Dear family and friends,

I would like to start off by saying…CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE ALREADY IN NOVEMBER!!!! Okay, freak out moment is over with. Holy cow I can’t even believe that we are in November. My birthday is in like 27 days, and Thanksgiving is coming up. This is so crazy! The temperature difference between October and November is also noticeable. *sigh* I have put off wearing my coat and boots for as long as I can, but I can’t do it anymore. I am going to get sick I think if I don’t. So…on November 1st, I pulled out my coat and my boots, and I have been wearing them ever since then. Man…We had daylight savings. It was so nice to sleep for an extra hour, but it does kinda stink to have it get dark so early. Oh well! Such is life…

So…I guess you would all like to know the results of transfers (although my parents already know. They are just crazy like that). I am now in MIAMISBURG!! My new companion is Sister Webb. Let me tell you my thoughts and feelings on this…

Oct 2014 Transfers #2 Oct 2014 Transfers

So, I am very excited that I am here in Miamisburg. I was praying that I would get sent somewhere close to Middletown, and Miamisburg is about as close as you can get. Literally…Mine and Sister Webb’s area borders the area that I covered in Middletown. So, I am in the same stake and in the same zone, just in a different ward. Not too bad.

It has been a little bit of an emotional struggle this week because I have missed Middletown so much. It’s hard because I am so close, but I can’t just leave my area and visit the people in Middletown that I love.


D, the investigator I was so sad to leave in Middletown.

*sigh* Miamisburg is great though!

We have an investigator (B) who is on date for the 22nd of November. She is so funny. She is just kinda like a sponge. She loves the gospel and just soaks everything in. There was a baptism in Middletown on Saturday for one of the Elders’ investigators, so of course we went to it! haha. I was dying! I had to go back to Middletown. One of the members drove us and (B). She loved the baptism! The spirit was so strong and it made her even more excited to get baptized. She has been telling everyone since then that she is going to be getting baptized soon. haha! She is funny.

We had another cool miracle happen this week. It was freezing cold outside and Sister Webb and I had just gotten in the car. As soon as we sat down, Sister Webb noticed a guy outside who was covered in tattoos and was smoking. She was prompted to go and talk to him, so she turned to me and asked me if we should go talk to him. I was a little hesitant because we had just gotten in the car and I was freezing! The car was nice and warm. We decided to go out and talk to him anyway. He ended up being really grateful that we had talked to him. He has had a rough past and he has a sincere desire to change. He didn’t make it to church yesterday, but we have another appointment with him tomorrow. 🙂

We also have this awesome investigator (S). He is so funny! He looks just like Uncle Si off of Duck Dynasty. He has the beard, glasses, hat, EVERYTHING! He loves the gospel too and wants to get baptized. There are just a few things that we have to work on with him first.

Halloween was good. We got sent in early and we did our weekly planning. No trick or treating or anything like that, but that is okay because one of the members supplied us with enough candy to make up for it. 🙂

Halloween 2014-1 Halloween 2014-2

Let me really quick tell you about Sister Webb. She is from Star Valley, Wyoming. She goes home this next transfer. So she is another companion that I will only have for 6 weeks. Oh well. She only has one arm. Crazy! She almost functions better than I do though. haha. She was born with only one arm though. It is really cool. It doesn’t stop her one bit. 🙂 We have had lots of fun this week! She is an awesome missionary.


Sister Webb and I holding an adorable dog, Rocko! Isn’t he cute?!

 Anyway, time is pretty much up. I think that is all I have to report on for right now. I love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Palmer


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