Hello family and friends!
This week was pretty great, just as almost every other week is. Let me tell you about it.

We had exchanges this week, which is always a good experience for me. We got to see a couple of less-actives and some investigators in Huntington. It turned out to be a pretty good day and I was able to make some goals of things that I want to work on. 🙂

Wednesday was interviews with President and Sister Porter. President Porter told me of a couple of things that I can improve on, but that’s what he is supposed to do. He is helping all of us become better missionaries! The interview overall was great though. I love getting to talk to both of them!

Saturday was probably the best day this week. We got to see a lot of people! We also went to Columbia City because one of the Elders investigators got baptized, so we went to support them. On Saturday I finally got to meet one of the less-actives that we have been trying to see since I have gotten here. She had just gotten home from grocery shopping, so we helped her carry in her groceries and then she let us come sit down and talk to her. It was really good! It actually was like a miracle that we saw her.

We have been doing a lot of personal contacting this week because everyone is outside! We met a guy on Saturday who was walking his bike up the street, so we stopped and talked to him as we were walking by. He was either extremely drunk or super high. Ha-ha! It was actually really funny. His language was so slurred, but he was super nice! (At least he wasn’t an angry drunk.) It was all I could do not to hold up my hand and ask him how many fingers I was holding up. I decided that would be rude and not missionary like of me, so I didn’t. We had a good conversation with him and we gave him a pass along card with a picture of Christ on it. He loved it so much! We said a prayer with him and went on our way. Sister Standage and I were laughing so hard! After we got back in our car, we made sure to drive by the street and make sure he wasn’t passed out anywhere. We didn’t see him, so we think he made it back to his house.

So here is some cool news: Someone from our ward came up to President Porter last week at stake conference and told him not to ever transfer Sister Standage and me. I guess the ward does love us! (Just kidding, I know they do). It is just nice when you hear about it. Sister Standage and I may not always get good numbers, but we sure are one of the best companionships out here! (At least I think so). I am so happy to have a companion like her where we can teach really well together and have a lot of fun at the same time. It is such a blessing!

So you may wonder why I put Atonement as the subject of this email. Well, I had the opportunity to speak in church yesterday! Actually, all the missionaries got to speak. We spoke on Easter and the Atonement. The bishopric wanted us to make it personal to us, so that the same stories and scriptures were getting said over and over. In my talk, I shared the poem “Footprints”. Ya’ll may have heard of it. It’s a good one. (Luckily Dad packed it away in my suitcase before I left, so I have a nice copy of it.) I also shared 1Nephi 21:14-16. It’s a good scripture. Basically it talks about how Christ will never forget about us. He has “engraven us on the palm of his hands”. It’s a good scripture and I suggest that you all read it.

Well, that is my update for the week! I love you all and hope this upcoming wee is fantastic for you!


Sister Palmer


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