First Week (unplugged)

* PREFACE: So far Kayla has continued to write an email and a letter on p-day, something she did in the MTC and probably will do as much as possible during the rest of her mission. This email gives some insight into some of the fun side of her mission so far as she get’s familiar with the area and her companion.

Dear Family,

It’s p-day! Hallelujah! I hope you like the email that I sent earlier that I sent earlier! I always get done and think “crap! I forgot to tell them this, and this, etc.” Oh well, I have free time/relaxing time to just sit here in the apartment and write. Let me tell you some stuff.

First off, the pictures I sent you. I think I only sent you 3, right? I think I figured out how to do it better, so next week you should get more. I think one of the pictures was a big field (she actually didn’t sent this one). That is the view from our apartment window, just so that you could kind of see that there isn’t much to look at. I think another one was of me, Sister Davis, and Elder McEachern.

Laundry Fun

That was us in the laundry room just messing around while our clothes washed. I don’t remember what the 3rd one was. Maybe of our zone in front of the temple, or our district in front of the big world map? I don’t know. (Well, let’s see which it was…)

Guess where we are going?

Guess where we are going?

Okay, let me answer some of your questions and such. I told you that I haven’t received my blanket and bed set yet, but that I still have nice warm sheets and a comforter. Hopefully I get my blanket soon though, because I want something to cuddle with on p-day. I also sent my new address in my email, so you can start sending things directly to me.

Our mission is not a Facebook mission. (Dang!) At least it isn’t yet. I don’t doubt that it will be a Facebook mission before I come home. We don’t have iPads or iPhones either, but we do have a cell phone, and we get to drive a car. It is super nice!

I love Sister Standage! (Her name is Morgan.) She is a good companion. She probably thinks I am a little weird, but we laugh a lot and have good times. When we go out to personal contact (walking around the neighborhoods and talking to people outside…we don’t do much tracting, but we have done some). She always tries to put me in the lead, because he says that new missionaries are always filled with the Spirit, and she trusts that I will go where the Lord needs us. It has helped me try to listen to the Spirit more.

Today, we went to the car wash, because we have to keep our car clean and wash and vacuum it once a week. We just do the personal car wash. It’s the cheapest that way. We pay $2 to wash for 4 minutes and $1 to vacuum for 4 minutes. 3 bucks isn’t bad. It’s crazy how fast those four minutes go though! It was funny, because while I was scrubbing the car, Sister Standage was like “Hurry Sister Palmer! We only have two minutes left and I still have to wash off the car!” I was like “Aaaahhhh! Sister Standage stop! I don’t do well under pressure!” Hahaha it was a funny experience.

I miss my MTC district so much! Especially Sister Davis and Elder McEachern. They were my buds! Thank heavens we are in the same mission! Hopefully we will be reunited again and be in the same district! I am hoping that Sister Davis and I  will be able to be companions sometime on our missions. That stuff does happen you know, whether Sister Jackson says so or not! 😉 Hahaha! It happened last week on transfers, so we will have to see. Maybe by the time we are about half way done.

I have already been out for a month! Can you believe it?! I can’t, but kind of can at the same time. Just think…17 more Fast Sundays until I will be home. That makes it seem way fast! At least for me it does.

I really enjoyed being able to talk to you at the airport! It was good being able to hear from almost all of you! I miss you all, and I love you all so much! I am still loving the work out here though!

Sister Palmer


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