A Mercedes at the MTC

* PREFACE: While Kayla has been in the Missionary Training Center, she has taken advantage of any and every opportunity possible to write home. She has had the opportunity each week to email, but her time on the computers has been limited. So, she would also hand write a letter while in the laundry room waiting for her laundry to finish. This last week, she apparently had some time in the afternoon to write another quick letter home, so this was a great surprise. It is also the type of letter I think we will see more of as she leaves for Ohio tomorrow (January 8th) and has more teaching opportunities in her assigned areas.

My dearest family,

I already sent you  a letter today, and I sent home an email, but I decided to write you another letter so that I can tell you more wonderful stories, because I am in such a good mood!

First off, let me tell you what just happened to me. Sister Jackson and I went to our TRC building to meet with one of the investigators we have been teaching. (TRC is practice for the missionaries. People volunteer to come to the MTC to be taught by the missionaries. Some are active members [of the Church], some are less active, and some aren’t even members at all that just want to know more.) Sister Jackson and I have met a couple of times with a woman named Claudia who is a Catholic lady from Madagascar. (Also, we don’t know when we teach TRC investigators if they are are really active members just acting, or if they really are people investigating the Church, so we just teach them as if they are investigators.) Anyways, we weren’t officially scheduled to meet with Claudia, but we set up a time with her to meet with her during her free time. We wanted to continue off of our lesson yesterday.

So we went to TRC to teach Claudia, but she wasn’t there. So, Sister Jackson and I were sitting at a table going over some of our lesson plan, and a lady named Mercedes walked in the building. She saw us and started talking to us. She is a Catholic lady as well, but she volunteers at the MTC because she has had a few questions about things that we believe in. She is mostly curious to know more about what we believe in life after death and how families can be together forever. So we asked her if we could go to her room and talk to her more about it.

We sat down and started talking to her. I was praying in my head that I would know what to say to her, to answer her questions. I had a very strong feeling to talk about the Book of Mormon. That’s what we were going to talk to Claudia about, so I felt prepared and okay with it.

During the course of our lesson, Mercedes really opened up to us and told us about her life. Her mom was once LDS, but later fell away from the Church. Growing up, Mercedes was told to never talk to the missionaries and to never read the Book of Mormon. Mercedes had a brother that died when she was younger. He was only seven years old. Since then she has wondered what happened to him. Anyways, just a little bit of her.

We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and I bore my testimony that she would find answers to her questions as she read it. I encouraged her to pray to Heavenly Father, and to say an actual prayer instead of the Catholic prayers that they recite. I also invited her to start reading the Book of Mormon and follow the counsel in Moroni 10:4-5 (which I then read to her). I again bore my testimony that Heavenly Father would hear and answer her prayers. That was about it. She said she would do both of those things, and we set up another time to meet with her! Aaaahhh! The Church is so true! The Spirit was so strong! I can’t wait to get out to Ohio and have more experienced like this, with people that the Lord has prepared for us. Just thought I would share that with you!

Love ya’ll so much!!

-Sister Palmer


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