Luck of the Irish

Family and friends!

Guess what?? This week was pretty great. Definitely a lot better than last week. Still not as great as it could have been, but so much improvement!

So Monday, we had a zone fun day. It was fun for sure!



The weather was great, so we were able to go outside and play games. It was so much fun!

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day, and we had exchanges! That was a blast as well. I stayed here in Miamisburg (of course) and I was with Sister Nash.


Sister Nash came out a transfer after I did and she started in Miamisburg. It was weird for her to be back in her greenie area, but we had lots of fun! We got to see some people that she knew when she was here, but we also got to see some others that she hasn’t ever met.

Friday was pretty awesome! We got to go to Oakwood High School in the morning and teach the comparative religions class there. The students had been learning all week about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They had read from the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and they had also watched the Restoration video. We got to go and be the special guest representatives from the church to go and talk a little bit more about it and to answer questions. It was SO MUCH FUN! The kids are very bright and they had some great questions! I have had people tell me before that they think I am going to be a public speaker, and after doing this presentation, I think it is more of a possibility for me. I enjoy doing it!

We also had interviews with President and Sister Porter on Friday right after we taught the class at school. Those went fantastic as well! President and I had a great time in my interview. We just laughed and talked the whole time. I have loved seeing how much I have grown as a missionary and how much President and Sister Porter have noticed I have grown. It feels really good!

We also got to role-play at interviews. They do it every time, and they video tape us while we do it. It can be very nerve racking, and it is really awkward when they go back and make us watch ourselves teaching. Let me tell you though, our role play was AWESOME!! Seriously, Elder Beckman (who is one of the assistants) said that our role play was the best one he had seen all day. He looked at Sister Witherspoon and was like “How long have you been out?” He couldn’t believe she has only been out 3 weeks. It made me feel really good.

Saturday we had a really good lesson with our investigator (G)! She has pretty much almost quit smoking, and then we will set a baptism date for her. She has had multiple in the past, but this time I think it is going to happen. She tells everyone that she is a Mormon, and when people ask what the Mormons believe, she tells them what we believe! She has been meeting with the missionaries off and on the past year and a half, so she knows a lot. She is funny and I love going over to see her!

Sunday we had a less-active sister, Sister (W) come to church. That was awesome too! My companions and I have been working with her off and on during the time that I have been here, and she finally came to church! She seemed to really enjoy it, and she is going to be coming to the women’s broadcast this Saturday.

Oh yeah, by the way, the women’s broadcast is this Saturday! YIPEE! I am so excited I can hardly wait. Then General Conference is the week after, which will be just as awesome! I love this time of the year. 🙂

That’s probably about it for my email this week. Lots of good things happened! It really was a good week. I love you all! Have a fantastic week yourselves. 🙂


Sister Palmer


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