Where am I now??

Hello my wonderful family and friends!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy and pretty cool this week has been! Let me just start from the beginning.

So on Monday, we were so busy that I didn’t even have time to start packing until we were back in the apartment that night. It was like 9:30 before I started packing. Crazy!! It was a really good day though, and I was kind of sad to leave (obviously I had been there for 7 1/2 months. You kind of get attached to people.) I didn’t even get to say goodbye to even a few of the people that I wanted to say goodbye too. IT was sad now that I have thought about it more in the week.

Okay…so then there were transfers. Best transfer meeting of my life!! It was like a family reunion with all of us missionaries. The wonderful Sister Davis was there, and it was just so great to see her (as it always is…one day we WILL be companions.)


Kayla and Sister Davis

I also got to see SISTER STANDAGE!! Oh man it was so happy. We just gave each other a great big hug and spent a lot of the time talking about some of our favorite memories with each other. Basically Sister Yoakum and Sister Armstrong (who was Sis. Standage’s comp) got to hear a lot of the wonderful companionship that sister Standage and I had. Hahaha. It’s good to know that she liked me as much as I liked her. Anyways, transfers were great.


Kayla and Sister Standage

Oh! I also saw Sister Ison, who is another one of my most favorites. We were both hoping that we would become companions this transfer, but unfortunately we didn’t.


Kayla and Sister Ison

Okay, so because of Facebook and such, my parents already know where I got transferred, but for those of you who don’t know….I am in Middletown, OH. It is really awesome out here! Seriously, I love the area. There are a lot of cool people and I am excited for the awesome things that are going to happen this transfer. I really miss the people in the Aboite area, but I was definitely ready to see a change of scenery and meet some new people. The members that I have met so far in the Middletown area are pretty nice, and the investigators that we have right now are pretty cool too. We had a baptism on Saturday and it was a really good baptism! Our investigator (okay, I only taught him like twice, so he was the other sisters’ investigator) bore his testimony at the end, and it was so good! I was glad that I could teach him for a tiny little bit.

My new companion is Sister Carlson. She is from Oregon, but her family has lived in Utah for the past couple of years. I actually already knew Sister Carlson because she had served in the Huntington zone the first couple of transfers that I was there, so we already knew each other, which is nice! I also know a few people in the Middletown zone, so it was nice to get transferred into an area where I already knew a few people.

Sister Carlson and Sister Palmer in the middle.

Sister Carlson and Sister Palmer in the middle.

Well, that’s about all of the updates that I had for the week. I mostly just wanted to talk about transfers, because they were so awesome!

I love you all. Have a great week!!


Sister Palmer



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