Hello my wonderful family and friends!!

Okay, I am in such a great mood right now. Probably because today was an awesome emailing day. I got to hear from some of the people that I wanted to/needed to hear from, so now I can write my email to y’all.

So as you can tell from the subject of this email, conference was pretty great! I don’t have time to update on my actual thoughts on every talk and stuff, but overall it was pretty awesome! Sister Origer and I only watched one session at the church, and the other three sessions were at members’ homes. That was nice because it was as if I were at home, and I was able to sit on a nice couch and pay attention. Plus we got to eat a lot of yummy food while we sat and watched it. Just the way it should be. 😉

Satan was working very hard this weekend though…(stupid Satan). We tried so hard to get investigators to the church or to a member’s house to watch conference, and everything fell through. Ugh! I was so upset and frustrated by last night. There was a miracle though and that was that we were able to get in contact again with one of our investigators (D) who we haven’t heard from in like a month. I was super happy about that.

To add on to my anger that I had last night, just as I was starting to relax, I was heading over to the couch to lay down so that I could calm down a little. Just as I was about to lay down, I noticed a GIANT spider on the wall….ewww. I hate spiders and this one was big. After Sister Origer and I finally got it killed, it became a funny experience, and it was nice to have something to laugh about, but in the moment I didn’t like it. There is another experience to illustrate how much God knows and loves us. He knew that I wouldn’t survive in the jungles of Brazil with all of those crazy bugs. Haha okay then…

We went on exchanges this week and that was a lot of fun! I went out with Sister Summers. We always have a blast when we are on exchanges. We did a ton of walking that day, but it felt so good! Sometimes it is just super nice to walk a ton and to get tons of exercise. 🙂

The weather out here is getting so cold! I can’t even stand it. I don’t know why I am getting so cold right now. The weather hasn’t really bothered Sister Origer at all…My body just needs to warm up.

So this week we have interviews with President and Sister Porter. I am so excited! I love interviews. Next week we have a sisters conference up in Cincinnati, which I am also super excited about and we also have the TEMPLE!! Nothing gets better than that. 🙂

Well, I love you all folks! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Palmer


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