His grace is sufficient!

Hello my dear family and friends!!

Holy cow! What a week we have just had. It has been crazy! Let me tell you about it though….

So Monday, we ended up going to Graeter’s ice cream as a district.


The Kettering sisters were getting doubled out (boooo!), Sister Rose was leaving, and so was Elder McDade. Most of the district left! Sad day.

Tuesday was transfers, obviously! There were a butt load of missionaries going home…including my dear friend Sister Standage. (sad day!) I had the training meeting right before the transfer meeting, so I didn’t get any pictures with people.

My new companion is Sister Witherspoon. She is from Kaysville, Utah. She is the oldest of 5 kids, and all of her younger siblings are girls. She is 20 years old. Just turned 20 a couple of weeks ago.


So far, we have gotten along, so I think it will be good. By the end of the first day, I was exhausted! I remember thinking “Man, Sister Standage trained me when she had only been out for 3 transfers, and I only have 3 transfers left!” I don’t know how she did it being out for so little time. I’m not quite used to someone asking me so many questions. I just kind of expect her to know….then I remember that she is fresh from the MTC and so she doesn’t know. I am enjoying teaching her and she is really good at taking advice and applying it. 🙂

Little (T) did end up getting baptized on Saturday. Yep, Sister Witherspoon got here at a good time. Baptism in the first week baby! It ended up going really good. His parents and his sister came, as well as his grandparents.


Then he got confirmed on Sunday and his parents came to that. Sister (D) was telling me that she was going to go shopping for a skirt, and they were going to get little (T) some dress pants for church. Yay! We hope the whole family starts coming back to church.

We also saw (B) after church yesterday! Holy cow…it has been like 3 weeks since we have seen him, but we were finally able to get back in touch. Guess what? He has now read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon. You hear that? The ENTIRE Book of Mormon. Now he has started over re-reading it. Man…he just needs to get baptized. He has been taught almost all of the lessons. We set up a chapel tour with him for Wednesday, and then he is planning on coming to church on Sunday. He told us that he was going to make things happen this time! Hopefully he will start to progress a lot.

Also, the weather has been fantastic the past couple of days! Wahoo!

I don’t really know what else to update on for the week. It was an awesome week, and I can’t wait to see what this next week has in store. 🙂 I love you all! Have a great week.


Sister Palmer


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