Leaves of Three, Leave It Be!!!!!

Hello my wonderful family! And friends…

So this week has been pretty stink’n awesome. Seriously it has been so much fun. There have been a lot of trials and hard times though…so some of this email might be sad/negative, but just know that for the most part I have had a really good week.

So you see the subject of this email?? Yeah so can you guess what happened….I’m pretty sure you can. I got POISON IVY!!!!! We have no idea how I got it (and yes I know what it looks like, so I would have known not to walk in it.) We think that I might have gotten it from a dog. Maybe the dog ran through a bush of it and then I got the oils on me when I pet the dog. You never know. We come in contact with so many dogs every day.


I just don’t know where to begin. This stuff sucks so bad though! It itches and it oozes oil (sorry TMI). Then it spreads because of the oil. You have to be very careful and take really good care of things. I look like I have leprosy though and I just tell everyone that I am a walking disease. So it’s been almost a week since the symptoms started occurring, but all I can really do is give it time. I have been talking to Sister Porter about it and she has been giving me tips and advice and such. Dawn dish soap folks. I shower with it, I wash my hands with it.  It dries everything out and pulls the oils out. Anyway, so my week has sucked because of that, but that’s about the only reason. Some spots look like they are finally recovering, so I just keep praying that they do. If not then I will tell Sister Porter and I will get some good medicine from the mission doctor, but right now I think I can take care of it. It will just be nice to get a normal nights rest and such….

Okay so there is that.  Number wise we didn’t do very good this week either, but that’s about the only other negative thing…maybe.

Transfers were on Tuesday and that was so fun!! I am now companions with Sister Origer. We actually were in the same zone in my last area, so I already kinda knew her a little bit, but man she is so funny! We laugh a lot and have had so much fun! She only has two transfers left before she goes home, so I am probably going to be the one that kills her…heehee.

Okay anyways. Not much news to report on our investigators. We have a couple that are struggling and one of our investigators was in the hospital on Saturday. Scariest experience ever! He almost died…I don’t know what I would do if one of my investigators died. Especially the ones that I am really close to. I would probably cry. Anyway, things are good with him now. He was actually only in the hospital for a few hours.

We have zone fun day today and we are going bowling! Booyah I am so excited!!!

We also found out today that we get to go to the temple again!! That’s always fantastic news. We get to go on October 15th. So excited for that.

The General Women’s broadcast is this Saturday. Can’t wait, and then conference the next weekend! Things are just going so awesome and there are a lot of awesome things that are going to happen.

I’m glad that things are going good at home. I love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Palmer


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