Temple Trip Soon…EXCITING!

* PREFACE: This post is a combination of an email and hand-written letter because she talked about the same subjects and people.

Family and Friends,

You see the subject of this email? That’s right. We get to go to the temple on the 19th!! Coming out on my mission I didn’t think that I would be able to go to the temple at all because there isn’t a temple in our mission boundaries, but about a month ago, President Porter told all the missionaries that they had been given permission for all the missionaries to go once every six months! We were all so excited. Then last week President Porter told us that our first trip to the temple would be within the next couple of weeks! Needless to say, the missionaries are super excited. 🙂 I realize now that we need to be super grateful for the temples all around us that are only like 10 minutes away. We have to drive three hours to get to the Columbus temple….


Sister Standage made a paper chain to count down the days until we go to the temple. Haha! She is super excited! (I am too, but I wasn’t going to make a paper chain…)

Anyway there is that great news. Want more? Okay good because this week was a pretty good week and I don’t think I have anything negative to talk about, so here we go…

I usually give a weather report, so here is the weather report for the week. This last week we did get some more snow, but there were a couple of days that it warmed up so much that Sister Standage and I didn’t even wear our coats when we went outside. Yep! It was so nice. 🙂 Today the weather is pretty great, but we are supposed to have a big drop in temps again later this week, with some more snowfall. Whatever….it’s got to eventually warm up someday right??

This week we had a lesson with Taylor. We talked about obedience and how Heavenly Father gives us commandments not as rules to follow, but as something to keep us safe and to help us continually progress to living with him again someday. I recommend that you read Mosiah 2:41. It’s a pretty great scripture that talks about the commandments and how we are happy when we obey them.

We also had a couple of really good lessons with some of the members in the ward. We are teaching a family in the ward right now that is going through a hard time and they asked us if we could come over and teach them the missionary lessons, to help them learn more but mostly to help bring the spirit. Every lesson we have had with them has been so good! I love going over to their house and spending time with them.

Sister Standage and I felt prompted to go visit another family in the ward. They haven’t been coming to church as much, and when they do, they usually only stay for Sacrament meeting. We went over to their house and visited with them. We were able to talk to their daughter-in-law, Summer. She was telling us about a missionary opportunity that she has been having at work. She then asked us questions about what more she can do/what she should say next.

Sister Standage and I answered her questions and then we started talking about our temple trip that is coming up. That led us to talk about temples. Summer and her husband are originally from Utah, and they were married in the Manti Temple. (Woot woot!) We started talking about the Manti Temple and the Manti Pageant. I can’t wait until I get home because I want to go see the Manti Pageant again.

We got a new investigator this week! One of the members in the ward is pretty close friends with her next door neighbor and has told her a little bit about the church. Sister Standage has been trying to meet this neighbor Emily for a long time, but she has always been super busy with work and stuff that we have never actually been able to meet Emily; just her husband and kids. This week we were actually able to see her, we talked to her a little bit about the church, and then we set up a return appointment with her to go start teaching her! We are planning on teaching her husband and kids too, but we were super excited to finally meet Emily.

That is pretty much the big updates for the week. It was a great week! I am looking forward to this next week. I love you all and hope you all have a great week as well. 🙂


Sister Palmer


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