Hello Family and friends!

Okay, so I don’t have as much time, so this one will be a little shorter. I will just have to share more adventures and feelings in a handwritten letter home.

Let me start off by saying HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! That is so crazy that it is this week. Time is just flying by too quickly. My birthday is also next Sunday. That is so weird to think about! Eeeek! I’m going to be 20 years old. MAN…that is old.

This week was pretty great! We had a zone fun day on Monday and we had a snowball fight which was a lot of fun.

Tuesday we had exchanges. The weather was so cold that day!!


Sister Summers and Kayla on exchanges…

Today it is a lot warmer, but it is super windy…

It's a little breezy...

It’s a little breezy…

the good news is that all the snow from Monday is melted right now. That’s good!

So…Brittany texted us on Tuesday and said that she wasn’t ready to get baptized. Obviously! We knew that it wasn’t going to happen when we thought, but now we haven’t been able to hear from her. She has disappeared off of the face of the planet! We don’t know what has happened. We have tried having the members get in contact with her, but as far as we know, they haven’t had any luck. That was pretty much the only bummer part about the week though.

The best part…(S…also known in these letters as Uncle Si)! He had dinner with some members this week, on the day that we had exchanges, so I wasn’t there but it went good and he loved it! The best part was that HE CAME TO CHURCH!!! (S) finally came to church and he loved it! He said that it wasn’t as bad or as scary as he thought it would be, and then he apologized for not coming sooner. Oh well, now he likes it and things are good for him to get baptized on the 6th. He is also living the word of wisdom now!

That is all of the adventures for the week right now. I will write a better handwritten letter home. I took too much time reading through all of my emails. Whoops! Keep the emails coming though! I love them! Things are going great at home and that makes me happy. While I am thinking about it, I might as well do a shout-out to my wonderful cousin Kirie who has a birthday today. Also to my good friend Tatiana who had a birthday on Saturday I believe?? Just want you to know that I am thinking about all of you. I love you all! Have a wonderful week, a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for all of you black Friday shoppers, don’t get hurt!


Sister Palmer


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