Busy, Busy, Busy

Dear Family and Friends,

Holy cow this week was so busy! So, so, busy….

Let me first tell you about transfer calls since you are probably dying to know. As you know, Sister Webb is leaving. Unfortunately that isn’t going to change. Thankfully, I am staying! Wahoo. I have not receive a call from President Porter yet to know if I am training. I don’t think I am. That’s okay though. 🙂

So, back to our busy week. We had appointments like crazy!! Holy cow you would not even believe. It was great because it is nice to be busy as a missionary. Tuesday we just went from appointment to appointment. We ended up having eight lessons that day. 4 of those were with members. We got 4 member present lessons in one day! We were so excited.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference. That was great as it always is! We ended up having it in the Middletown building. That was nice because I got to be back there. Also, the Middletown Ward Relief Society was in charge of feeding us that day, so I got to see a few people that I love from that ward.


That isn’t the most important part though. The important part was that we felt the spirit, received revelation, and got to spend time with other missionaries. That is what I love. After Zone Conference, we went to dinner at Wendy’s. We needed to eat something quick because we had a chapel tour up back up in Centerville that night. While we were at Wendy’s, the assistants and Sister Porter walked in, as well as a couple other sister missionaries. We ended up eating dinner all together. Our chapel tour got cancelled, so we didn’t have to rush. It was fun to spend time with all of them.

(S) had his baptism interview on Wednesday. He was in his interview with Elder McDade for over an hour! We had no idea what was going on. When they came out though, they both had smiles on their faces and Elder McDade said that everything was good for his baptism to be on Saturday. YAY!!! So there was another great thing that happened.

Friday we had exchanges. I stayed in our area. I have to be able to run it ya know…I know that I can. It was a lot of fun though! I got to be with Sister Summers again.


We got poured on as we were out walking. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of that picture to send, but we were so wet! It was lots of fun though. 🙂

Saturday we had our Social Media split where the members come out with us and take pictures of the things that we do as missionaries and then post them on Facebook.





We made some cookies in the morning and did some service as well. Then we went to the church for (S)’s baptism!! That was so good. The spirit was so strong. Everything worked out the way that it needed to.


After the baptism, we had a couple of lessons, one of the members took us out to dinner at Olive Garden and then drove us to the Saturday session of Stake Conference. That ended up taking the rest of the night and then we came home and planned out for the next day.

Now we are finally at Sunday. Sunday we had Stake Conference. I got to see a lot of members from the Middletown Ward. They all came up and gave me hugs. It was fun. Stake Conference was good. After Stake Conference, and after we made it home, we drove right back down to Middletown so that Sister Webb could meet with President Porter for her departing interview. This transfer we have 21 missionaries going home. 21!! Can you believe that?? Because there are so many missionaries going home, President has started interviewing some of them early, so that he doesn’t spend 10 1/2 hours at once doing interviews. He likes to spend at least half an hour with each missionary. That went good. I got to just sit on the couch and talk with Sister Porter while we waited for them to get done with the interview. We ended up having to re-schedule some appointments because there was no way that we were going to fit them in. Last night we had some appointments and it was lots of fun.

Today we had our last companionship study….. :,( We were both a little emotional. Today is going to be another crazy day trying to get everything done that we need to.

See?? This week was crazy! And I actually timed my emailing time right so that I could just write about most of the details. Are you all happy?? Haha just kidding.

I love you all! Have a great week! Thank you so much for all your prayers. I really can feel them. Heavenly Father is definitely providing me comfort as we move into this new week. 🙂


Sister Palmer


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