Zone Conference, Silvia, and Gary

* PREFACE: Another p-day afternoon, hand-written letter. The email was to family and friends, but this letter was just for the family. We just couldn’t leave you out with this one. The whole letter isn’t included this time…just the best parts. Hope you are entertained.

Dear Family,

Yay! P-day again! I wrote what I thought was a pretty good email, but once again there are so many more things that I could tell you, and questions that I didn’t answer, so now I am writing a letter while I eat lunch and relax.

This last week we had a zone meeting and Zone Conference. Zone meeting was on Wednesday and it was just with our zone. There are 5 sets of Sisters and 4 sets  of Elders in our zone. Pretty cool! Zone meeting was when I got my bedding. (The last big polar blast storm prevented her bedding from arriving at the mission home before she got there from the MTC. She has had to use some bedding that a member left for her.) Haha, it was kind of funny because everyone saw the size of the package and were like “what the?!” I was happy to have my soft blanket! Oh and my sheets and pillow. (By the way, the pillow is nice! Thank you!)

Thursday we had Zone Conference. That was with President & Sister Porter, the Assistants, the Fort Wayne Stake President, and the missionaries in the Fort Wayne stake, which consists of 2 zones.

Jan 2014 Zone Conference

It was really good! I love President and Sister Porter, although President Porter scares me a little bit. (He is just a little intimidating.) Anyways…It was really good, but it lasted FOREVER! Like 8 hours forever.

Okay moving on. Let me tell you a little bit about our area…Our area covers parts of the Columbia City and Huntington Wards, but no we don’t attend both wards. Just the Columbia City ward. The Columbia City ward has two sets of missionaries; Sister Standage and I and then a set of Elders…Elder St. Mars and Elder Jolley.

If there was anyone that wanted to send me stuff, or even you, it could be gift cards. Subway, Wendy’s, other eat out places. That was one thing missionaries got in the MTC…lots of Subway gift cards, so that when they got out to the field, they could go get something to eat when they wanted to eat out for lunch. Anyways, just a thought. Not extremely important, but Sister Standage & I have eaten out once or twice and it made me think of that.

I will let you know that my coat has been fantastic! (As well as my boots, gloves, hat, scarf, thermal socks…yeah.) I have stayed pretty warm for the most part but it is pretty cold out here! The first few days i didn’t think it was that bad, and I didn’t understand what people were freaking out about, but now I think it is cold. Temp wise, it doesn’t seem like it’s extremely colder than Utah, but the wind does blow. That’s when it is cold! Then there’s the snow, but I’m used to that. Sister Standage…not so much. Haha! She is good with the snow though.

Okay, now since I have time, let me tell you funny things about Sister Standage and I that I couldn’t tell you in an email (since there isn’t enough time). First off, we have named our car Silvia (actually she was already named). She is a beautiful, silver Toyota Corolla. Nice car. We also have a GPS whom we’ve name Gary (like Gary from Spongebob). Gary is a little retarded and sometimes tries to lead us down roads that don’t exist, or tries to lead us across big roads/highways.

The other night we were coming home and Gary brought us to a highway and told us we had to cross it. Sister Standage said, “Gary is trying to kill us!” as we watched all the cars go by. She then said, “I am going to scream when we go.” I got a little carried away as I was watching the cars go by while waiting for an opportunity to go. Finally an opportunity came, but I didn’t realize it. I just heard Sister Standage screaming as we headed across the highway. Hahaha, we were laughing so hard.

That’s one funny story. Pretty much, we are just super crazy and tired when we get back to the apartment at night, so we do dumb things like make funny faces, and we just laugh at everything.

Well, I hope you enjoy this long letter! I love you all so much! Have a great week. 🙂

Sister Palmer


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