Adventures and Wonderful Things

Friends and Family,

What a week it has been! Holy cow I can’t believe that preparation day is here. It seems like just yesterday that I got to email home and tell you what has been going on. Now I get to do it again! Yay! I am so happy for that. 🙂

Let me tell you about my week….

This week was somewhat similar to last week with the ups and downs. Sister Standage and I didn’t quite meet our goals, after feeling prompted to set some pretty high ones. I know without a doubt that we worked really hard and that Heavenly Father will forgive us. We had a lot of people cancel on us this week. It was such a bummer to not go and teach some of our investigators. :/

Okay…. forget about that bummer part. I want to focus more on the adventures and the wonderful things that happened this week.

First off, the weather here is CRAP!! (I can’t tell as a parent if this is an adventure statement or wonderful thing statement.) As I first started out here in Indiana, I tried to be a tough Utah girl who is supposed to be used to this kind of weather (snow, cold, ice, etc…). Yeah right!! As far as the snow goes, that doesn’t bother me at all. I quite like the snow in fact. The temperatures on the other hand…not so much. I have gone from barely bundling up, to making sure that I am always wearing my fleece leggings, hat, gloves, scarf, coat, warm socks, etc. All the wonderful things that I received from everyone before coming out here are being put to use.

The other day we were out walking and the wind was blowing super hard. Nearly picked us up off of the ground! 😉 We ended up stopping at a less-active member’s house. She let us in so that we could talk to her. We walked in her house and asked her if she knew exactly how cold it was outside. She pulled out her phone to check for us. It was 3 degrees! 3 degrees with a -17 degree wind chill. What the…?!?! Okay, not so much a big deal as long as I stay covered. The high the next couple of days is like 0 degrees, with -40 degree wind chill, and let me tell you, the wind blows a lot out here….I keep telling myself that I am on a beach. It helps a little bit. 🙂

With the cold temps, and there is more snow out here in Indiana this year than there is normally, school keeps getting cancelled for everyone. The kids here were supposed to be out the last week in May. Now they are in like the second week of June. Sucks for them…I think that the kids have only been in school like 6 or 7 days since Christmas, because it keeps getting cancelled. Pretty much it’s driving the parents insane (which it would for me too…). That’s beside the point though. I meant to tell you that church was cancelled yesterday! That exclamation mark isn’t because we were happy…no! We were so sad. As a little kid, that probably would have been the best thing ever, but as I have grown older, I quite enjoy church. Especially out here on my mission. I don’t ever remember church being cancelled. The weather wasn’t even that bad. Sister Standage and I were out all day yesterday driving and going to teach people. Oh well…whatever! Nothing we can do about it.

We keep a shovel in the back of our car, just in case we need to shovel ourselves out. It is actually handy, because we have been able to perform lots of service with it. We have shoveled so many driveways and we have had to help dig a few cars out of the snow. The other day, our car (Sylvia) got stuck, and I had to get out and try to push her out. It was a good workout, but we were going nowhere. Thank heavens that a man all of a sudden rode by on his snowmobile, and he helped guide us out of the snow. Let’s pray that it never happens again….

Hahaha, so I have to tell you what happened yesterday while we were out driving. We were on our way to deliver cookies to a couple of less-actives and investigators, when we passed a guy on the road, who had slid off of the road into the snow. Those are some of the best opportunities to talk to people about the church, so we decided to get out and help him. He took our shovel from us and started digging out the snow. His pants were not pulled up very well though…biggest butt crack ever! HAHAHA! Sister Standage and I walked to the other side of the car to start digging him out, so that we wouldn’t have to see that awfulness (obviously not one of the wonderful things…must have been the adventure part). When we were finished and about to leave, we got his name. His name is Chad. Sister Standage and I have decided to call him crack Chad. It may be a little mean, but we think it is pretty funny…so don’t judge.

My companion is still pretty awesome. She’s a nut! Hahaha that’s what I say to her all the time. This week we have worked together to help us stay more focused, so that we would be able to have the spirit with us more often. We have done a pretty good job at that this week, but we still have our fun (at the right moments of course).

This week we had a couple of lessons with Taylor. She is the best! I love going over and teaching her. She was supposed to be baptized the weekend that I got here, but her parents didn’t want her to. They have made a compromise with her, and she will be getting baptized in March, so now we are working with her to make sure she is “spiritually fed” so that Satan has a harder time leading her away. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to work with her and her parents though. Her parents have really warmed up the past couple of weeks and have listened in on a couple of our lessons. They are good people and hopefully through hearing the lessons and through Taylor’s example, they too will be baptized.

Being a missionary, we give lots of people commitments. I want to leave one with you today. For those of you that can, read or even watch (because watching is better) a talk given by Elder Holland in June of 2007 at a seminar for new mission presidents. It is called “The Atonement and Missionary Work.” It may be directed more towards mission presidents, but everyone who reads it can feel the spirit and learn and grow from it.
I love you all! Thank you for all that you are doing for me. I can’t wait until next week to tell you more of my missionary life. 🙂

-Sister Palmer

P.S. We are supposed to be having exchanges tomorrow. That should be fun! 😉 I will let you know next week how it went.



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