God’s Grace

PREFACE: This is one of those letters that as a parent you wish you could be there to hug and cheer up your missionary. Companion changes are really hard, especially when you got along so well with the previous companion. Even more when the new companion does things differently. That is the beauty of a mission; new experiences with each changing day.

Dear Family and Friends,

Let me start off by saying that this week was probably the hardest week for me since I have been out on my mission, but I also did see a lot of God’s grace in the work, so let me tell you about it.

First off, I did get a new companion. Her name is Sister Yoakum. She is pretty cool. She has been out for 6 months, so I am not training (thank heavens!)

Sister Yoakum, Me, Sister Hatch, Sister Ryan

Sister Yoakum, Me, Sister Hatch, Sister Ryan

I don’t have as much fun with her as I did with sister Standage, but she has a lot of faith and is such a hard worker. She has a big vision for the Columbia City ward and has a lot of awesome things planned for this transfer. I know that this transfer with her is going to be awesome!

I have definitely been out of my comfort zone this week. It has been really hard. I am going to have the Elders give me a blessing later this afternoon, so hopefully that will help. Sister Yoakum does things differently than sister Standage (obviously, because we are all different), so it has been a real struggle for me to get used to. I was with sister Standage for 4 1/2 months and she became one of my best friends, so what can you expect?

Last night of fun with Sister Standage.

Last night of joy riding with Sister Standage.

Hopefully things will get better this next week.

So for the first few days with Sister Yoakum, it rained, it was cold, and it was just super gloomy. We were only having like 2-3 lessons a day, and not until in the evening. I didn’t understand why. I didn’t think that we were doing things any different from how Sister Standage and I did things. I have learned that I just need to work hard, trust in the lord, and He will make up for the difference. Sometimes it is hard though. I have noticed God’s grace in our work this week though. We did hit all of our goals, and we had some awesome miracles! 🙂

Our amazing investigator (C) did get baptized!

C getting baptized

Me, C, someone else, Sister Yoakum

He did give me a bit of a heart attack though. He was so super busy this past week with work and he cancelled his baptism interview on Thursday, because he wasn’t going to be able to make it. We rescheduled for Friday morning. I began fasting and praying as hard as I could that things would work out and that he would still be able to get baptized on Saturday. We had his interview Friday morning and it went great! So already God’s grace is shown because my prayers are being answered.

On Sunday, there was a couple at church that aren’t members, but they decided to come try out a different church. (Who does that these days??) The wife, has family that is LDS, so they decided to come to the church and try it out. This past weekend, the zone had a fast that we would be able to get investigators to church. Well again, Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! This family is in our area and we are going to start teaching them. We have also been praying to find a family to start teaching and to baptize in June, and I think this might be our family. So we got two new investigators, and they were at church! How awesome is that?! God’s grace I’m telling you.

We did see a lot of success this week, and I am trying to be positive and focus on all of the miracles. Eventually I will adjust to a new companion, and we are going to be able to accomplish a lot this transfer. I’m hoping that a priesthood blessing will also help me. Thank you all for the emails. I sure do enjoy them (you know that) and they have really lifted my spirits. I love you all! Have a great week. 🙂


Sister Palmer


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