Labor Day

Hello my wonderful friends and family!!

Thanks again for the wonderful emails. It is so great to hear from y’all every week. 

So here is how my week went….

This week wasn’t nearly as awesome as last week. It actually was kinda sad in the beginning. So it has been said that when you are closest to your greatest miracle you experience your greatest opposition. Well, we didn’t experience a ton of opposition with us, but there was some opposition with our investigators. (Stupid Satan!)

We taught our investigator (J) about the Word of Wisdom on Monday (last week, not yesterday). It was a good lesson and we had one of the members in the ward with us who used to struggle with the word of wisdom. It was great because she helped teach and everything. Basically, he didn’t take it as well as we thought he would. I think he finally hit the point where he was a little overwhelmed, and we didn’t see him as much this last week as usual. It’s understandable though…if you have a problem with the word of wisdom, it is sometimes hard to get over that. He isn’t really addicted to anything, I think it’s just the fact that now he is being told that he can never have it, which is also understandable. Anyway, so that was a bummer this week. He doesn’t have a baptism date anymore. He said he still wants to get baptized, but he wants it to be in his time, which we totally respect. It’s better to have someone fully converted and strong members after baptism than to have someone super strong right now, but not fully converted so that they fall off the face of the planet after they are baptized (I have had a couple of those investigators and it is sad). We did see him last night though, and we are seeing him again tonight. We just have to take it a little slower and make sure he understands everything. Anyway, there is my little rant about that. I feel at peace with everything now, but at the beginning of the week, I was freaking out a little. 

So how was Labor Day yesterday for ya? My Labor Day was awesome. Ready to hear about it??

Okay, so obviously we didn’t have our p-day yesterday. We spent the day out working, because it was a holiday and so there were people home spending time with their families. Well, the best part was that we did more CHALK DRAWINGS!


I had some much fun doing them on the 4th of July, so I was excited to do them again. This time, we were a lot more successful too! We went to a park in Middletown. The missionaries with us consisted of the missionaries from the Middletown and Springboro wards. We split off into two different groups and then went to different parts of the park.


My group began drawing the Plan of Salvation, and an older couple walked by. The elders went over and started talking to them. They ended up talking to this couple for like 2 hours (which was how long we were there). I’m pretty sure they shared all the lessons with them, so it is surprising that the couple didn’t pass out. Haha. Okay I am joking here. They really did talk for that long and shared a lot about the gospel, but they wouldn’t have passed out like they used to in the Book of Mormon (read the story of Ammon and you’ll know what I mean.) 


It all was good, there were a lot of people. I ended up talking to a woman who was out walking her dog. I shared with her the Plan of Salvation, and the Restoration, because she had a lot of questions. She said that just the night before, she had gone to her church and went up to the altar and prayed to god, because she felt like she was missing something and she wasn’t satisfied with everything that she was hearing. It struck curiosity in her when I mentioned that all churches contain truth, but they don’t have the full gospel. She took that as a sign that God was answering her prayers. I extended baptism and she accepted. She then asked me if I thought it was a sign for her. I told her that I didn’t think that it was a coincidence that she was walking in the park and happened to run into us (The day after she prayed!) and that God works in mysterious ways. I promised her blessings on how much the gospel could bless her. Anyway, it was awesome, the elders set up an appointment for Thursday, and she is already planning on coming to church on Sunday. God prepares people!

That’s about it for the week. I love you all, thanks for all you do. Have a great week! 


Sister Palmer



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