Another Week in Ohio…

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello once again! Hows y’all doing? “Is you okay? Good cause I wanted to know.” (Glozell from youtube). Haha things seem to be going pretty great back at the wonderful home abode in Utah. That’s good. 🙂

This week was pretty fantastical! So here is what happened…

We went to the temple this week! SUPER AMAZING!! I love the temple. For realsies. It is just so peaceful and it is nice to relax a little and receive revelation and such.

Oct 2014 Temple Trip

We had a wonderful member take us, and after we had gotten in to Columbus, we stopped to get lunch. Well, our session started at 1:00, and it was probably like 12:10-12:15 when we stopped to get lunch. We didn’t go through the drive through, because we didn’t think it would take that long and that we would still get there with plenty of time to change before the session. Well, we stopped at Steak-n-Shake (super good food by the way), and they didn’t go fast. Thankfully it is really close to the temple, so we hurried and scarfed down our food when we got it, and then we rushed off to the temple. We made in time though! It was just a bit of a rush for a little bit. We learn from our mistakes right?? Don’t go out to eat with only 45 minutes before your session, unless you go through the drive through and you know that they will get the food to you fast. Or I guess you could just plan enough time ahead and leave that much earlier…Oh well.


We made it and it was awesome! I also slept a lot of the drive home, which was also super nice. It’s nice to get a nap in every once in a while.

Friday we went to a member’s house for a fall party that they were having. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and lots of other yummy foods and desserts.


We also had a fire that we got to go sit around and enjoy. It was so nice! These members live up in Germantown, kinda in the middle of nowhere, so Sister Origer and I parked the car down at the Germantown metropark (probably 1/2 a mile up the road). The metropark is a nice place that has some hiking trails and stuff. There are lots of trees and the fall colors were AMAZING!! We took lots of pictures. 🙂

DSCN0662[1] DSCN0667[1]

It was super nice and the closest thing that I could get to being at home and driving up the canyon to see the fall colors.

So, this is the last week of the transfer…..WHAT THE?? Can you believe that? Transfers are next week. This transfer has gone by so fast! Sister Origer and I are hoping that we stay together, since she will only have one transfer more after that. (That’s weird too…) Anyway, time is just flying by! We started talking to some members last night about Thanksgiving and having Thanksgiving dinner with them. I am so excited! It will be sad to not be with family, but it will be a neat experience spending one thanksgiving with the members out here.

As far as that report goes, there isn’t much else I wanted to tell y’all about. Things are going great out here! I love our investigators right now! WE are still teaching the awesome (J) and his two girls. One of them was going to come to church on Sunday, but she ended up getting sick in the middle of the night, so she didn’t. Bummer! We are also teaching a girl (D). She is only like 2 1/2 months older than me. We have a lot of fun with her! She used to be the Elders investigator, but she moved into our area, so we have been teaching her. We lost contact with her for like a month, but about 2 weeks ago or so, whenever conference was, we got in touch with her again and she is in a better environment/situation than she was before, so we have been seeing her a lot recently. We are working with her to help her be ready for baptism on Nov. 22nd. I am excited! Oh, also, our investigator (D) gave us a 30 day workout challenge. It’s called “Guns, buns, and abs” haha! We have been doing it though as part of our exercises in the morning and it is really good! We will see how much shape I am in by the end of these 30 days. haha.

So there is a little update on our investigators. I LOVE you all! Have a fantastic week. 🙂


Sister Palmer



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