Cinco de Mayo Mothers Day

PREFACE: I am a slacking parent…I went two weeks in a row without getting her letters posted. For this post I am actually combining the last two emails she sent home. I am doing this for two reasons: first, because they are both short. Second, because they are tied together with some of the things that Kayla talked about. So with that said, enjoy the first two weeks of May in the Aboite area of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo to my family and friends! (Did I even spell those Spanish words right?)

I hope you all had a great week! I sure did. We have a zone fun day today, so I am typing this very fast and it will be a little short.

Hangin' with Sister Seamons again at a Zone Fun Day.

Hangin’ with Sister Seamons again at a Zone Fun Day.

I am hoping to get on a little later and I can update y’all a little more but here is a little update for my week…

(It didn’t happen so consider the second email below as her update.)

Wednesday and Thursday we didn’t have a car. It was in the shop because we had to get the front bumper fixed due to a small accident that happened in January. The roads were just too icy and we spun out and hit a snowbank. So yeah we had to get the bumper fixed. It was a pain because we had to call members to pick us up from a certain area, take us to a different area, and then a couple hours later we would have a different member pick us up and take us to another area. Yeah…it was a pain but it worked out! We did a lot of walking those two days though. We were so grateful when we finally got the car back! We are very lucky to have a car. 🙂

We were supposed to have a lesson with our golden investigator (C) on Thursday, but he got super sick and so we ended up just having a lesson with the member whose house we were at. In the middle of it, (C) texted the member (who is our ward mission leader) saying that he wouldn’t be able to come because he was sick. He spelled Sister Standage’s name wrong and so it said Spandage. Our ward mission leader was giving her a hard time about it, so that is her nickname with him now. My nickname is Sister Farmer because apparently I talk too much about owning farming land and stuff (I don’t really talk about that much) but they keep thinking that I am going to be a farmer someday. Who knows…

Okay well this email isn’t extremely interesting. Things are going great out here in Indiana. Next week is Mother’s Day and I get to Skype home with my family (WAHOO!) so there isn’t much that I have to say since I will get to see my family next week. I hope that you all have a great week though and that you eat some yummy tacos or something today okay?

I love you all!


Sister Palmer

(And the next week she said…)

Dear Friends and Family,

So how are you all doing? I am doing pretty great!

Mothers Day Skype 2014

Yesterday was Mother’s day and it was AWESOME!! It really was only awesome because I got to Skype home with my family, but it was awesome. It was so nice to see my family and talk to them for a little while.

Mothers Day Skype 2014 Family

The 40 minutes that we got to talk were probably the fastest 40 minutes of my life, but I am glad that things are going well at home and that I was able to share with them things that are going on here in Indiana. 🙂

Okay, so tomorrow is transfers. You are all probably wondering what is going to happen. I know that my family is. So any guesses??….Well, I’m staying!! Unfortunately Sister Standage is getting transferred. 😦 We figured she would, but it is still hard for me. We have become such good friends and have had so much fun during the time that we have been together.

Kayla and Sister Standage before transfers

It is going to be different having another companion. I haven’t gotten a call from President Porter yet saying that I am going to be training, but I most likely with be training someone fresh from the MTC. Boy are they going to be in for an adventure…..heehee. I actually feel like i am going to be in for more of an adventure than they are. Even though I have been out for like 5 months, I feel kind of like i am back at square one, because I have to teach someone everything that i have learned. Hopefully I can do a good job.

Okay so other than the fact that tomorrow is transfers, this week should be pretty good! Our golden investigator, (C) is scheduled to get baptized on Saturday. Wahoo! We have been so excited for this to happen. He has been such an amazing investigator and has just soaked up everything that we have taught him. Hopefully things go well! 🙂

The weather here continues to get warmer and warmer, and the humidity is getting worse and worse. Gah! Oh well, not anything I can do about it.

I don’t think there is much that I have left to update on. Mostly because I talked to my family yesterday, so I don’t know what else to write. I love you all though! I hope you have a great week! 🙂


Sister Palmer


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