Missionary Work…All in the Details

*PREFACE: This was a hand-written letter to the family and Kayla shared a lot of details/answers to questions we have had regarding her work and investigators that she is working with. It is interesting to learn a little more about her current life. I have left some things out…it is a long letter…but left a lot of good stuff.


Yay! Letter time. I feel like I wrote quite a bit about what happened this past week in my email (see the “Trust in God and Exercise Faith in Him” post), but of course there is always more to tell, so here goes…

Let em answer some questions first. Dad, you asked how many discussions we have in a week. President  Porter set a goal for all missionaries to have at least 20 in a week. Sister Standage and I usually get between 20 and 25 is. This includes investigator discussion, less-actives, members, and those that we find on the streets (out trackting, personal contact, referrals). It’s not too hard of a goal to reach, but we have a nice area with nice people so…yeah.

How many investigators do we have? I think total we have around 10 or so investigators. Most of them we don’t see as often, but that’s because they cancel on us, or we can never get a hold of them. It’s not our fault. We are trying to see them. Out of those investigators, Taylor and Melissa are our progressing investigators, which means that we see them at least once a week and they are keeping commitments.

Mom, I noticed your email and that you had a lot of questions. From what I remember though, you asked a lot about Taylor. Well, Dad has too, so let me tell you about her.

Taylor’s best friend is LDS and is in the Columbia City ward. Taylor came to church with her one day and that is how Sister Standage and her previous companion Sister Colton met her. This was like clear back in October. Taylor took the discussions and eventually wanted to get baptized. But, there were issues with her parents. Both sides of the family are very strong Catholics (although Taylor’s parents aren’t active) and Taylor’s family have had a couple of really bad experiences with Mormons, I guess. So they haven’t wanted her to join the church. She was supposed to be baptized January 11th, so the weekend that I got out here, but her parents were upset. They were going to make her wait until summer, but they finally compromised. Her new baptism dater we’re hoping for is March 22nd. Her mom told her that they would be there to support her as well as her extended family. Wahoo! Miracles happen.

Anyways, moving on to more great news! We received work on Tuesday at our Special Training that we have been given permission to go to the temple once every six months. Yay!! We are all so excited!

So, I do have a little bit of bad news…well, it might be bad news. This week, we were headed home for lunch and we went one of the back ways that we always go, because it is faster and we don’t have to wait at so many lights. Well, we were heading through a parking lot and got stuck on some ice. A cop had to come pull us out. That’s not the bad news though. After finally getting home, we noticed that the front bumper underneath the grill was broken. We don’t know if it happened when we hit the ice and got stuck, or after the cop pulled us off, or if it was somehow broken a little bit before and we didn’t notice and so the ice made it worse? I don’t know. We have to take it in and get an estimate on how much it is going to cost to fix. As far as the actual payment, I don’t know if the church pays for it, or Sister Standage and I have to pay for it because we use the vehicle. We’ll see after it all gets taken care of. I’m not too worried, but I thought I would make you aware of that. Please don’t be mad. (I think that I will just take away her driving privileges…oh wait, I don’t control that. And to think I took her off insurance just a day after she wrote this letter. And like I would be mad…we all know the driver is the one that is at fault and Kayla was just a passenger. 🙂 )

Okay, let me end with some funny stories, so we end on a happy note.

This week we went to contact a referral. Sister Standage has been trying to contact this referral since before I got here. So we went to her house this week to try and contact her, but once again we she wasn’t home. As we were heading back down her driveway, a van drove by (kind of slower than usual) and we finally recognized it as the van that had been parked in the driveway a couple of times. The van continued going and we walked back to our own car. We knew it was her though, so we decided to stay by our car until she returned. We were not going to let this opportunity to contact her go! We started scraping the car (because it was snowing) so that we looked like we were doing something. The van turned around, but noticed we were still there, so it went around the loop that the neighborhood is in, in hoped we would be gone by the time it came around. (We weren’t dumb.) We kept scraping the car and the ice by the tires and finally the van came back around and pulled in the driveway. The lady got out and came to us to see if there was anything we needed. We told her why we were there and that we had a message about Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. She wasn’t interested. Whatever. At least we finally contacted her!! When we get a referral (from church headquarters, members, and others) we have to try and contact them until we finally do contact them. We can’t just drop them. Anyways…she probably thought we were so creepy. I don’t care though!

I think that’s about it. This week has been good! We got a video at our special training that the Assistants made. It’s got some pump up music and quotes by apostles and such. They made it to help pump us up for our baptism goal this year, which by the way is 720! It is a lot, but we know we can make it happen. Anyways, because this video has some pump up music, we listen to it in the morning when we work out. Hahaha, it’s just instrumental stuff but it’s still good. Maybe I will send you my copy so that you can watch it and get pumped up about missionary work! 🙂 It has a couple of other videos on it that would be good to watch. We’ll see.

Okay now I really think that is it. I am sure I have told you everything that I wanted to tell you this week. I hope you have enjoyed, as well as the email. I also hope you enjoyed the pictures. I didn’t upload all of mine, but I uploaded a lot! Anyways… (See the photo gallery)

I love you all so much! You know that already, but I thought I would remind you. 🙂 Talk to you later!

Sister Palmer

P.S. Thank the ward for me for all of their support. Most of the letters I receive are from ward members! I’m glad they’re so supportive

*POSTFACE: As parents, we are also appreciative of the support that she is receiving from others, and not just those in the ward. She really does enjoy the letters that she gets. Thank you to everyone.


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