gotten a referral from our recent convert (L) for her aunt that lived nearby. We went on Wednesday to contact her and we were able to share a little message and set up a return appointment. Yay!

Thursday was awesome! We had specialized training that day, and then after Specialized training, we had a new missionary training. DSCN0891[1]10464003_786855728064915_642504696248212608_n

It was so fun and the best part was that I got to see Sisters Davis, Jackson, Yoakum, and a few other missionaries that I love so much! 🙂 We didn’t get back into our area until around 5:30, so we went and got Chipotle for dinner and then we went and had some cold stone for dessert and then ended up going out to work. We found another new investigator before the night was over. Yay!

Friday was amazing as well….Okay so back story. We got in Thursday night and we got a call from the assistants saying that I was invited to go to Mission Leadership Council the next day.


Mission Leadership Council is for the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders, and you normally don’t get invited (I don’t think) unless you are going to be a Zone Leader or a Sister Training Leader. Hmmm…we shall see what happens. It was a lot of fun though! I got to see more of my friends again!

10305056_787283141355507_1862090406740799074_n DSCN0897[1]

Sister Witherspoon stayed here in Miamisburg that day with Sister Lovell, because Sister Lovell’s companion, Sister Armstrong, got invited to come as well. Sister Lovell has only been out one transfer longer than Sister Witherspoon, so she is not quite done with training. #twogreeniesinanarea… That was the hashtag that they sent on every text. They ended up having a really good day though!

Then we had conference this weekend! Basically I had 4 days in a row of awesome revelation. That is why this email is titled the way it is. We had such a great week though.

Let me tell you of one quick grace moment. (C) and (K) were supposed to come watch conference with us on Saturday like they said that they would, but when we went to go get them, they weren’t there. It was really sad, but people have their agency. As we were planning on Saturday night, we felt like we should still go take them breakfast the next day and try to get them to come watch conference with us on Sunday. Well, we did and guess what?? They hurried and threw on some clothes, then we went to a member’s house to watch conference. Not just that, but WE were able to have a lesson afterward, so we got a member present in a members home. It was great!

I love you all! Have a great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer

PS: Also, this is the last week of the transfer. CRAZY!! Time is going very fast.


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