Crazy Week

Hello my favorite people!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get my weekly email out today…the computers at the library weren’t working, so I had to wait. Let me tell you about my week.

This week I got a cold. Boo! It made things really crappy. I tried to be a good missionary and stay positive and just go out and work, but by the end of the week, I wasn’t focused and all I wanted to do was stay inside and rest.

We didn’t have very many lessons this week unfortunately. We didn’t reach our goals nearly as good as we usually do. Here are some positives that happened this week though…

Okay to start off, the weather this week was fantastic! The sun was shining almost every day and the snow is starting to melt. Hallelujah! There was actually a day this week where we could have taken off our coats because it felt so good (even though it really was only like 30 degrees) but I kept my coat on because I was sick.


There was one day where we had a tornado watch, which just means that there is a possibility of having a tornado. We didn’t end up having one thank heavens!

We did get two new investigators this week! One of them we met while we were outside personal contacting down some streets. This lady, Carolyn was outside walking her golden retriever McGregor. (This dog was so hilarious by the way). Anyway, we had a really good conversation with her. Turns out she knew who the Mormons were. Her best friend growing up was a Mormon, so she had been in contact with the church before. We weren’t able to set up a return appointment with her, but we went to her house the other day and we ended up teaching her the restoration and answering some of her questions. It was really fun!

Our other investigator is Cheryl. We met her at church yesterday. She just walked in, so we went up to her and talked to her after sacrament meeting was over. She said that she has driven by the church before but she had just decided to drop in. What?? Who does that these days? Not very many people. It was a miracle for sure! She said that she is “church shopping” right now, so we are going to start teaching her and she said that she was going to be at church next week to hear the testimonies of people in the ward. Wahoo!!

We didn’t have a lesson with Melissa this week unfortunately, but we did have a lesson with Taylor. We re-committed her to her March 22nd baptism date. She said that she is still planning on getting baptized, which is good. Hopefully her parents hearts will soften a little more and actually let her be baptized. Im pretty hopeful though. Heavenly Father has his ways of making things work out.

Well, that’s about it for my week. It really wasn’t as exciting this week. I want to leave you with a quote though that our district leader shared with us this week as we were struggling.

“Always remember that if this were not the Lord’s work, the adversary would not pay any attention to us. If this church were merely a church of men and women, teaching only the doctrine of men, we would encounter little or no criticism or resistance- but because this is the church of Him whose name it bears, we must not be surprised when criticism or difficulties arise. With faith and good works, the truth will prevail.” -Spencer W. Kimball

I know this to be true. This is the Church of Jesus Christ. The adversary is going to try as hard as he can to stop the work from progressing and try to discourage us. We must continue with faith in everything we do.
I love you all! Thank you for all you are doing for me. I am so grateful for all the support I have at home. 🙂 Have a great week!


Sister Palmer



Two Angels On a Mission

Family and Friends,

Valentine’s Day has come and gone….What?? I pretty much forgot that it was Valentine’s Day, but it was a good day none the less. I hope it was a great day for all of you as well. 🙂

Okay so here is some more news. Tomorrow is transfers. SERIOUSLY? I have been here for six weeks already. Can you believe that? I can’t. I am happy to say that Sister Standage and I aren’t going anywhere though. HALLELUJAH! I was so scared that I was going to get a different companion to finish training me, but luckily I have Sister Standage for another six weeks. 🙂 I realize that these transfers are going to be super hard for me. I get very attached to people. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it. I am going to meet lots of people on my mission and it is going to be awesome!

Let me tell you a little bit about this week, because it was pretty awesome!

Okay, on Tuesday we had interviews with President and Sister Porter. No big deal, I love them both. President Porter said some really good things about me. Pretty much he told me that he thinks Sister Standage and I are doing great and that he has a lot of confidence in me and trusts me as a missionary. We had to prepare a 15 min. lesson for one of our investigators and we were going to teach it to one of the assistants. They wanted to check and make sure we were teaching things right. I was so scared, but we ended up doing really good! The spirit was strong and they told us that it was the best “role play” lesson they had seen all day. Wahoo!

This week we had exchanges again. That was fun because this time I spent the whole day in Huntington with Sister Ison. Sister Farr and Sister Standage spent the day down here in our area. Sister Ison and I didn’t teach a lot of people, but when we did, I was able to work on my confidence and work on following the promptings of the Spirit (two things that I am continuously working on).

Yesterday, Sister Standage and I went to go visit a less active lady in the ward. She wasn’t home, so we decided to walk around her neighborhood and do some personal contacting. No one was outside, so we ended up walking back to the car. On our way back to the car though, we saw a lady out walking her dog, so we stopped and talked to her. We started out with just a friendly conversation, but during the conversation, she asked us if what we were doing was called a mission.  We told her that “yes, that is what it is called” and then asked her how she knew. Turns out that her best friend growing up was LDS and she went to church with her frequently (although she was never baptized). She loved the church building and she loved the members. Her friend ended up moving away when they were only in like 8th grade and she never went to the Mormon Church again. During college, she joined the Catholic Church and has been going there ever since. She said that we could come back though and visit her, so we are planning on teaching her more about the gospel and hopefully having that desire to come to church. 🙂

So that was a great contact! We then headed back to the car, but right before we were about to get in, we saw a very old lady outside trying to hack at the ice on her driveway. Sister Standage and I both looked at each other and knew that we needed to go over and help her. So, that’s exactly what we did. She told us during our conversation that she had looked up and saw “two angels” walking towards her. Haha that was so sweet of her! She was such a cute old lady. She told us about her husband who has passed away, and her daughter that died of Leukemia. We taught her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families, that we will be able to see our family again, and that we can live with them forever. It was a very spiritual lesson with her and we set up a time to come see her again and teach her. Yay! Another investigator!

That’s about it for this week! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 By the way, I heard Shirley Temple died. (Poor animal crackers…hahaha okay just kidding.) I never even watched Shirley Temple, so it doesn’t matter. Also, the Olympics are going on right now?…I hope you all are enjoying that, since I can’t watch it. Anyways, I love you all! Have a great week!


Sister Palmer

PS: Here is a drawing that Sister Standage and I did of our district. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

District Family: Feb. 12, 2014

Missionary Work…All in the Details

*PREFACE: This was a hand-written letter to the family and Kayla shared a lot of details/answers to questions we have had regarding her work and investigators that she is working with. It is interesting to learn a little more about her current life. I have left some things out…it is a long letter…but left a lot of good stuff.


Yay! Letter time. I feel like I wrote quite a bit about what happened this past week in my email (see the “Trust in God and Exercise Faith in Him” post), but of course there is always more to tell, so here goes…

Let em answer some questions first. Dad, you asked how many discussions we have in a week. President  Porter set a goal for all missionaries to have at least 20 in a week. Sister Standage and I usually get between 20 and 25 is. This includes investigator discussion, less-actives, members, and those that we find on the streets (out trackting, personal contact, referrals). It’s not too hard of a goal to reach, but we have a nice area with nice people so…yeah.

How many investigators do we have? I think total we have around 10 or so investigators. Most of them we don’t see as often, but that’s because they cancel on us, or we can never get a hold of them. It’s not our fault. We are trying to see them. Out of those investigators, Taylor and Melissa are our progressing investigators, which means that we see them at least once a week and they are keeping commitments.

Mom, I noticed your email and that you had a lot of questions. From what I remember though, you asked a lot about Taylor. Well, Dad has too, so let me tell you about her.

Taylor’s best friend is LDS and is in the Columbia City ward. Taylor came to church with her one day and that is how Sister Standage and her previous companion Sister Colton met her. This was like clear back in October. Taylor took the discussions and eventually wanted to get baptized. But, there were issues with her parents. Both sides of the family are very strong Catholics (although Taylor’s parents aren’t active) and Taylor’s family have had a couple of really bad experiences with Mormons, I guess. So they haven’t wanted her to join the church. She was supposed to be baptized January 11th, so the weekend that I got out here, but her parents were upset. They were going to make her wait until summer, but they finally compromised. Her new baptism dater we’re hoping for is March 22nd. Her mom told her that they would be there to support her as well as her extended family. Wahoo! Miracles happen.

Anyways, moving on to more great news! We received work on Tuesday at our Special Training that we have been given permission to go to the temple once every six months. Yay!! We are all so excited!

So, I do have a little bit of bad news…well, it might be bad news. This week, we were headed home for lunch and we went one of the back ways that we always go, because it is faster and we don’t have to wait at so many lights. Well, we were heading through a parking lot and got stuck on some ice. A cop had to come pull us out. That’s not the bad news though. After finally getting home, we noticed that the front bumper underneath the grill was broken. We don’t know if it happened when we hit the ice and got stuck, or after the cop pulled us off, or if it was somehow broken a little bit before and we didn’t notice and so the ice made it worse? I don’t know. We have to take it in and get an estimate on how much it is going to cost to fix. As far as the actual payment, I don’t know if the church pays for it, or Sister Standage and I have to pay for it because we use the vehicle. We’ll see after it all gets taken care of. I’m not too worried, but I thought I would make you aware of that. Please don’t be mad. (I think that I will just take away her driving privileges…oh wait, I don’t control that. And to think I took her off insurance just a day after she wrote this letter. And like I would be mad…we all know the driver is the one that is at fault and Kayla was just a passenger. 🙂 )

Okay, let me end with some funny stories, so we end on a happy note.

This week we went to contact a referral. Sister Standage has been trying to contact this referral since before I got here. So we went to her house this week to try and contact her, but once again we she wasn’t home. As we were heading back down her driveway, a van drove by (kind of slower than usual) and we finally recognized it as the van that had been parked in the driveway a couple of times. The van continued going and we walked back to our own car. We knew it was her though, so we decided to stay by our car until she returned. We were not going to let this opportunity to contact her go! We started scraping the car (because it was snowing) so that we looked like we were doing something. The van turned around, but noticed we were still there, so it went around the loop that the neighborhood is in, in hoped we would be gone by the time it came around. (We weren’t dumb.) We kept scraping the car and the ice by the tires and finally the van came back around and pulled in the driveway. The lady got out and came to us to see if there was anything we needed. We told her why we were there and that we had a message about Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. She wasn’t interested. Whatever. At least we finally contacted her!! When we get a referral (from church headquarters, members, and others) we have to try and contact them until we finally do contact them. We can’t just drop them. Anyways…she probably thought we were so creepy. I don’t care though!

I think that’s about it. This week has been good! We got a video at our special training that the Assistants made. It’s got some pump up music and quotes by apostles and such. They made it to help pump us up for our baptism goal this year, which by the way is 720! It is a lot, but we know we can make it happen. Anyways, because this video has some pump up music, we listen to it in the morning when we work out. Hahaha, it’s just instrumental stuff but it’s still good. Maybe I will send you my copy so that you can watch it and get pumped up about missionary work! 🙂 It has a couple of other videos on it that would be good to watch. We’ll see.

Okay now I really think that is it. I am sure I have told you everything that I wanted to tell you this week. I hope you have enjoyed, as well as the email. I also hope you enjoyed the pictures. I didn’t upload all of mine, but I uploaded a lot! Anyways… (See the photo gallery)

I love you all so much! You know that already, but I thought I would remind you. 🙂 Talk to you later!

Sister Palmer

P.S. Thank the ward for me for all of their support. Most of the letters I receive are from ward members! I’m glad they’re so supportive

*POSTFACE: As parents, we are also appreciative of the support that she is receiving from others, and not just those in the ward. She really does enjoy the letters that she gets. Thank you to everyone.

Trust in God and Exercise Faith in Him

*PREFACE: I asked Kayla to share more of the spiritual experiences and teaching situations that she encounters on her mission and less of the goofy things that she and her companion do. It’s great to see that she is getting along so well with her companion, but I feel that we can all benefit from knowing about her missionary efforts. This letter was definitely in reply to my request. Enjoy this weeks experiences.

Family and Friends,

This week has been an amazing one in the fact that we had some great teaching experiences and we had a great time laughing. Let me tell you what has happened.

First off, we had a special training on Tuesday with President and Sister Porter and the assistants. It was a great training and we learned a lot. BUT….so at the beginning of the meeting, we always start with a song, prayer, and then they call on a couple of missionaries to bear their testimony on the Savior. No big deal right? No it isnt. After the testimonies this last time, they turned the time over to us missionaries to share our talks on “Faith like the Ancients”. None of us knew that we were supposed to prepare these talks (they normally tell us in advance and then randomly call on us at the meeting). I look over at Sister Standage with pure terror, but she had a confused look on her face as well. “There are so many missionaries here, what is the possibility that they will call on me?” It was a very slim chance that I would get called on, but guess what?…I did!! AAAHHH!! I have never been so scared in my entire life! Luckily for me, the other missionaries didn’t receive word about this, so I was able to share a talk that I had previously prepared for a different zone conference.

After the training was over, Sister Porter came up to me and gave me a hug and said that I did a good job on my talk. I said thank you, but told her that I was so nervous. She laughed and said, “Yeah, I could see the look of terror on your face when you got called on.” hahaha oh man….


A view of the snow covered field behind Kayla’s apartment.

This week it snowed a lot! Sorry to all of you out in Utah who aren’t getting snow and would like some…I wish it would come your way, because I am tired of it. It does have its positives though.

Sister Standage and I keep shovels in the back of our car so that we can jump out and help people shovel their driveways and such. This week we were headed home for lunch one day and saw a lady outside trying to shovel the snow off of her driveway. There was a good six inches at least, so we pulled over and got out to help her. We spent

I don't know if I could trust the one with the scarf. Good thing the shoveling service showed they were good people.

I don’t know if I could trust the one with the scarf. Good thing the shoveling service showed they were good people.

an hour or two shoveling her driveway and talking to her. Afterwards, she was very appreciative and asked if there was anything she could do for us. We said, “Actually, we have a message about Jesus Christ and our church. Could we share it with you?” She said “Sure!” and let us into her house. We taught her the restoration and it was really good. She is willing to hear more, so we are going to continue to her. Yay! We love getting new investigators.

This week we had a lesson with Melissa, our agnostic investigator who we just recently started teaching. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She asked us a lot of questions and we answered them. At the end of the lesson, she told us that it all made sense to her. Sister Standage and I looked at each other and smiled. We explained to her that she had been feeling the spirit, because the spirit testifies of truth and helps us understand things. At the beginning of the lesson, we had invited her to pray, but she didn’t feel quite comfortable praying. She told us at the end of the lesson though that she had been thinking about praying during the whole lesson and she told us that even though she didn’t feel comfortable at that moment, she would definitely be willing to pray in the coming future. Yay… that is promising!! 

Even though I have highlighted some of the great things that happened this week, always remember that missionary work isn’t always as easy as I might make it sound. We definitely see Satan at work trying to prevent us from helping people progress or having the people progress themselves. I know that as we put our trust in God and exercise faith in him, he will lead and guide us. 

I want to end with a scripture. It is 1 Nephi 9:6 “But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is, Amen.”

Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. He has all power because he is a God. Remember though that we are all children of a God and so we have power as well. Work hard and miracles will happen. I have a testimony of that!

I love you all! Have a great week and be safe! 🙂

-Sister Palmer

P.S. Sorry I haven’t included pictures in my emails. (All pictures that have been placed in the blog postings are some that she has uploaded to an internet storage site, which I have then included with the posted letters.)DSCN0253[1]This picture was taken at our special training on Tuesday. On the very right is Sister Farr. She is one of the Sister Training Leaders in our area. Next to her is Sister Colton, who was trained by Sister Farr. Then you have Sister Standage, who was trained by Sister Colton and finally you have me, who is currently being trained by Sister Standage. Yay! Its a “four-generations” picture. Yep…that’s right.

Exchanges and New Experiences

**PREFACE: This posting is a combination of a letter we received in the mail on Saturday, February 1st and an email we received on Monday, February 3rd. Some of the letter has not been included because she was answering some specific questions that family members asked and it would be boring for the rest of you. However, combining these two into one post may turn out interesting because the letter was written shortly after the email that made up the previous post and a whole week before the email that finishes out this post. Happy reading…

Dear Family,

Holy cow! Can I just say…1 hour to write emails is not enough time! I wish I could write emails throughout the whole day, but unfortunately, there are other things that need to be done on p-day. I hope you enjoyed my email this week though. I want to try and make my emails more funny, instead of just spiritual. The spiritual stuff is good, but I think the adventures are even better! J

Sorry I was not able to send/upload pics today. Most of my time today was spent writing that long email home. I didn’t really have much of a chance to ready anybody’s emails. I read a few, but didn’t have time to respond. Anyways…so short on time for emails.

(Note from the father: I get long-winded in my emails so I take full responsibility if she didn’t get to read yours. I am going to start writing shorter emails and longer letters so that she is able to read emails from other people. With that said, Kayla loves hand-written letters too…something that she can read any day since it isn’t tied to a computer.)

Well, I think I told you most of the funny things in my email. Gary (the GPS) hasn’t tried to kill us this week. That’s been nice! Hahaha J

This week we went and visited a really old, less-active lady in the ward. She is in a nursing home and has “all timers” (hahaha…call me ridiculous, but I don’t know how to really spell it…) Alzeimers? No, I don’t think that’s it either. Whatever…You get the point. She said the same things over and over again the whole time we were there. I just made me laugh and think of Great-Grandma Cole.

We volunteer at the YMCA every Thursday. Ummm…nothing to report on that. We just go for a couple of hours and clean or help out with whatever they need. It’s nice though because we get to wear p-day clothes. The only place that we get to go in public wearing normal clothes! And, because it isn’t a church, they don’t play church music… I love church music, but it is a blessing to hear little bits of some of my favorite music. Don’t worry, it doesn’t distract us enough that we can’t work afterwards. (As parents we tried to wean her from “worldly” music before she left but she has too much of her father in her…)

We didn’t get to see any of our investigators this week except for Taylor. It’s okay…well it’s not okay that we didn’t see out other investigators, but I love Taylor! I can’t wait until she is baptized!

Anyways, I think that is about it for this week. Right now I am listening to the music you sent me. Thanks again for the package! I love it! J

Sister Kayla Palmer

PS: ALTZHEIMERS! Figured it out…okay now…

PSS: Hahaha, I was going to tell you about our car wash experience today. We went to go wash our car, to be obedient missionaries. (She said in a previous letter/email that they are supposed to clean it once a week.) It was so cold though (high temp of 3 degrees that day) that the water froze to the car. Needless to say, it was a pointless car wash…hahaha but it was funny!

And from her email today…

Hello my wonderful people! hahaha just kidding.

This week has been a pretty great week! Let me just update you on what has happened…

First off, the weather has gotten so much nicer! It has been super nice because it hasn’t been as cold, but the other day, we had rain which made everything all wet and slushy. You should have seen some of the puddles…they were HUGE!! Like for reals. If I had my car out here, I would have driven through those puddles as fast as I could to see how big of a wave I could make, but since the car that we drive is not ours, we didn’t go zooming through the puddles.

Now there is ice all over the roads because the temperatures have dropped enough to freeze the water. I am praying so hard every day that I don’t slip and fall on the ice. We will see though…so far I have only slipped once, and it wasn’t a big deal.

Okay so this week we had exchanges. Sister Standage and I drove up to Huntington to Sister Training Leaders’ apartment. (Sister Training Leaders are like zone leaders for the sister missionaries…in case you didn’t know.) We stayed the night at their apartment. Their apartment was SO COLD!! It’s okay though because I still got some sleep. (Although I was wearing a few extra layers to bed….) The next day we helped a couple of sisters move into their apartment, then we had lunch, and then we headed out.


I went with Sister Ison. She is pretty awesome! We had a great time and we got to talk about how I am adjusting, how I like my companion, and such. While we were out driving to peoples’ houses, we were listening to music in the car. There was a song that came on and it said the artist of the song was Megan Sackett (a girl that was on the high school basketball team with Kayla). That caught my attention and I turned up the music really loud so that I could listen to it. It really was Megan Sackett singing. It’s a church song, not sure of the title, but I have heard it before. Anyways, it made me super happy and it made me miss home a little bit, but it’s okay.

Anyways, exchanges were good. Sister Ison and I only got to visit two people. I was glad to be reunited with my real companion, but for the time being, I really enjoyed being with Sister Ison. Sister Standage and I had to go home early, because we had a lesson with Taylor that night that we didn’t want to miss. I can’t wait until our next exchange when we get to do it again! 🙂

This week we visited a lady who Sister Standage has visited before with her previous companion. She let us into her house and we started talking to her. I found out that she is agnostic, meaning that she just doesn’t really believe in anything. At least she wasn’t Atheist and made it hard to try and teach her about God, but it was still super hard to teach her anything. It was my first contact with someone like that, and I honestly didn’t know what to think. I tried to listen to her and then listen to the spirit to know what to say, but nothing was coming. I seriously said hardly anything to her. Sister Standage did most of the talking. After we left, I was in so much shock that someone just didn’t believe in anything. I wanted to cry. This mission has been so good for me to learn about different religions and peoples belief on things. We are going to continue going back to her house, because she is open to us teaching her. I know that next time will be a little better and I am going to pray for the spirit more.

This week we went out tracting. We decided to go back to a street that we had already been on before, but hadn’t been able to finish. During this time, we met a guy who wasn’t interested, but referred us to his neighbor across the street. We had already been at that house before, but no one had answered, so we decided to go back.

We knocked on the door and a man answered it. He invited us right in, but was on the phone, so we just sat and waited for him to be done talking. He got off the phone and apologized to us and then noticed our name tags. “You’re the Mormons right?” We were like “Yeah…how did you know?” He told us that his girlfriend’s father was Mormon, but that he didn’t raise the kids in the Mormon church (we are guessing he was probably less active). Anyways, we had a really good conversation with him. His name is Alex, and he said that he would be interested in learning more, and that he and his girlfriend would try out our church. YAY!! New Investigator! We are going to go back to his house and hopefully teach him and his girlfriend.

There you have it. Ending on a positive story folks. This week has really been a good one. There isn’t much more for me to say. Love you all! 🙂

-Sister Palmer


PS: The Elders gave us treats this week…


PSS: (From Sister Standage) This is my awesome zone!!! Elder Arritt (middle making a weird face with a light blue tie) has been my zone leader for the past five months and I love him to death!! Elder Jolley is the redhead with glasses right behind me and Elder St. Mars is the curly redhead on the right. They are amazing! While we were out on Friday, they came by our apartment and dropped off a pack of Oreos and a note for us. We ate all the Oreos in a day… haha and sister palmer to the right of me in the white is freaking hilarious. Love her too! This is my family here 🙂

**POSTFACE: If any of you, especially those that have served missions, have ideas or recipes for fast and easy meals, please contact either of Kayla’s parents so that they can be included in a recipe book that we are putting together for her.