Cincinnati Reds Game!!!

Well hello family and friends!

You see the title of this email?? Well, I didn’t know what else to title the email, and tonight is the night that we go to the Cincinnati Reds game!! I’m so stink’n excited if you can’t tell! It will be awesome to tell you all about it next week. 🙂


As far as this week goes…There isn’t a whole ton to update on it feels like. We didn’t do super good on our numbers this week, but we did have a lot of good things happen!

So, we got a referral from the Kettering sisters last week and so we called this guy up and set up an appointment for Saturday. We went to his house, and he is pretty awesome! We are excited to be teaching him. He lives with his fiancé, and both of them want to start going back to church, because they know how much church can bless their future family. His fiancé was taking a test when we went over on Saturday, but we are excited to have her start sitting in on the lessons as well! Also (P) has the cutest boxer named Domino. He just stared at us during the lesson with those cute boxer puppy dog eyes. Just had to include because my parents know how much I love dogs!

I love sometimes when people come up to you to bash on you and they use their bibles to try and prove us wrong. We went to an investigators house this week and he said that he found some contradictions between the bible and the Book of Mormon. We then tried to resolve his concerns and he said that he would go back and re-read to see if he understood it better, and then he would get back to us and we could go over it again. Well, before we left, his mom came outside with her bible wide open. She was opened to Revelations 22:18-19. As missionaries, we get these verses used against us a lot to try and prove us wrong. As soon as this lady finished reading, she slammed her bible shut and walked right back into the house before I could even say anything to her. hahaha! Thinking back on it, it actually was super funny the way she acted, but at the time I was a little upset because I just wanted to explain myself to her. Oh well….now why don’t y’all read 2Nephi 29. I read that a few days after this experience. I know how important the Book of Mormon is for us. It isn’t adding or taking away to anything! It contains the fullness of the gospel. Maybe someday, when there isn’t so much contention, I will be able to explain to that lady about it.

Haha anyway, there you have it. That is a little summary of my week. It was pretty great! Thanks for all the emails that you sent this week! Things are going splendid at home and that makes me happy. I love you all! Have another fantastic week. 🙂


Sister Palmer

Picture: our investigator family (J) and his twin girls (E,E).



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