First Week!

Hello my family and friends!

How are you all doing?! I am doing great! 🙂 This is my first week out in the field! Yay! Hahaha. Let me update you a little bit on my life.

Okay, so I arrived in Cincinnati on Wednesday afternoon.  The flight was really good! I did get a little bit of motion sickness during the flight, but not too bad. My most favorite part of the flight was take off, as the plane increased speed and well…took off! The plane ride itself was pretty boring. I took a nap, but I had a hard time falling asleep on the plane, so I didn’t sleep extremely long. I wrote letters, and then I pretty much just watched out the window. Yep I had a window seat! It was really cool to look out and see the world way down below, at least when I could see it. Mostly I just saw the clouds. It was a neat experience though.

We stayed the night at the mission home. President and Sister Porter are super awesome! They were very nice and took very good care of us. Sister Porter made a delicious dinner for us, which was so nice!! It was nice to finally have a home cooked meal. 

The next day was transfers. As many of you know, I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana! My companion is Sister Standage. She is from Mesa, Arizona. She is 20 years old. She attended a little bit of college after high school, but she lived at home during that time, so this is also her first time being away from home. She is super cute and super nice and super fun! There…does that explain her good enough?! Hahaha. Okay I will tell you a little bit more about her. She is only like 5’2″ so she is short.  She has only been out here for four months, and she is training me! I trust her though. She has been really good so far! I think it probably stresses her out a little bit that she is already training, but we work together really well, so she shouldn’t be too stressed. 

Okay so we are in Fort Wayne…Aboite area. We are in the Columbia City ward, but our boundaries have a little bit of the Columbia City ward as well as the Huntington ward. There isn’t much out here. Apparently they had a storm right before I got here, so I keep getting told that I lucked out. It is cold, but not nearly as cold as I thought it would be. Unlike Sister Standage, I am used to the cold and the snow. She thinks I am crazy that I don’t get bundled up as much as she does, but oh well. I don’t think it is as cold out here as she does. 

Our apartment is pretty nice. We are very fortunate, because our apartment is one of the nicer ones.  Its funny though because the furniture in our apartment came from a church building. Hahaha! You should see our couch and chairs. Primary rooms, foyers (?), things like that. I love it though and it doesn’t really matter that much because we are hardly in our apartment at all. Almost all day is spent outside. The only time we come in is to eat. After we are all ready for the day and we have studied, we head outside to make contact with people.

We don’t do a lot of tracting. We go and visit referrals, less active, and members. It is lots of fun. I love sharing the gospel with people! I am excited to continue.

First Sunday in Columbia City was great! I introduced myself to people, and a lot of them came up and introduced themselves to me. The members out here are very nice and friendly and they take very good care of us. They feed us almost every night. I was glad to meet the Cleggs and make that connection with them. Heavenly Father is definitely looking out for me! 

My bedding did not arrive before I came out to the area. It’s okay though, because one of the members had given some bedding to the sisters, so there was extra bedding and a comforter in the apartment already. Once again, Heavenly Father is looking out for me! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my blanket though….thats what I want the most. 

Just so you know, our apartment address is: (if you would like her apartment address, contact either of Kayla’s parents). There you go! Now you can all start sending letters and packages there. I would greatly appreciate some! 😉 As far as packages go and what to put in them, since there are people that are wondering, Im not really sure what I want/need at the moment. Treats are always nice, but more than just chocolate and candy. Things like granola bars and other snacks that you would take on road trips. As I think of things I will write home and let you know.

Also, we can have music out here!! We just can’t have an MP3 player, so dad, could you burn me some CD’s? We listen to the music in the car, and Sister Standage has a CD player in the apartment, but if you wanted to send me one, so that i have my own, that would also be greatly appreciated! Also, don’t forget speakers.

Well, I love you all! I don’t really know what else to say. I only have an hour of email time, just in case you are wondering, but i can write letters during our personal time today, so I will try and get some sent home. Thanks for all the emails and letters so far!

-Sister Palmer



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