Nerf Warriors

I don’t ever know what to put for the subject of my emails, but this one came to mind because of the awesome week that i had! [Maybe that is a reference to the Zone Fun Day they had this last P-day…we don’t know…she never makes mention of the Nerf guns.] Okay here we go…
Hello Family and Friends!

This week was awesome.

Monday we had a zone fun day. We had the most epic nerf war ever! It was so much fun, and so intense! Yes…missionaries do have a lot of fun behind the scenes. We do more than just sharing the gospel. Anyway, Monday was great!

Tuesday we had interviews with President and Sister Porter. President Porter is just awesome. 🙂 We sat and talked about all the great things that are happening here in our area. We just laughed and had a good time.

Wednesday was District meeting, which is always good. It is nice to go and receive training from our district leader and to receive revelation. Afterwards, we had a chapel tour with one of our investigators (D). It went pretty good! The spirit was there and we know that he felt it, but he didn’t really accept any of our invitations. (We invited him to be baptized, come to church, pray at the end of the lesson). I don’t think he feels quite ready for any of it. This week we have to help him see Gods vision for him.

We had a lesson with our investigator family (G,R,J) about the Book of Mormon. They all loved it, and we saw (J) later in the week. He is so cute! He had started to read the Book of Mormon that night before he went to bed, and he was telling us about it when we saw him. Good things are happening there…

We saw a lot more grace yesterday. We had set a goal for 6 member presents last week, and we only had one left to reach that goal. We had planned to go see some of our investigators, so we wanted to get a member to come out with us. We called almost everyone! (at least it felt like it) No one was able to come out with us. Well, we put off calling a few different people because they always come out with us and we feel bad for calling them last minute sometimes. After trying a lot of people though, we finally called one of those members and she was able to come out with us! We saw one of our investigators with her and were able to share a message. Not only was it grace that we were able to see this investigator, but it was grace because a member was able to come out with us and we were able reach our goal of member presents for this week.

We also contacted a referral yesterday that we had been trying to contact for a long time. We taught her the 5 minute restoration and she totally felt the spirit! After we recited the first vision, she said that it just kind of hit home to her and that it felt good. WE set up a return appointment for Wednesday, which we are excited about.

Anyway, that’s about it for the week! I am once again happy to hear that things are going well at home for lots of people. It was a little hard not to stay quiet here in the library as I was reading some emails. I love you all! More importantly, God loves you! Don’t forget that okay? Have another great week!.


Sister Palmer


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