Poison Ivy Rashes (a follow-up)

Dear family and friends,

I didn’t know what to title this email, so you can have an update on my poison ivy. It’s pretty much gone now.  THANK HEAVENS!!! That stuff was terrible. I hope to never get it again, but we shall see.

I don’t really feel like there was a whole ton of exciting things that happened this week, but let me give you a few updates…

So Saturday was the women’s broadcast!! That was so awesome! I loved every little bit of it. It just makes me even more excited for conference this weekend. It is strange to think that I used to not like conference so much. I love it even more as I get older. There is nothing better than being able to hear from the prophet and his counselors and the apostles. So there is something to look forward to this weekend.

Also on Saturday, the Elders had a baptism for a couple of their investigators. One of their investigators was (K). She was awesome! I was the first one to meet (K). I might have mentioned it to you all in an email. I met her on Labor Day, when all of us missionaries were in the park doing plan of salvation chalk drawings. She and I had a really good conversation and she had told me that she wasn’t really satisfied with her church and that she was looking for more. She said that just the night before she had been at her church and had prayed to God that he would lead her and help  her find something to be satisfied with. And then she met us at the park the next day. So yeah, she was one of those golden investigators that you don’t find too often. Even though I wasn’t the one teaching her, it was still awesome to be able to go to her baptism and support her.

We went bowling on Monday as a zone. That was a lot of fun! Something that I have wanted to do for a while, so it was a lot of fun to be with all the Elders and sisters in my zone and having a good time together.

So I have been on a Christmas craze this week. I don’t know what my problem is, but I have been going through these spirts where I just want Christmas to come. I want snow on the ground (that can wait a little bit though because I am enjoying the fall colors) and I just want to listen to Christmas music all the time and watch Christmas movies. So that is pretty much what we have done this week. Ha-ha. Sister Origer and I have been singing Christmas music at the beginning of our companion study. Sister Origer also has a calendar with temple pictures in it that are so gorgeous!! One picture is of the salt lake temple around Christmas time, because there is a little bit of snow on the ground and you can see the Christmas lights. There is also a picture of the Mount Timpanogos temple and there is snow all over the place! I love those two pictures on her calendar! Anyway, so I am just a little excited for Christmas.

One of our investigators accidentally swallowed a bee this week. She had reached down and grabbed her soda while she was talking to us, so she didn’t notice the bee that was in the straw (neither did we). Pretty soon she was hacking and coughing and she spit the bee out, but it wasn’t until after it her throat. She ended up having to go to the hospital. She is a little allergic to bees, so her throat started swelling a little. So, that wasn’t fun, but she is doing a lot better now. Just a little excitement for you! 🙂

Anyway, sorry its short, but I don’t really know what to say this week. I love all of you though! Thanks so much for all you do! Have a great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer


Leaves of Three, Leave It Be!!!!!

Hello my wonderful family! And friends…

So this week has been pretty stink’n awesome. Seriously it has been so much fun. There have been a lot of trials and hard times though…so some of this email might be sad/negative, but just know that for the most part I have had a really good week.

So you see the subject of this email?? Yeah so can you guess what happened….I’m pretty sure you can. I got POISON IVY!!!!! We have no idea how I got it (and yes I know what it looks like, so I would have known not to walk in it.) We think that I might have gotten it from a dog. Maybe the dog ran through a bush of it and then I got the oils on me when I pet the dog. You never know. We come in contact with so many dogs every day.


I just don’t know where to begin. This stuff sucks so bad though! It itches and it oozes oil (sorry TMI). Then it spreads because of the oil. You have to be very careful and take really good care of things. I look like I have leprosy though and I just tell everyone that I am a walking disease. So it’s been almost a week since the symptoms started occurring, but all I can really do is give it time. I have been talking to Sister Porter about it and she has been giving me tips and advice and such. Dawn dish soap folks. I shower with it, I wash my hands with it.  It dries everything out and pulls the oils out. Anyway, so my week has sucked because of that, but that’s about the only reason. Some spots look like they are finally recovering, so I just keep praying that they do. If not then I will tell Sister Porter and I will get some good medicine from the mission doctor, but right now I think I can take care of it. It will just be nice to get a normal nights rest and such….

Okay so there is that.  Number wise we didn’t do very good this week either, but that’s about the only other negative thing…maybe.

Transfers were on Tuesday and that was so fun!! I am now companions with Sister Origer. We actually were in the same zone in my last area, so I already kinda knew her a little bit, but man she is so funny! We laugh a lot and have had so much fun! She only has two transfers left before she goes home, so I am probably going to be the one that kills her…heehee.

Okay anyways. Not much news to report on our investigators. We have a couple that are struggling and one of our investigators was in the hospital on Saturday. Scariest experience ever! He almost died…I don’t know what I would do if one of my investigators died. Especially the ones that I am really close to. I would probably cry. Anyway, things are good with him now. He was actually only in the hospital for a few hours.

We have zone fun day today and we are going bowling! Booyah I am so excited!!!

We also found out today that we get to go to the temple again!! That’s always fantastic news. We get to go on October 15th. So excited for that.

The General Women’s broadcast is this Saturday. Can’t wait, and then conference the next weekend! Things are just going so awesome and there are a lot of awesome things that are going to happen.

I’m glad that things are going good at home. I love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Palmer


Holy freak’n cow! Can you believe it is transfers again?? I certainly cannot.

Hello there my wonderful family and friends whom I love so dearly!

Things are going great out here in the good old Middletown. Okay, so I guess that I should tell you about transfers right…Okay well, I’m not getting transferred!! Wahoo!!

Kayla and Sister Carlson (companion being transferred)

Kayla and Sister Carlson (companion being transferred out)

Unfortunately, Sister Carlson is, but we have had a good 6 weeks together. 🙂 I am praying that I become companions with my good friend Sister Ison. She was a sister training leader in my first area and we have wanted to be companions for like 4 months now. WE will see what happens. Whatever happens is the way it is supposed to happen, and I am going to make sure that whoever I’m with that we have a blast this next transfer!!

Kayla and Sister Origer (new companion transferred in).

Kayla and Sister Origer (new companion transferred in)

Okay, so Monday was the reds game. So much fun!! Holy cow…They totally lost, so it was kinda sad, but it was just like one giant family reunion.

The whole mission prior to the baseball game

The whole mission prior to the baseball game

It was so good to be with all the other missionaries that I love so much! There were some missionaries that I haven’t seen since we came out here to the mission, and it was nice to be reunited with them.

DSCN0573[1] DSCN0578[1] DSCN0584[1]

The night was full of a lot of laughter and living back old memories and of course creating a lot of new. The music was nice to listen to, but that doesn’t matter a whole ton. There was one song though “cruise” by Florida Georgia Line, that I was hoping would get played, and it did! I love those tender mercies…haha

Wednesday we had exchanges. So much fun! I love my sister Training leaders! We always have a blast together, no matter who I am with. It’s so fun.

There aren’t a whole ton of super exciting things to share. I will end with one story about 2 of our new investigators who we love so much!

Okay so last Sunday, Sister Carlson and I were out with a member and we went to one of the more sketchy parts of our area to see a couple of our investigators. While we were there, a young man (A) who is only like 25 came by. He totally started flirting with us and the member that we had with us. (She just got back from her mission a couple of months ago). Anyway, I thought it was so funny that he was flirting with us, and was laughing a lot. Well, we picked him up as a new investigator (don’t worry, we aren’t flirting to convert here…he does have a sincere desire to change. He just had a funny attitude when he first met us.) Well anyway, a couple of days later, we met his mom (T). She is like a saint! She will do anything for anyone. She is just so nice to everyone. (She reminds me a lot of my mom. Just that sweet awesome spirit. 🙂 ) Anyway, we saw Teresa like 5 times this last week. 3 of those would have been yesterday. Yeah…we saw her 3 different times yesterday and had 3 different lessons with her. Doesn’t really happen often, but we were in that area a lot to see some other investigators and such. Anyway, we have seen (A) too, and we have been teaching him as well. He is really upset with the lifestyle he is living, and he has a lot of guilt and regret. The Atonement is going to do so much for this guy!! We are going to go see him this afternoon and teach him about it. IT is going to be awesome! So there is an update on a couple of our awesome investigators!

Also, I guess I should mention…Saturday was our social media day! We had members with us throughout the day taking pictures of the different things that missionaries do, and then they posted them all over social media sites.

Making cookies for investigators #socialmediasplit

Making cookies for investigators

If you would like to try and see pictures you could search #mormon and #socialmediasplit Those were the two hashtags that the members were supposed to use. Try to find some pictures of me!

Getting ready for social media split day

Getting ready for social media split day

Well, there you have it folks. I want to end with a scripture. This past week I was a little homesick. I’m at my halfway mark and so I was going through what us missionaries call our “mid-life crisis”. haha anyway, I read a scripture this morning. It was in Alma 26:27. Read it! It’s a good one. 🙂

I love you all! Have a great week.


Sister Palmer

Cincinnati Reds Game!!!

Well hello family and friends!

You see the title of this email?? Well, I didn’t know what else to title the email, and tonight is the night that we go to the Cincinnati Reds game!! I’m so stink’n excited if you can’t tell! It will be awesome to tell you all about it next week. 🙂


As far as this week goes…There isn’t a whole ton to update on it feels like. We didn’t do super good on our numbers this week, but we did have a lot of good things happen!

So, we got a referral from the Kettering sisters last week and so we called this guy up and set up an appointment for Saturday. We went to his house, and he is pretty awesome! We are excited to be teaching him. He lives with his fiancé, and both of them want to start going back to church, because they know how much church can bless their future family. His fiancé was taking a test when we went over on Saturday, but we are excited to have her start sitting in on the lessons as well! Also (P) has the cutest boxer named Domino. He just stared at us during the lesson with those cute boxer puppy dog eyes. Just had to include because my parents know how much I love dogs!

I love sometimes when people come up to you to bash on you and they use their bibles to try and prove us wrong. We went to an investigators house this week and he said that he found some contradictions between the bible and the Book of Mormon. We then tried to resolve his concerns and he said that he would go back and re-read to see if he understood it better, and then he would get back to us and we could go over it again. Well, before we left, his mom came outside with her bible wide open. She was opened to Revelations 22:18-19. As missionaries, we get these verses used against us a lot to try and prove us wrong. As soon as this lady finished reading, she slammed her bible shut and walked right back into the house before I could even say anything to her. hahaha! Thinking back on it, it actually was super funny the way she acted, but at the time I was a little upset because I just wanted to explain myself to her. Oh well….now why don’t y’all read 2Nephi 29. I read that a few days after this experience. I know how important the Book of Mormon is for us. It isn’t adding or taking away to anything! It contains the fullness of the gospel. Maybe someday, when there isn’t so much contention, I will be able to explain to that lady about it.

Haha anyway, there you have it. That is a little summary of my week. It was pretty great! Thanks for all the emails that you sent this week! Things are going splendid at home and that makes me happy. I love you all! Have another fantastic week. 🙂


Sister Palmer

Picture: our investigator family (J) and his twin girls (E,E).


Labor Day

Hello my wonderful friends and family!!

Thanks again for the wonderful emails. It is so great to hear from y’all every week. 

So here is how my week went….

This week wasn’t nearly as awesome as last week. It actually was kinda sad in the beginning. So it has been said that when you are closest to your greatest miracle you experience your greatest opposition. Well, we didn’t experience a ton of opposition with us, but there was some opposition with our investigators. (Stupid Satan!)

We taught our investigator (J) about the Word of Wisdom on Monday (last week, not yesterday). It was a good lesson and we had one of the members in the ward with us who used to struggle with the word of wisdom. It was great because she helped teach and everything. Basically, he didn’t take it as well as we thought he would. I think he finally hit the point where he was a little overwhelmed, and we didn’t see him as much this last week as usual. It’s understandable though…if you have a problem with the word of wisdom, it is sometimes hard to get over that. He isn’t really addicted to anything, I think it’s just the fact that now he is being told that he can never have it, which is also understandable. Anyway, so that was a bummer this week. He doesn’t have a baptism date anymore. He said he still wants to get baptized, but he wants it to be in his time, which we totally respect. It’s better to have someone fully converted and strong members after baptism than to have someone super strong right now, but not fully converted so that they fall off the face of the planet after they are baptized (I have had a couple of those investigators and it is sad). We did see him last night though, and we are seeing him again tonight. We just have to take it a little slower and make sure he understands everything. Anyway, there is my little rant about that. I feel at peace with everything now, but at the beginning of the week, I was freaking out a little. 

So how was Labor Day yesterday for ya? My Labor Day was awesome. Ready to hear about it??

Okay, so obviously we didn’t have our p-day yesterday. We spent the day out working, because it was a holiday and so there were people home spending time with their families. Well, the best part was that we did more CHALK DRAWINGS!


I had some much fun doing them on the 4th of July, so I was excited to do them again. This time, we were a lot more successful too! We went to a park in Middletown. The missionaries with us consisted of the missionaries from the Middletown and Springboro wards. We split off into two different groups and then went to different parts of the park.


My group began drawing the Plan of Salvation, and an older couple walked by. The elders went over and started talking to them. They ended up talking to this couple for like 2 hours (which was how long we were there). I’m pretty sure they shared all the lessons with them, so it is surprising that the couple didn’t pass out. Haha. Okay I am joking here. They really did talk for that long and shared a lot about the gospel, but they wouldn’t have passed out like they used to in the Book of Mormon (read the story of Ammon and you’ll know what I mean.) 


It all was good, there were a lot of people. I ended up talking to a woman who was out walking her dog. I shared with her the Plan of Salvation, and the Restoration, because she had a lot of questions. She said that just the night before, she had gone to her church and went up to the altar and prayed to god, because she felt like she was missing something and she wasn’t satisfied with everything that she was hearing. It struck curiosity in her when I mentioned that all churches contain truth, but they don’t have the full gospel. She took that as a sign that God was answering her prayers. I extended baptism and she accepted. She then asked me if I thought it was a sign for her. I told her that I didn’t think that it was a coincidence that she was walking in the park and happened to run into us (The day after she prayed!) and that God works in mysterious ways. I promised her blessings on how much the gospel could bless her. Anyway, it was awesome, the elders set up an appointment for Thursday, and she is already planning on coming to church on Sunday. God prepares people!

That’s about it for the week. I love you all, thanks for all you do. Have a great week! 


Sister Palmer