You see the subject of this email?? Yep, this week is transfers. Do you want to know what’s happening? Sister Standage and I are both staying!!! WAHOO!! Another transfer together and I already know that this one is going to be full of miracles. 🙂

So I have spent some time reading everyone’s emails and seeing what has been happening back at home. I am so happy to hear from all of you! There have been a lot of crazy things happening at home that I wish I could be there for, but there are great things happening here, so now it’s my turn to tell you what’s going on. 🙂

So last Monday I wrote about a lesson that we had with a new investigator at the church. His name is Casey and we had a lesson with him right before we came to email last week. Well anyways, we had another lesson with him on Thursday, back at the church. He had read through the restoration pamphlet that we had given him and we answered a couple of the questions that he had. We then gave him his own copy of the Book of Mormon (even though he already had downloaded the gospel library app on his phone) and we gave an overview of the Book of Mormon. We also taught him the Plan of Salvation. Everything seemed to make sense to him. If it didn’t, he would ask us questions about it. At the end of the lesson we extended the date of May 3rd for him to be baptized. He said he would work towards being baptized on that date! He is an awesome investigator that was prepared by the Lord to hear our message.

We also had a lesson with our little nine year old investigator Mikaela. She can’t even wait to be baptized! The date that we extended to her at our last lesson turns out to be stake conference, so we extended a different date. She is now preparing to be baptized in two weeks, on April 12th. She is so funny and she has such a love for the gospel. She is definitely setting a great example for her family!

This week we had exchanges with the sister training leaders in Huntington. That was pretty good! I love going on exchanges and learning from the leaders and having them work with me on things that I am struggling with. I have been struggling a little bit with some self-esteem issues and whether or not I am a good missionary, but things are starting to get better, and with neither one of us being transferred, I am really feeling a lot better and I am ready to work hard this next transfer and to build up my courage (and my self-esteem)! 🙂

Saturday we had a Social Media Day. We had different members in the ward come out with us all day long and take pictures of what we were doing, and then posted those pictures on Facebook. The purpose of this was so that people throughout the world can really see what missionaries do. It was weird getting our pictures taken, but it turned out to be a really successful day! We were able to get some of the members to meet a couple of our investigators! That was awesome because there was one member who came out with us that we have been trying to set up a time with her to come meet our investigator that lives kind of by her. Since she came out with us, we went over to that investigators house. They seemed to hit it off really well! The member invited our investigator to church, and to some relief society activities that are coming up. It was awesome!

Saturday was also the women’s broadcast. It was sad not being home with my mom and sisters (and the rest of my family) to watch it, but I enjoyed being with the Columbia City ward members. The spirit was really strong and there were a lot of great things said. I encourage those who didn’t watch it to go online and watch it, because it really was awesome!

Well, that’s about it for my week. Not too bad eh? Yeah it was a really good week. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the next transfer and for the miracles that we are going to see. I am thankful for all the updates from all of you! I sure do miss you all and pray for you! I know that the Lord needs me here in Fort Wayne right now though. I love you all and hope you have a good week! 🙂


Sister Palmer

Sister Palmer & Elder Arritt

P.S. This picture is of me and Elder Arritt, who was one of the best zone leaders. I was able to make some connections with him and my family, because he is from Burley, Idaho which is where my mom and her family are from. He goes back home on Wednesday and all of the missionaries in the zone are going to miss him. (Kayla’s mom used to babysit Elder Arritts siblings when she was a teenager…before he was born.)


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