4th of July

Hello Family and Friends!!

Here are the updates for the week.

This week was pretty fantastic! We did a lot of personal contacting this week and I got sunburned. I just don’t like to put sunscreen on (so it is my fault), but I didn’t realize that we were going to be outside as much as we were. We were lower on miles this week too, so that is why we did more walking.

This week we were actually pretty busy! Wednesday we had one appointment after another. It was kind of crazy, so it was nice to unwind at the end of the night. It is good to be busy as a missionary though. It makes things go by faster and you are able to get a lot of things done! 🙂

We had a lesson with our investigator (E) this week. He just cracks me up! For some reason, his language doesn’t bother me. It’s just funny. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon, and he seems to be so super interested! That’s good…hopefully he will actually read it. He isn’t one to commit to a lot of things.

We also saw another one of our investigators this week (S). We haven’t seen her since the day that we contacted her, so it was nice. She is going through a lot right now, with chemo treatments and everything. It makes her sick and it makes her bones hurt. 😦 I feel bad for her. She also really opened up to us about her past, and boy has she been through a lot. Her dad joined the church when she was younger, but her dad and some of his friends (who were also members of the church) did some things to her and her sister when they were younger that just isn’t right!! Why do members of the church have to be that way?? Ugh! Luckily she has changed her perspective as she has gotten older. She realizes now that the church is good, but sometimes the people in the church aren’t good. Anyway, we had a good conversation with her and we set up a return appointment to come back and talk about the Book of Mormon with her.

We also had an appointment with an investigator (M) who we also taught about the Book of Mormon. She was funny because by the end, she was flipping through the book and was reading all over the place. We were laughing at her and she was like “Man, I need to read more of this book!” Hahaha. That’s good because that is the point of the lesson. To help investigators see how important the Book of Mormon is.

There was something interesting that I learned this week, but I am out of time to share it, so I will write about it in my letter home to my parents and maybe my dad will share some of it with y’all on my blog a little later. It was a good insight for me.

I love you all! Stay happy and have a good week! (Even better have a great 4th of July!) I am going to miss not doing fireworks this year. I see them in the store and I want to buy some, but I can’t. Missionaries aren’t supposed to use fireworks. Oh well…next year when I am home. 🙂


Sister Palmer


One thought on “4th of July

  1. Sounds like you are an awesome missionary, Sister Kayla Palmer. We are happy for you.
    Elder and Hermana Ralph and Annette Olsen in Chile.

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