Memorial Day Madness

Hello Family and Friends!!

First off, I want to say thank you to those who have sent me emails and letters of encouragement. This week has been a better week, so let me tell you about it…

Well first off, yesterday was Memorial Day! I hope it was a great day for all of you. It was a pretty good day for us. Since it was Memorial Day, our preparation day got moved to today (obviously that is why you are just getting an email). Since it wasn’t prep day, we went out and worked!


We started out going to Roanoke for a Huntington ward picnic. The purpose in us going to that (activity) was so that we could get to know members in the Huntington ward better, since we cover a part of their ward, but never actually attend church at their ward. It ended up being good, and we had a really good time. 🙂

We did some personal contacting in the afternoon, but didn’t really have success with that. So we finished off the night by going to a barbeque at a members house. They had invited other members of the ward over and some of their non-member friends.


It was good to go and build our relationships with the members and to set good examples for their friends. Unfortunately none of them are interested in learning more about the gospel, but that’s okay. One day they will be!

Because it is the end of the month, we are a little low on miles. Ugh! Because of that, we have been riding bikes…..I know laugh all you want! We have gotten some really weird looks, and there have been people that have laughed at us, but I don’t care anymore. It actually isn’t as bad as you would think. The first day that we did it I was so mad! I did not want to ride the bikes at all. I just had a selfish attitude about it.

Kayla enjoying the bikes...not

Since then it has gotten better and I don’t hate it as much anymore. Sister Yoakum loves it! She is like a little kid on Christmas day when we ride the bikes (at least that’s what I tell her) haha.

There actually wasn’t a whole lot of awesome stuff that happened this week. We did contact a referral that we had received from a member, which ended up being really awesome! She was super friendly and let us right in. She asked us some questions about our church and we taught her the Restoration. We weren’t able to set a return appointment, but we exchanged numbers and actually the members that referred her and her husband to us have invited us over for dinner one of these next couple of days and their friends are going to be there too, so hopefully that goes good. 🙂

Well, that’s about it for the week. I am doing better…not perfect quite yet, but I am doing so much better than last week. The thing that I am working on right now is not worrying about numbers/comparing myself to other missionaries. I get so caught up in wanting people to be proud of me and the things that I have done, but that isn’t always shown in the numbers. I just need to go out, work hard, and trust in the Lord. It isn’t always easy, but he always provides a way. 🙂 I know that to be true, because I have experienced it the past couple of weeks, and weeks previous.

I love you all! Have a stink’n awesome week! Congrats to my brother Hunter who will be graduating high school this week! (What the…??) School is almost out and the summer adventures are starting to begin, so I hope you all enjoy! 🙂
Sister Palmer

P.S. I got the Mustaches in a package from my family this week…so awesome! I had a lot of fun with them. 🙂


One thought on “Memorial Day Madness

  1. Dear Sister Palmer’s family: My name is Melissa Smith and I and my family live in Fort Wayne. I want to let you know that she is doing just fine! We LOVE Sister Palmer and we love having her and her companion in our home! Since I live in the Huntington Ward (even though I live in Fort Wayne), I love to go out with her and her companion and visit the less-active members who are in our ward. I also want to share with you that she and Sister Standage took special care and visited my 16 year old son who was having some struggles. They took the time to arrange a special meeting with him and brought a young lady from his High School who could relate to his situation. Their visit was truly an answer to my Mother’s prayer!! I just can’t tell you how much I appreciated that and how much it meant to me. I’ll be sure to keep close tabs on Sis. Palmer and Sis Yoakum and make sure they are both continuing to do well. If you have anything special that I can deliver to her on your behalf, just let me know! I would be happy to do it. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful daughter with Indiana! 🙂 Melissa Smith (I can be reached by email at or your can find me on Facebook)

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