Baptisms and Miracles!!

Hello family and friends!

This week was so stink’n awesome!

Tuesday we had interviews with President and Sister Porter. That was so amazing! I always love having interviews with the two of them. It is good to talk about my growth as a missionary and see how proud of me they are. They are awesome!

It snowed this week. Finally! We are in January and it finally snowed. It was a pretty good snow too. It isn’t the best to be out in though…and it is freezing cold! It just reminds me of all the adventures that I had last winter with Sister Standage. This is Sister Roses’ first winter, so it is fun to watch her reaction to things and watch her as she experiences her first Ohio humid winter. She seems to be taking it pretty well.

Wednesday we had a zone meeting. That went good. We had a testimony meeting after and I got up to bear my testimony. Before I came out on my mission, I didn’t really like to share my testimony because I was always so nervous and I got super emotional. Thankfully it isn’t like that anymore, so I like to get up and share my testimony! It was really neat and the spirit was really strong as lots of missionaries got up to share their testimony.

We also had exchanges on Wednesday. That was very much needed! I was with Sister Summers again on this one. We always have so much fun when we are on exchanges together. We saw a lot of people, we’re able to find a new investigator, and then that night we had Alex’s baptism interview. That went really good! He passed! Yay. That was a big relief. We had a lesson with (L) and (A) before they went home and before we met up with Sister Rose and Sister Fox to exchange back.

Thursday we had a member take us out to lunch. That was a tender mercy! She took us out to Five Guys. Let me just tell you…Sister Rose is kind of a healthy eater, so needless to say, we don’t really eat out much and when we do, we go to Subway (which isn’t a bad thing because I like Subway too) BUT! I have been craving hamburgers really bad for like 2 weeks, and so when the member asked us what we had been craving I told her right away that I wanted hamburgers! And it was a really good hamburger that I had. 🙂

Also I forgot to mention: On exchanges, Sister Summers and I went and saw (B) and his nephew (D) who we are also teaching. We taught them the Book of Mormon lesson and gave them their own copies. They were both excited to have them to start reading. When we saw (D) later on in the week, he said that he had been reading and that he was enjoying it so far! He also said that (B) has been loving it as well and that he reads it every day. Exciting!

Okay so on Friday we had dinner with a family in our ward who I haven’t had dinner with yet. Well, we had an awesome dinner with them and I really enjoyed getting to know them better! The wife does Mary Kay, so we talked about their product for a little bit, and before she left, she went and got some stuff for Sister Rose and I to have. Free Mary Kay product. Wahoo!

Saturday is the day that you have all been waiting to hear about. (L) and (A)’s baptism!!


It was so good! There wasn’t anything in particular that stood out to me. No super ecstatic feelings or anything, other than it just felt good. The Elders also had a baptism of a family friend of (L) and (A), so we had 3 baptisms on Saturday!


It was a good start to the year for the Miamisburg ward. As a zone, we had 4 baptisms this weekend, which is awesome!

Sunday was great. (K) was going to come to church, but she woke up and one of her pipes had broke because it is so cold outside, and she had water all over. She was so sad and disappointed. We were too! Stupid Satan….He causes so many problems. He was causing a lot of problems for (L) and (A) and (J) as they were trying to get to church for their confirmation. Thankfully they made it, even though they were a little late. They got confirmed though and it was awesome!

Sister Rose and I also taught primary. We taught the CTR 5 class. It was crazy, but it was lots of fun. I don’t really know if I would ever want to be a Primary teacher, but you never know. It might happen. We also experienced some freezing rain…that stuff is terrible. We pretty much were walking on ice. Oh well.

Anyway, it was a great week! From the emails that I got today, it sounds like it was a great week at home! I love you guys all so much! Have another great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer


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