Hi family and friends!

How are y’all doing?? I am doing so fantastic you just wouldn’t even believe it! Like seriously….I miss you all, but things are so happy out here right now. Part of the reason why I am so happy is because it is p-day and I get to email you and read all of your emails. It just makes me so happy! 🙂 There are a lot of good things going on at home, and there is A LOT of good things going on out here.

This week was another awesome week! Pretty much the past month has been amazing. This week we had exchanges, which was so much fun! Oh wait…let me start from the beginning. This week was actually super crazy…

On Tuesday we had a sisters meeting for all of the sisters in our zone. It was super fun! We had some spiritual stuff and were able to receive revelation, but then we also had some relaxation time with each other and we played a couple of games. There was a lot of laughter and good time with the rest of the sisters. 🙂 We had an appointment that night with our investigator (M) who we just love! She is awesome. We also had an appointment with our family (G, R, J). That was a miracle because we found out that their “uncle” is now living with them and he actually is a member of the church! He has been less-active for a few years now, but he told us that he really wants to start coming back. He is going to be a huge help for this family, I can feel it!

Wednesday was district meeting. Once again, that was really good (they always are!). We had a lesson with our investigator (D). WE also had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family that night (I love their family!). The best part was our lesson with another investigator (N). We couldn’t find a member to come out with us, and a couple of hours before the lesson we called one of the members (who I didn’t want to call because her daughter just got back from her mission the day before. Knowing my mom, she wouldn’t want to go out with anyone for like a week after I got home, so I didn’t want to ask this member). She said that she wasn’t going to be able to come because they had some things that night. We couldn’t find anyone and it was so sad! Finally, God’s grace was shown and we finally got a text from the previously mentioned member that plans had changed and she and her daughter would be able to come to the lesson. It was cool to have a newly returned missionary with us!

Okay, now we are on to Thursday. We had exchanges on Thursday, but we also had a family history training meeting in the morning. This week was just packed with meetings! The family history meeting was good and exchanges was a lot of fun!

Friday we volunteered at the YMCA and then we had our weekly planning afterwards. Our first appointment that day wasn’t until 4:00 and it was another appointment with (D). That lesson was so awesome! I felt like such a good missionary afterward. I was bold with him and both Sister Yoakum and I were able to teach in unity and bring in the spirit. .

Those are the main highlights for the week. It was another amazing week and we were able to exceed a lot of our goals. We have been able to see tons of God’s grace in our work! I just love being a missionary right now. 🙂 It’s crazy how fast time has gone too. I only have 11 months left. What the?? It’s going by super-fast (although for some at home it may not seem like it). I am going to be home before you know it.

I love you all! I miss you tons, but in a good way. Not homesick at all. Thanks for all of the good updates. I hope you have an amazing week. 🙂

Sister Palmer


First caption: Sister Benjamin and I on exchanges. It was supposed to be a funny face picture, but it just looks kind…


Caption 2: also from exchanges right before we came back to our apartment. Once again I tried to be funny but instead just look dumb.


Nerf Warriors

I don’t ever know what to put for the subject of my emails, but this one came to mind because of the awesome week that i had! [Maybe that is a reference to the Zone Fun Day they had this last P-day…we don’t know…she never makes mention of the Nerf guns.] Okay here we go…
Hello Family and Friends!

This week was awesome.

Monday we had a zone fun day. We had the most epic nerf war ever! It was so much fun, and so intense! Yes…missionaries do have a lot of fun behind the scenes. We do more than just sharing the gospel. Anyway, Monday was great!

Tuesday we had interviews with President and Sister Porter. President Porter is just awesome. 🙂 We sat and talked about all the great things that are happening here in our area. We just laughed and had a good time.

Wednesday was District meeting, which is always good. It is nice to go and receive training from our district leader and to receive revelation. Afterwards, we had a chapel tour with one of our investigators (D). It went pretty good! The spirit was there and we know that he felt it, but he didn’t really accept any of our invitations. (We invited him to be baptized, come to church, pray at the end of the lesson). I don’t think he feels quite ready for any of it. This week we have to help him see Gods vision for him.

We had a lesson with our investigator family (G,R,J) about the Book of Mormon. They all loved it, and we saw (J) later in the week. He is so cute! He had started to read the Book of Mormon that night before he went to bed, and he was telling us about it when we saw him. Good things are happening there…

We saw a lot more grace yesterday. We had set a goal for 6 member presents last week, and we only had one left to reach that goal. We had planned to go see some of our investigators, so we wanted to get a member to come out with us. We called almost everyone! (at least it felt like it) No one was able to come out with us. Well, we put off calling a few different people because they always come out with us and we feel bad for calling them last minute sometimes. After trying a lot of people though, we finally called one of those members and she was able to come out with us! We saw one of our investigators with her and were able to share a message. Not only was it grace that we were able to see this investigator, but it was grace because a member was able to come out with us and we were able reach our goal of member presents for this week.

We also contacted a referral yesterday that we had been trying to contact for a long time. We taught her the 5 minute restoration and she totally felt the spirit! After we recited the first vision, she said that it just kind of hit home to her and that it felt good. WE set up a return appointment for Wednesday, which we are excited about.

Anyway, that’s about it for the week! I am once again happy to hear that things are going well at home for lots of people. It was a little hard not to stay quiet here in the library as I was reading some emails. I love you all! More importantly, God loves you! Don’t forget that okay? Have another great week!.


Sister Palmer


**PREFACE: You will see that Kayla talks about a mission-wide activity that they did involving chalk art on sidewalks and such in public places. Many parents in the mission posted pictures on Facebook of what their own missionaries had done. I loved seeing all of the pictures and decided that I would share some in this blog posting, even though only one or two of them had contributions made by Kayla. I also decided to include a little bit of Sister Yoakum’s (Kayla’s companion) thoughts on the activity to add to Kayla’s perspective. I’m glad her parents shared that on Facebook as well.

 I’m also glad that Kayla titled her email “Independence”. She did so most likely because of the Independence Day holiday, but it is so fitting with the chalk art activity about the Plan of Salvation. We are definitely free to choose and the Plan makes it so clear why we need to choose wisely.

Hola mi familia (and friends too),

I am just so happy right now with everything that has happened. I received some great emails from family and friends, and this week was pretty awesome too. Let me tell you a few highlights…

Friday was the 4th of July. It was pretty fun, for not being at home with family. We got up early and headed on over to the church for a breakfast that some of the members were putting on. That was a lot of fun to just go and visit with the members of the ward! The food was delicious too. 🙂

That morning, we went to Columbia City as a district and we did chalk drawings of the Plan of Salvation in front of the courthouse. It was so much fun! For those of you that would like to see what it kind of looked like, go to YouTube. I don’t know exactly what you search, but there was a group of missionaries that did a chalk drawing of the plan of salvation in New York City. It was a video that I had seen before my mission. It looked so cool that I really wanted to do something like that on my mission. Well, then President Porter told all of the missionaries to do that on the 4th of July.

Chalk Drawing Plan of Salvation

It wasn’t quite as successful as the one in New York was (Columbia City/Indiana isn’t as populated as New York), but it was still fun!

Chalk Art 1

There were people that came and looked at it and we were able to go through it and explain it to people.

That afternoon, we did our normal missionary work. We went and saw some less-actives and had some lessons with a few other people.

Chalk Art 3

Then we met together as a district and did the chalk drawings again at a park here in our area. We had a few more people come to this one than we did earlier in the morning. Once again, it was super fun!

Chalk Art 2

[From Sister Yoakum] “It was so cool to see how receptive everyone was to the message. The part that everyone had questions about was the 3 Degrees of Glory, and that happens to be my favorite part because it shows me that God is truly both just and merciful.

Chalk Art 5

“That the unrepentant will pay for their sins and then inherit a degree of glory; that the honorable people who do their best to do good will be accepted into the presence of Christ, but not the Father; and that those who make and keep covenants, and follow God’s commandments will inherit one of the mansions prepared for them in the presence of God and Christ forever.”

Chalk Art 4

We had dinner that night with a member of the ward, and then we went over to her daughter’s house to do some service and help her daughter get ready for her granddaughters b-day party that was the next day. We got to see a few fireworks that night from the giant glass window in our apartment, but that was about it for fireworks. I wish missionaries could handle fireworks. I wanted to buy some so bad and go over to a members house and light them. If I could have had the 4th any different, it would have been to see more fireworks, but other than that, it was pretty good day!

The best part was yesterday…We had 3 people at church! Our investigator (G) and his two kids (R&J) came to church. Their mom came too, but she isn’t an investigator. It was our first time meeting her yesterday.

We had also set a goal as a district to have 2 member presents and to find 1 new investigator so that we could hit our district goals that we had set for the week. WE had one member present yesterday morning before church, but I didn’t know what we were going to do to get a second one. After looking at my planner and realizing that we were going to be stopping by and seeing some potentials later in the evening, we decided to call a member and see if someone could come out with us to visit the potentials. Luckily we were able to find a member. We went with her to contact a referral that we had been trying to contact but hadn’t been able to. Well, luckily we found her at home last night! She asked us a lot of questions, and the member did a really good job at participating and answering the questions. We were able to set up a return appointment, so, with God’s grace, we were able to hit our goal of having two member presents and finding one new investigator. It was awesome!

There is a highlight of the week. It sounds like things are going awesome at home, which makes me super happy! I love you all. Have a great week!

Sister Palmer

Follow-up to the 4th

** PREFACE: Kayla mentioned in her previous email (previous blog posting) that she learned something interesting the previous week and would include it in a hand-written letter home with hopes that I would share it. I think it is very much worth sharing, so here is the portion of the letter that she was referring to.

We saw (C) this week! [(C) is an investigator that got baptized in May.] We seriously haven’t seen him since he was confirmed a member of the church. It’s been like a month! The members haven’t been able to get a hold of him either. He has gotten kind of busy with work. He has also gotten some opposition from his family. He hasn’t been reading his scriptures or praying either. Ugh! Lots of bad things happen when you stop reading and praying. He said he talked with his boss though to see if he could get scheduled some different times on Sunday so that he can at least come every now and then. He says he really misses church, especially the people there. We are going to go start meeting with him at least once a week to help him get back on track.

So I have to tell you about my studies this week that I mentioned in my email. So there is a less active that doesn’t think she can have fun of she lives the Mormon standards all the way. (Her friends go hang out at bars and drink and stuff. That’s why.) This isn’t the first time that I have heard about something like that. I have heard of other members thinking that it was too hard to live up to the standards and such. Well, the other day I was reading in 1 Nephi 17:41. Nephi is talking to Laman and Lemuel (because they are murmuring and complaining again). He is showing them examples of how the Lord watches over and blesses his people. Verse 41 talks about fiery flying serpents that bit the Israelites and many suffered. God commanded Moses to build a brass serpent. Those who looked at the brass serpent would be healed…”and because of the simpleness of the way, or the easiness of it, there were many who perished.”

The thought occurred to me after reading this: “If it were easier to live God’s standards, would it be easier to avoid the things of the world?” The answer is no. It would not. If God’s standards were any easier, that would put us closer to the worlds level, hence we would be living more of the worlds standards. I understand that it can be hard to live up to the Lord’s standards and stand up for what you believe in, but if it wasn’t this way we would perish. Even though God’s standards can be hard to live at times, they are a protection to us!

Anyways, that was my cool thought for the week.

Sister Palmer

4th of July

Hello Family and Friends!!

Here are the updates for the week.

This week was pretty fantastic! We did a lot of personal contacting this week and I got sunburned. I just don’t like to put sunscreen on (so it is my fault), but I didn’t realize that we were going to be outside as much as we were. We were lower on miles this week too, so that is why we did more walking.

This week we were actually pretty busy! Wednesday we had one appointment after another. It was kind of crazy, so it was nice to unwind at the end of the night. It is good to be busy as a missionary though. It makes things go by faster and you are able to get a lot of things done! 🙂

We had a lesson with our investigator (E) this week. He just cracks me up! For some reason, his language doesn’t bother me. It’s just funny. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon, and he seems to be so super interested! That’s good…hopefully he will actually read it. He isn’t one to commit to a lot of things.

We also saw another one of our investigators this week (S). We haven’t seen her since the day that we contacted her, so it was nice. She is going through a lot right now, with chemo treatments and everything. It makes her sick and it makes her bones hurt. 😦 I feel bad for her. She also really opened up to us about her past, and boy has she been through a lot. Her dad joined the church when she was younger, but her dad and some of his friends (who were also members of the church) did some things to her and her sister when they were younger that just isn’t right!! Why do members of the church have to be that way?? Ugh! Luckily she has changed her perspective as she has gotten older. She realizes now that the church is good, but sometimes the people in the church aren’t good. Anyway, we had a good conversation with her and we set up a return appointment to come back and talk about the Book of Mormon with her.

We also had an appointment with an investigator (M) who we also taught about the Book of Mormon. She was funny because by the end, she was flipping through the book and was reading all over the place. We were laughing at her and she was like “Man, I need to read more of this book!” Hahaha. That’s good because that is the point of the lesson. To help investigators see how important the Book of Mormon is.

There was something interesting that I learned this week, but I am out of time to share it, so I will write about it in my letter home to my parents and maybe my dad will share some of it with y’all on my blog a little later. It was a good insight for me.

I love you all! Stay happy and have a good week! (Even better have a great 4th of July!) I am going to miss not doing fireworks this year. I see them in the store and I want to buy some, but I can’t. Missionaries aren’t supposed to use fireworks. Oh well…next year when I am home. 🙂


Sister Palmer