Holy freak’n cow! Can you believe it is transfers again?? I certainly cannot.

Hello there my wonderful family and friends whom I love so dearly!

Things are going great out here in the good old Middletown. Okay, so I guess that I should tell you about transfers right…Okay well, I’m not getting transferred!! Wahoo!!

Kayla and Sister Carlson (companion being transferred)

Kayla and Sister Carlson (companion being transferred out)

Unfortunately, Sister Carlson is, but we have had a good 6 weeks together. 🙂 I am praying that I become companions with my good friend Sister Ison. She was a sister training leader in my first area and we have wanted to be companions for like 4 months now. WE will see what happens. Whatever happens is the way it is supposed to happen, and I am going to make sure that whoever I’m with that we have a blast this next transfer!!

Kayla and Sister Origer (new companion transferred in).

Kayla and Sister Origer (new companion transferred in)

Okay, so Monday was the reds game. So much fun!! Holy cow…They totally lost, so it was kinda sad, but it was just like one giant family reunion.

The whole mission prior to the baseball game

The whole mission prior to the baseball game

It was so good to be with all the other missionaries that I love so much! There were some missionaries that I haven’t seen since we came out here to the mission, and it was nice to be reunited with them.

DSCN0573[1] DSCN0578[1] DSCN0584[1]

The night was full of a lot of laughter and living back old memories and of course creating a lot of new. The music was nice to listen to, but that doesn’t matter a whole ton. There was one song though “cruise” by Florida Georgia Line, that I was hoping would get played, and it did! I love those tender mercies…haha

Wednesday we had exchanges. So much fun! I love my sister Training leaders! We always have a blast together, no matter who I am with. It’s so fun.

There aren’t a whole ton of super exciting things to share. I will end with one story about 2 of our new investigators who we love so much!

Okay so last Sunday, Sister Carlson and I were out with a member and we went to one of the more sketchy parts of our area to see a couple of our investigators. While we were there, a young man (A) who is only like 25 came by. He totally started flirting with us and the member that we had with us. (She just got back from her mission a couple of months ago). Anyway, I thought it was so funny that he was flirting with us, and was laughing a lot. Well, we picked him up as a new investigator (don’t worry, we aren’t flirting to convert here…he does have a sincere desire to change. He just had a funny attitude when he first met us.) Well anyway, a couple of days later, we met his mom (T). She is like a saint! She will do anything for anyone. She is just so nice to everyone. (She reminds me a lot of my mom. Just that sweet awesome spirit. 🙂 ) Anyway, we saw Teresa like 5 times this last week. 3 of those would have been yesterday. Yeah…we saw her 3 different times yesterday and had 3 different lessons with her. Doesn’t really happen often, but we were in that area a lot to see some other investigators and such. Anyway, we have seen (A) too, and we have been teaching him as well. He is really upset with the lifestyle he is living, and he has a lot of guilt and regret. The Atonement is going to do so much for this guy!! We are going to go see him this afternoon and teach him about it. IT is going to be awesome! So there is an update on a couple of our awesome investigators!

Also, I guess I should mention…Saturday was our social media day! We had members with us throughout the day taking pictures of the different things that missionaries do, and then they posted them all over social media sites.

Making cookies for investigators #socialmediasplit

Making cookies for investigators

If you would like to try and see pictures you could search #mormon and #socialmediasplit Those were the two hashtags that the members were supposed to use. Try to find some pictures of me!

Getting ready for social media split day

Getting ready for social media split day

Well, there you have it folks. I want to end with a scripture. This past week I was a little homesick. I’m at my halfway mark and so I was going through what us missionaries call our “mid-life crisis”. haha anyway, I read a scripture this morning. It was in Alma 26:27. Read it! It’s a good one. 🙂

I love you all! Have a great week.


Sister Palmer


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