“Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”

Holy Crud buckets!

Hello Family and friends! How are y’all doing??

So you see the title of the email….yeah bedbugs are real creatures. In case you were wondering. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious. I just got a couple of bedbug bites, but I did treat my bed for the bedbugs, and I haven’t gotten any since then.

Okay, here is my week for you:

Monday, we had a zone fun day! That was so fun. We went to a park and played and intense game of ultimate Frisbee…okay we are missionaries. IT wasn’t too intense, but there was a lot of running and we got some good exercise. 🙂 We also played some basketball which was so nice for me. I love playing basketball.

We had a really good lesson this week with our investigator (N). He is actually a former investigator that Sister Carlson and I picked back up a little over a week ago. He is a little older and he has some health problems, but he is so awesome!! He is so ready to be baptized. I extended baptism to him in our last lesson, and he accepted before I was even done with the extension! He has no problems against the church. It’s just a matter of getting past his health problems so that he can come to church. He has to come a few times before he is baptized. 

So…Robin Williams died this week! I know, you all are probably getting sick of it because that is all everyone is talking about, but I just have to vent! That was one of the saddest things I heard all week. He was an awesome man and an amazing actor. I still can’t believe it happened. He will be greatly missed. 

Okay…so on Saturday, Sister Carlson and I were going to do some personal contacting, because we needed to find some new investigators. We had gone out to see one of the members, but they weren’t home. Just as we were walking away, a lady who was driving away leaned out her window and complimented Sister Carlson on her red hair. Well, then there was a man walking behind us who complimented on it too. (I know, normally this would be really creepy and I would run…) We turned around and thanked him. He was walking with his 2 nine year old twins. He told us that he had just gotten out of jail like two weeks ago and that he wanted to change his life around. He wants to be a better dad for his girls. He told us that they were church shopping, so we shared a little bit of the restoration with him and set a return appointment for Sunday afternoon. Sweetness! We were blessed to get 3 new investigators in a matter of like 2 minutes. Miracles baby!

So we had our lesson on Sunday with this father and his two girls. IT went really well! The member that was with us did so good at teaching and testifying and promising blessings. It was awesome! WE set up another appointment with him for Tuesday (tomorrow) so that should be good. He said that he would plan on coming to church on Sunday, and he accepted the baptism invitation as well. Things are just going good!

Anyway, it was a good week. This week should be good as well. We have exchanges and we have zone conference this week. I am so excited! 

I love you all! Have an awesome week! (Especially for you poor children who are starting school. Have fun with that!)


Sister Palmer

PS: So I had Skyline chili this week. It’s like all the rave out here…you got to have skyline chili when you are in this area.


Well, it wasn’t as good as everyone makes it out to be. For those of you who don’t know, they make their chili a little different. IT has cocoa powder in it or something. Then they serve their chili over spaghetti noodles. Then they cover it with about 20 cups of cheese…enough to give you a heart attack or make you constipated (okay sorry TMI) ha-ha.


It’s worth a try though if you are ever in the area. I just don’t think it is as great as everyone says…


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