Family and Friends,

This week was a good week, but I don’t have much to update on. There weren’t any crazy stories of anything that really happened, but let me tell you a couple of things that I did like.

First of all, conference was this weekend. I hope ya’ll watched it, because it was stink’n awesome! Who doesn’t love conference? I remember being a little kid, and it wasn’t really my favorite thing to watch, but my love for it has definitely grown as I have gotten older.

So, favorite talks anyone?? I loved Elder Holland’s talk about standing up for what you believe. It’s not ever going to be easy, but we need to do it. He also talked about love. “Christ-like love is the greatest need on this planet.” You are correct Elder Holland. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if we focused a little more on love? Just something to think about…

Elder Anderson talked about how the church will grow and prosper, but Satan’s power will also grow and get stronger. The world will change, but Heavenly Fathers standards won’t.

There was also President Uchtdorf’s talk on gratitude. “We can choose to be grateful no matter what.” “Gratitude is a catalyst to all Christ-like attributes.”

Okay, so there are a couple of things that I liked. Obviously it isn’t all of them. There were many good talks and I received answers to questions that I had, which was probably the most important. I encourage everyone to re-read or listen to them again. It will be for our benefit.


We had a lesson with Casey this week! It went really good. He also came to conference on Sunday for the morning session (we watched it at the church). He seemed to really enjoy it. There were some members of the ward that went up to him after and got to know him. That’s good for him, because now he can feel a little bit more comfortable coming to church! 🙂

We have Mikaela’s baptism this weekend. Wahoo! That should be fun and exciting. I will tell you all about it next week. 🙂

Sorry that the email is shorter. I hope you all enjoyed it though! I love you all. Have a great week! 🙂


Sister Palmer


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