Shadows and Shades….

Hello family and friends!

Okay, I know the title of this email is really lame…I didn’t know what to put. But today is GROUNDHOG DAY!! That’s right. We walked outside this morning and weren’t able to see our shadows, so hopefully it is the same for the groundhog. I would just like spring to be on its way! This winter has been a lot better than last year’s winter, and I mean A LOT! But just because it is better doesn’t mean that it isn’t so bitter cold! It has still been pretty cold out here which isn’t fun.

So this week was another great week! Tuesday we had exchanges. I got to go to Springboro and Sister Rose stayed in our area with Sister Summers. It was a lot of fun! I enjoyed being with sister Burton. It was a little bit of a hard day. We didn’t see very many people or have very many lessons, but it was still good. It was Sister Burton’s first exchange as a sister training leader, and she had only been in the area for a week, so it was an adventure!!

Can you believe it is already February?? Just had to point that out….

This week there wasn’t anything super crazy that happened. Sister Summers and Rose had a great exchange her in our area, and they were finally able to contact a referral that we got from (L)…(our recent convert). The referral was for her cousin who lives just down the street from her. Anyway, they were able to contact that family and pick them up as new investigators! We have an appointment with them tomorrow! #teachingfamilies

Thursday we had Zone Conference. That was so great!!


It was very similar to the legacy meeting, because now everyone was there to hear the goals that we set and the plans that we made at the legacy meeting.


There were a lot of neat things that I learned and revelation that I received. Plus it was great to be with President and Sister Porter (hopefully you enjoyed the pictures she posted on Facebook of it!). Also, we have this thing at Zone Conference where whoever has the cleanest car gets extra miles. They do a first place and a second place award. This time, there were two sets of missionaries that tied for second place on the clean car award: It was us and the Miamisburg elders! And then, the Kettering sisters won first place for the cleanest car. So that makes up our whole district. Our district one the awards for the cleanest car! #districtunity

Like the hashtags?? Too bad if you don’t. Haha!

This month we are having competitions every week as a mission and there are prizes for each zone that wins the competitions. This week is the competition is for the zone who finds the most new investigators. I am very competitive and I am determined to win! Sister Rose and I have been going through the area book and looking at our former investigators and potential investigators. We are going to be doing all we can to find new investigators this week!

Anyway, that is a little update for the week! Thanks again for all the love and support! I hope you all have a great week!


Sister Palmer


The picture is of Sister Rose and me wearing the mustache glasses that I got in my package this week. Thanks family!


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