Many Questions Answered

Hello again my dearest family and friends!

So after my last email home, I received letters and emails asking lots of questions, so today I am going to try my best to answer some of them and tell you of some of my adventures. Here it goes…..

Some of you wanted to know how my day goes. Here is pretty much my schedule. We get up in the morning. We don’t really have a set time. Sometimes we wake up early and sometimes not. Usually we are up between 6:00- 6:30. We then exercise a little bit if we feel like it, but I don’t really exercise in the early morning. We then get ready for the day (shower, dress, brush teeth, etc…) Then we head up to our classes. We have to be in class by like 7:15 for personal study. We go to breakfast at 8:15 and then have to be back at class at nine. We have like a three hour long class. We study, practice teaching investigators, etc. We go to lunch and then come back to class after that where we do some of the same stuff. We have some personal and companion study during that time as well. We head off to dinner, come back to the classroom, have more study, and then head back to our residents and get ready for bed. Quite a boring day actually, but we make it so much fun!

Some of you wanted to know more about my companion Sister Jackson. She is really cool. She is from Cottonwood Heights (just outside of Salt Lake City) She has wanted to go on a mission pretty much her whole life, but didn’t make the final decision until like last year I guess. She is almost 21 years old and only has one more year of schooling at BYU when she gets back. She is majoring in psychology, which is kind of cool. She loves monkeys and has spent a lot of time researching them (partly because of psychology.) Anyways, she has been on lots of cool adventures.

Some of you wanted to know about the food here. I think it is pretty good, but I know lots of missionaries who have hated it! One of my most favorite things is hamburgers and french fries. They have that almost everyday for lunch, so I have had a few of them. As far as ice cream treats go….well I haven’t had as much as I thought I would. We all have so much candy anyways from the holidays so whether I eat ice cream or not, I have lots of chocolate back in the resident. As far as gaining weight…yes I have gained a little, but not a lot. I’m trying to watch myself.

One of my most favorite things about the MTC is gym time. We have so much fun! I play basketball almost everytime. The first gym time we had, I taught the other sisters in the district some of our basketball drills that we did in basketball practice. It was a lot of fun once they caught on to it and we were able to go at a faster pace. There is nothing that I love more than basketball, so I love getting to play it. There is also a track in the gym, so I have run a little bit. There are also machines, so I can work out my arms and legs and such. I like it.

My teachers are the best. We have a few different teachers that have all been helping out. I love them all though! One of the teachers kind of reminded me of uncle Ben a little bit. You probably wouldn’t think so if you met him, but he did to me. His name is Brother Bacon.

One of our other teachers is Brother Davies. You know a little bit about him just because he posted a picture on Instagram and tagged me in it. The other sisters and I told him to also put it on Facebook and tag all of us.

Photo: Here's a picture of my daughter Kayla Nadine Palmer in the MTC. The picture was posted on Instagram, I am assuming by one of her teachers. She's looking good and happy. Yeah.
We had wanted to play a prank on him, because sometimes we end up with lots of chairs in our classroom (don’t ask me why….I don’t know) and he hates it when there are lots of chairs. He had gone away for Christmas, so when he got back, we stuffed the room with chairs. We wanted to see what his reaction would be when he walked in. It was really funny! He had a look on his face like “What the?! Where did all these chairs come from?!” He then took a picture of all of us sisters and the chairs and that is the picture you probably saw on Instagram. Brother Davies is pretty funny. He served his mission in the Tulsa, Oklahoma mission. I was like “Hey my uncle served there!” Brother Davies has only been back since like May though, so he wouldn’t know Ben. He does know Rachel’s younger brother Willie though! That was exciting to make a little bit of a connection!
Yesterday we got new missionaries. That was so exciting! I looked for Kylie all day long, and I finally saw her by the end of the night. I gave her a great big hug! It was so nice to see family and such. I have yet to get a picture with her, but when I do I will make sure to send it home. The new missionaries in my district are so awesome! There are two sisters who are headed out to Michigan, but the rest are headed to Boise Idaho!! I told you all about it in the letter that I sent home today. I included their names, just in case they happen to meet Grandma and Grandpa.
Okay so flight plans. I leave on Wednesday to head out to Ohio! Yeah baby!! So excited. Our flight leaves at like nine in the morning. We have to be checked out of our rooms at like four, and then we will head out to the airport. I bought a call card at the bookstore so that I can call you at the airport. I’m not exactly sure when that will be. Sometime between 6 and 9 I would say. Dad, I will call you on your cell phone, so don’t worry! I can’t wait to call home and talk to you guys! I miss all my family and friends, but as you have heard before, I am having a great time here.
I was going to tell you…one of the counselors in our branch presidency is Brother Day. He is a big sports guy, so we talk sports a lot. He had kept me updated on BYU. I’m a little disappointed in the Cougars. I heard they lost their bowl game and they haven’t been doing the greatest at basketball either…bummer! I guess it doesn’t matter though. I’m not here for sports.
Oh! I was going to tell you….Sister Davis got a CTR ring from her family. They engraved the mission and her name on it. I love it!! Christmas maybe? for me? I will have to show you a picture of her ring sometime. I really do like it. Also, sister Davis got a toy from one of her friends. It is called a kendama (spelling?) It is like a pioneer kind of toy, but it is kind of addicting.
I have really missed my phone and Instagram and all of my other social networking sites. I wish i could just upload all of our pictures on instagram so that you could see them! Just so you know though, my withdrawals haven’t been as bad as I thought they would be. Thank heavens! When it comes to music, we just sing our favorite songs.

There is so much more to tell you, and not enough time to do it. I will try my very bestest to tell you as much as I can each week. I have been writing in my journal though, so you will be able to hear of some of my adventures when I get home….Happy 2014 to you all!! I am so excited for this year! I love you all so much! I will get pictures to you as soon as I can! I promise. 

Your favorite sister missionary 😉
Sister Kayla Palmer

One thought on “Many Questions Answered

  1. Our son and family live in the Cincinnati area – a northern suburb called West Chester. If you ever get near that area let us know and we’ll put you in contact. Best wishes on your mission.
    Elder & Sister Ahlborn

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