Adventures and Wonderful Things

Friends and Family,

What a week it has been! Holy cow I can’t believe that preparation day is here. It seems like just yesterday that I got to email home and tell you what has been going on. Now I get to do it again! Yay! I am so happy for that. 🙂

Let me tell you about my week….

This week was somewhat similar to last week with the ups and downs. Sister Standage and I didn’t quite meet our goals, after feeling prompted to set some pretty high ones. I know without a doubt that we worked really hard and that Heavenly Father will forgive us. We had a lot of people cancel on us this week. It was such a bummer to not go and teach some of our investigators. :/

Okay…. forget about that bummer part. I want to focus more on the adventures and the wonderful things that happened this week.

First off, the weather here is CRAP!! (I can’t tell as a parent if this is an adventure statement or wonderful thing statement.) As I first started out here in Indiana, I tried to be a tough Utah girl who is supposed to be used to this kind of weather (snow, cold, ice, etc…). Yeah right!! As far as the snow goes, that doesn’t bother me at all. I quite like the snow in fact. The temperatures on the other hand…not so much. I have gone from barely bundling up, to making sure that I am always wearing my fleece leggings, hat, gloves, scarf, coat, warm socks, etc. All the wonderful things that I received from everyone before coming out here are being put to use.

The other day we were out walking and the wind was blowing super hard. Nearly picked us up off of the ground! 😉 We ended up stopping at a less-active member’s house. She let us in so that we could talk to her. We walked in her house and asked her if she knew exactly how cold it was outside. She pulled out her phone to check for us. It was 3 degrees! 3 degrees with a -17 degree wind chill. What the…?!?! Okay, not so much a big deal as long as I stay covered. The high the next couple of days is like 0 degrees, with -40 degree wind chill, and let me tell you, the wind blows a lot out here….I keep telling myself that I am on a beach. It helps a little bit. 🙂

With the cold temps, and there is more snow out here in Indiana this year than there is normally, school keeps getting cancelled for everyone. The kids here were supposed to be out the last week in May. Now they are in like the second week of June. Sucks for them…I think that the kids have only been in school like 6 or 7 days since Christmas, because it keeps getting cancelled. Pretty much it’s driving the parents insane (which it would for me too…). That’s beside the point though. I meant to tell you that church was cancelled yesterday! That exclamation mark isn’t because we were happy…no! We were so sad. As a little kid, that probably would have been the best thing ever, but as I have grown older, I quite enjoy church. Especially out here on my mission. I don’t ever remember church being cancelled. The weather wasn’t even that bad. Sister Standage and I were out all day yesterday driving and going to teach people. Oh well…whatever! Nothing we can do about it.

We keep a shovel in the back of our car, just in case we need to shovel ourselves out. It is actually handy, because we have been able to perform lots of service with it. We have shoveled so many driveways and we have had to help dig a few cars out of the snow. The other day, our car (Sylvia) got stuck, and I had to get out and try to push her out. It was a good workout, but we were going nowhere. Thank heavens that a man all of a sudden rode by on his snowmobile, and he helped guide us out of the snow. Let’s pray that it never happens again….

Hahaha, so I have to tell you what happened yesterday while we were out driving. We were on our way to deliver cookies to a couple of less-actives and investigators, when we passed a guy on the road, who had slid off of the road into the snow. Those are some of the best opportunities to talk to people about the church, so we decided to get out and help him. He took our shovel from us and started digging out the snow. His pants were not pulled up very well though…biggest butt crack ever! HAHAHA! Sister Standage and I walked to the other side of the car to start digging him out, so that we wouldn’t have to see that awfulness (obviously not one of the wonderful things…must have been the adventure part). When we were finished and about to leave, we got his name. His name is Chad. Sister Standage and I have decided to call him crack Chad. It may be a little mean, but we think it is pretty funny…so don’t judge.

My companion is still pretty awesome. She’s a nut! Hahaha that’s what I say to her all the time. This week we have worked together to help us stay more focused, so that we would be able to have the spirit with us more often. We have done a pretty good job at that this week, but we still have our fun (at the right moments of course).

This week we had a couple of lessons with Taylor. She is the best! I love going over and teaching her. She was supposed to be baptized the weekend that I got here, but her parents didn’t want her to. They have made a compromise with her, and she will be getting baptized in March, so now we are working with her to make sure she is “spiritually fed” so that Satan has a harder time leading her away. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to work with her and her parents though. Her parents have really warmed up the past couple of weeks and have listened in on a couple of our lessons. They are good people and hopefully through hearing the lessons and through Taylor’s example, they too will be baptized.

Being a missionary, we give lots of people commitments. I want to leave one with you today. For those of you that can, read or even watch (because watching is better) a talk given by Elder Holland in June of 2007 at a seminar for new mission presidents. It is called “The Atonement and Missionary Work.” It may be directed more towards mission presidents, but everyone who reads it can feel the spirit and learn and grow from it.
I love you all! Thank you for all that you are doing for me. I can’t wait until next week to tell you more of my missionary life. 🙂

-Sister Palmer

P.S. We are supposed to be having exchanges tomorrow. That should be fun! 😉 I will let you know next week how it went.



Zone Conference, Silvia, and Gary

* PREFACE: Another p-day afternoon, hand-written letter. The email was to family and friends, but this letter was just for the family. We just couldn’t leave you out with this one. The whole letter isn’t included this time…just the best parts. Hope you are entertained.

Dear Family,

Yay! P-day again! I wrote what I thought was a pretty good email, but once again there are so many more things that I could tell you, and questions that I didn’t answer, so now I am writing a letter while I eat lunch and relax.

This last week we had a zone meeting and Zone Conference. Zone meeting was on Wednesday and it was just with our zone. There are 5 sets of Sisters and 4 sets  of Elders in our zone. Pretty cool! Zone meeting was when I got my bedding. (The last big polar blast storm prevented her bedding from arriving at the mission home before she got there from the MTC. She has had to use some bedding that a member left for her.) Haha, it was kind of funny because everyone saw the size of the package and were like “what the?!” I was happy to have my soft blanket! Oh and my sheets and pillow. (By the way, the pillow is nice! Thank you!)

Thursday we had Zone Conference. That was with President & Sister Porter, the Assistants, the Fort Wayne Stake President, and the missionaries in the Fort Wayne stake, which consists of 2 zones.

Jan 2014 Zone Conference

It was really good! I love President and Sister Porter, although President Porter scares me a little bit. (He is just a little intimidating.) Anyways…It was really good, but it lasted FOREVER! Like 8 hours forever.

Okay moving on. Let me tell you a little bit about our area…Our area covers parts of the Columbia City and Huntington Wards, but no we don’t attend both wards. Just the Columbia City ward. The Columbia City ward has two sets of missionaries; Sister Standage and I and then a set of Elders…Elder St. Mars and Elder Jolley.

If there was anyone that wanted to send me stuff, or even you, it could be gift cards. Subway, Wendy’s, other eat out places. That was one thing missionaries got in the MTC…lots of Subway gift cards, so that when they got out to the field, they could go get something to eat when they wanted to eat out for lunch. Anyways, just a thought. Not extremely important, but Sister Standage & I have eaten out once or twice and it made me think of that.

I will let you know that my coat has been fantastic! (As well as my boots, gloves, hat, scarf, thermal socks…yeah.) I have stayed pretty warm for the most part but it is pretty cold out here! The first few days i didn’t think it was that bad, and I didn’t understand what people were freaking out about, but now I think it is cold. Temp wise, it doesn’t seem like it’s extremely colder than Utah, but the wind does blow. That’s when it is cold! Then there’s the snow, but I’m used to that. Sister Standage…not so much. Haha! She is good with the snow though.

Okay, now since I have time, let me tell you funny things about Sister Standage and I that I couldn’t tell you in an email (since there isn’t enough time). First off, we have named our car Silvia (actually she was already named). She is a beautiful, silver Toyota Corolla. Nice car. We also have a GPS whom we’ve name Gary (like Gary from Spongebob). Gary is a little retarded and sometimes tries to lead us down roads that don’t exist, or tries to lead us across big roads/highways.

The other night we were coming home and Gary brought us to a highway and told us we had to cross it. Sister Standage said, “Gary is trying to kill us!” as we watched all the cars go by. She then said, “I am going to scream when we go.” I got a little carried away as I was watching the cars go by while waiting for an opportunity to go. Finally an opportunity came, but I didn’t realize it. I just heard Sister Standage screaming as we headed across the highway. Hahaha, we were laughing so hard.

That’s one funny story. Pretty much, we are just super crazy and tired when we get back to the apartment at night, so we do dumb things like make funny faces, and we just laugh at everything.

Well, I hope you enjoy this long letter! I love you all so much! Have a great week. 🙂

Sister Palmer

Such is missionary life…

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has had its ups and downs. All missions do, but I haven’t experienced much downs yet. Let me tell you a little bit of what happened, before I tell you all the cool stuff.

Pretty much the only downer this week was not reaching all of our goals. On Wednesday night, as Sister Standage and I were planning out the next day, we both felt like it was going to be a good day, and as we received promptings, we set high goals to try and meet. We had a member that was going to come out with us, so we were planning on getting a lot of member present (teach) lessons and visiting a lot of less actives with her.

Anyways, Thursday came along and we headed out to start teaching. It was snowing, the roads were bad, and it was freezing cold, but there is nothing we can do about that. We just have to go out and work. About 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet up with this member, she texted us and said she couldn’t come out with us anymore. She had just been at the doctor’s office, and I guess he had told her to go home and rest (I don’t know if she was sick or not), but she also said that the roads were too bad for her to drive on. We were so disappointed! That left us with like 3 hours of not knowing what to do. The people that we had planned on seeing with the member live farther away, and since we only get a certain amount of miles each month, we have to be careful and watch how much we drive so we couldn’t drive all the way out and visit them.

We tried to continue to have faith that everything would work out, but it was hard. We knew that Heavenly Father had to have something in mind for us. Obviously he knew that this was going to happen, but we didn’t understand why we had been prompted to set such high goals. We prayed and tried to listen to the spirit on where we should be but we weren’t really receiving anything. We decided to walk the streets and do some personal contacting until we figured out where Heavenly Father really wanted us to be.

All in all, we did not meet the goals for the day and we were really discouraged. Needless to say, the next day was so much better! We pretty much reached all our goals. I know that we aren’t going to reach our goals every day, but it had just been disappointing that we had been prompted to set such high goals and then to have everything go against us to not reach them. Oh well! Such is missionary life…

Let me tell you an awesome story that happened this week! Sister Standage and I were in an apartment complex doing some personal contacting. We had gone to visit a less active, but she didn’t answer her door (I don’t know if she was home or not). Anyways, we decided to do some personal contacting, since we were already in the area. It was dark outside and cold, so most people were in their houses and we were not having success, and it was almost time to head back to the apartment for the night. We decided to say a quick prayer and ask Heavenly Father to lead us to where we needed to be. I was prompted afterwards to walk in a certain direction, so Sister Standage followed.

We ended up running into a guy that was taking his trash to the garbage can outside. We said hello to him, but he was not open at all! He didn’t even say hi back really, so we continued to walk on. We ended up making it all the way back to our car and tried to figure out what we had done wrong and if that was who Heavenly Father placed in our path and we just didn’t act on it.

Sister Standage suddenly heard a noise over by where we had just seen the man and decided to go take a look. There was an older lady with a walker that was out taking her dog for a walk and taking her trash to the garbage. It was really icy outside and so we went up to her and offered to take out her trash. She was very thankful! We ended up talking to her for about 20 minutes or so. Her name is Debbi. Turns out that she has had some association with the LDS church before, but she was never baptized or anything. We shared a quick message with her, said a prayer with her and asked her if we could come back sometime and teach her more. She said yes! Hallelujah!! Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! I already had a testimony of that, but it was definitely strengthened that night.

I am so thankful, as you have heard many times, to be out her in Fort Wayne. I love my companion! She is so funny and we are constantly laughing at each other and doing weird things. It is really good, because it is good to laugh and have fun on your mission, but sometimes it is bad because we have a hard time focusing. Hahaha! Sister Standage is a little worried that we aren’t going to get anything done, but I just tell her that even though we laugh and have a great time, we still know how to bring in the spirit to our lessons, which is true.

I am so thankful for this gospel and for the atonement of Jesus Christ. My testimony of the atonement has really strengthened since I have been out here. I am also thankful for the Book of Mormon. In the MTC, we had Book of Mormon scripture reads with the district where we would read a few verses of a chapter and then break it apart and then share insights. It was really cool and it is really cool to do it with investigators! Sister Standage and I did it this week with one of our investigators, Taylor. She is so close to being baptized, but her parents are catholic and don’t want her to be baptized. She is really diligent at reading her scriptures though and doing everything she can to prepare herself. We had a Book of Mormon read with her this week at a member’s house and I still learned a lot from doing that! I know that we can find answers when we read the scriptures.

I love you all! Thanks for all you do. Remember: I love emails and letters, so send me some!! 😉 Have a great week!


Sister Palmer

First Week (unplugged)

* PREFACE: So far Kayla has continued to write an email and a letter on p-day, something she did in the MTC and probably will do as much as possible during the rest of her mission. This email gives some insight into some of the fun side of her mission so far as she get’s familiar with the area and her companion.

Dear Family,

It’s p-day! Hallelujah! I hope you like the email that I sent earlier that I sent earlier! I always get done and think “crap! I forgot to tell them this, and this, etc.” Oh well, I have free time/relaxing time to just sit here in the apartment and write. Let me tell you some stuff.

First off, the pictures I sent you. I think I only sent you 3, right? I think I figured out how to do it better, so next week you should get more. I think one of the pictures was a big field (she actually didn’t sent this one). That is the view from our apartment window, just so that you could kind of see that there isn’t much to look at. I think another one was of me, Sister Davis, and Elder McEachern.

Laundry Fun

That was us in the laundry room just messing around while our clothes washed. I don’t remember what the 3rd one was. Maybe of our zone in front of the temple, or our district in front of the big world map? I don’t know. (Well, let’s see which it was…)

Guess where we are going?

Guess where we are going?

Okay, let me answer some of your questions and such. I told you that I haven’t received my blanket and bed set yet, but that I still have nice warm sheets and a comforter. Hopefully I get my blanket soon though, because I want something to cuddle with on p-day. I also sent my new address in my email, so you can start sending things directly to me.

Our mission is not a Facebook mission. (Dang!) At least it isn’t yet. I don’t doubt that it will be a Facebook mission before I come home. We don’t have iPads or iPhones either, but we do have a cell phone, and we get to drive a car. It is super nice!

I love Sister Standage! (Her name is Morgan.) She is a good companion. She probably thinks I am a little weird, but we laugh a lot and have good times. When we go out to personal contact (walking around the neighborhoods and talking to people outside…we don’t do much tracting, but we have done some). She always tries to put me in the lead, because he says that new missionaries are always filled with the Spirit, and she trusts that I will go where the Lord needs us. It has helped me try to listen to the Spirit more.

Today, we went to the car wash, because we have to keep our car clean and wash and vacuum it once a week. We just do the personal car wash. It’s the cheapest that way. We pay $2 to wash for 4 minutes and $1 to vacuum for 4 minutes. 3 bucks isn’t bad. It’s crazy how fast those four minutes go though! It was funny, because while I was scrubbing the car, Sister Standage was like “Hurry Sister Palmer! We only have two minutes left and I still have to wash off the car!” I was like “Aaaahhhh! Sister Standage stop! I don’t do well under pressure!” Hahaha it was a funny experience.

I miss my MTC district so much! Especially Sister Davis and Elder McEachern. They were my buds! Thank heavens we are in the same mission! Hopefully we will be reunited again and be in the same district! I am hoping that Sister Davis and I  will be able to be companions sometime on our missions. That stuff does happen you know, whether Sister Jackson says so or not! 😉 Hahaha! It happened last week on transfers, so we will have to see. Maybe by the time we are about half way done.

I have already been out for a month! Can you believe it?! I can’t, but kind of can at the same time. Just think…17 more Fast Sundays until I will be home. That makes it seem way fast! At least for me it does.

I really enjoyed being able to talk to you at the airport! It was good being able to hear from almost all of you! I miss you all, and I love you all so much! I am still loving the work out here though!

Sister Palmer

First Week!

Hello my family and friends!

How are you all doing?! I am doing great! 🙂 This is my first week out in the field! Yay! Hahaha. Let me update you a little bit on my life.

Okay, so I arrived in Cincinnati on Wednesday afternoon.  The flight was really good! I did get a little bit of motion sickness during the flight, but not too bad. My most favorite part of the flight was take off, as the plane increased speed and well…took off! The plane ride itself was pretty boring. I took a nap, but I had a hard time falling asleep on the plane, so I didn’t sleep extremely long. I wrote letters, and then I pretty much just watched out the window. Yep I had a window seat! It was really cool to look out and see the world way down below, at least when I could see it. Mostly I just saw the clouds. It was a neat experience though.

We stayed the night at the mission home. President and Sister Porter are super awesome! They were very nice and took very good care of us. Sister Porter made a delicious dinner for us, which was so nice!! It was nice to finally have a home cooked meal. 

The next day was transfers. As many of you know, I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana! My companion is Sister Standage. She is from Mesa, Arizona. She is 20 years old. She attended a little bit of college after high school, but she lived at home during that time, so this is also her first time being away from home. She is super cute and super nice and super fun! There…does that explain her good enough?! Hahaha. Okay I will tell you a little bit more about her. She is only like 5’2″ so she is short.  She has only been out here for four months, and she is training me! I trust her though. She has been really good so far! I think it probably stresses her out a little bit that she is already training, but we work together really well, so she shouldn’t be too stressed. 

Okay so we are in Fort Wayne…Aboite area. We are in the Columbia City ward, but our boundaries have a little bit of the Columbia City ward as well as the Huntington ward. There isn’t much out here. Apparently they had a storm right before I got here, so I keep getting told that I lucked out. It is cold, but not nearly as cold as I thought it would be. Unlike Sister Standage, I am used to the cold and the snow. She thinks I am crazy that I don’t get bundled up as much as she does, but oh well. I don’t think it is as cold out here as she does. 

Our apartment is pretty nice. We are very fortunate, because our apartment is one of the nicer ones.  Its funny though because the furniture in our apartment came from a church building. Hahaha! You should see our couch and chairs. Primary rooms, foyers (?), things like that. I love it though and it doesn’t really matter that much because we are hardly in our apartment at all. Almost all day is spent outside. The only time we come in is to eat. After we are all ready for the day and we have studied, we head outside to make contact with people.

We don’t do a lot of tracting. We go and visit referrals, less active, and members. It is lots of fun. I love sharing the gospel with people! I am excited to continue.

First Sunday in Columbia City was great! I introduced myself to people, and a lot of them came up and introduced themselves to me. The members out here are very nice and friendly and they take very good care of us. They feed us almost every night. I was glad to meet the Cleggs and make that connection with them. Heavenly Father is definitely looking out for me! 

My bedding did not arrive before I came out to the area. It’s okay though, because one of the members had given some bedding to the sisters, so there was extra bedding and a comforter in the apartment already. Once again, Heavenly Father is looking out for me! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my blanket though….thats what I want the most. 

Just so you know, our apartment address is: (if you would like her apartment address, contact either of Kayla’s parents). There you go! Now you can all start sending letters and packages there. I would greatly appreciate some! 😉 As far as packages go and what to put in them, since there are people that are wondering, Im not really sure what I want/need at the moment. Treats are always nice, but more than just chocolate and candy. Things like granola bars and other snacks that you would take on road trips. As I think of things I will write home and let you know.

Also, we can have music out here!! We just can’t have an MP3 player, so dad, could you burn me some CD’s? We listen to the music in the car, and Sister Standage has a CD player in the apartment, but if you wanted to send me one, so that i have my own, that would also be greatly appreciated! Also, don’t forget speakers.

Well, I love you all! I don’t really know what else to say. I only have an hour of email time, just in case you are wondering, but i can write letters during our personal time today, so I will try and get some sent home. Thanks for all the emails and letters so far!

-Sister Palmer


They’re Here!

This post does not include a letter from Kayla. I’m just a proud dad that wanted to give an update on what has happened since leaving the Missionary Training Center three days ago. However, I will share part of the form letter that the office staff sent to me on behalf of President and Sister Porter.

As a curious parent with internet access at my fingertips, I decided to track Kayla’s flight to Cincinnati. With the snow storm that we had that day, I wanted to know if there were any delays or chances of rough weather that she would have to fly through. Well, the weather in Utah did delay the flight from leaving for about 30 minutes. But with a tail wind, most of that delay was made up during the flight. They arrived at the Cincinnati airport just 10 minutes late.

The mission president and some of the office staff were there to pick up the newly arrived missionaries. This group that arrived had 16 missionaries. It was actually one of the smallest groups to arrive in the mission since it was formed this last July.

In the airport

It is evident from the look on her face in this picture that she wasn’t really wanting to have her picture taken. Why is that? Probably because it was 3:00 in the afternoon and she had already been up for 12 hours. Plus hauling the luggage around…

When they were all situated and getting ready to leave the airport, they decided to have a group picture as the newest missionaries in the Ohio Cincinnati Mission. They were joined in the picture by President and Sister Porter and the office elders that came to help.

Group arriving at airport

From the airport they went to the mission home where she would spend the night. Kayla told us on the phone earlier that morning that she was really looking forward to being at the mission home and hoping that Sister Porter was a really good cook…she was ready for a home-cooked (not cafeteria prepared) meal. She didn’t mind the food at the MTC, but there definitely is a difference between a cafeteria meal and a home-cooked dinner.

There were also going to be some orientation take place while they were in the mission home. I am assuming that the orientation took place that same evening. That is the only reason I can explain everyone sitting in a group as they are in this next picture.

Group in the mission home

Or maybe they had just finished eating a really good dinner. Yeah, that must be it…look at the smiles on their faces. Or they were just so happy and excited to be there.

That night a form email was sent out to the families letting us know that our missionary had arrived. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

Dear Missionary Parents,

Your missionary has arrived in the great Ohio Cincinnati Mission!  We very much look forward to the strength he/she will be to this great work.  Many thanks for all you are doing to assist.  Your ongoing letters of encouragement and prayers of faith are so important.  We constantly ask the Lord to pour out His spirit upon our missionaries, members, and the people of Ohio and invite you to join us in daily prayers on their behalf…


We are excited to share photos with you of some of our events on Facebook!  Search for our page, Ohio Cincinnati Mission.


Attached is an awesome photo of your missionary with President and Sister Porter at the Mission Home!

Sister Palmer

As a side comment to the email, they do a great job of posting pictures whenever there are zone meetings, transfers, new arrivals, departures for home, and any other reason to take a picture. I recommend you look at some of them.

The next morning was the day they would head out to their area with their new companion. Kayla has been assigned to Fort Wayne, Indiana…the city that is just about as far away from the mission home as you can go while staying in the mission boundaries.

There is a Lisa C. from the ward that Kayla is serving in that picked her up. I don’t know if Lisa drove all the way to the mission home or if Kayla had some other transportation to a drop-off point, but this is where you cue the Disney song “It’s a Small World”. Because it really is.

Lisa asked Kayla where she was from, and upon hearing that she was from Orem, asked if she knew a particular family. Well not only did Kayla know them, they live just a few houses down from us and are in our ward. Lisa happens to be the sister-in-law of Ruth E., the lady that lives down the street from us. Lisa is not only married to the younger brother of the Ruth, but her husband and I knew each other in junior high school. Well, Lisa took a picture of Kayla on her phone and sent it as a text to Ruth, who then forwarded it on to my wife. Kayla obviously was excited…or confused…or drunk…(definitely not drunk)…or something else.

Kayla on way to Ft Wayne

Now as a father that is already glad to see his daughter had arrived safely in her mission, it gives me some added satisfaction to know that we have a connection to someone in the area that Kayla is serving in. It doesn’t mean we will have extra contact with Kayla, but we can trust that she will be well taken care of by the members.

55 years ago my dad was serving in what was then called the Great Lakes Mission. The mission home was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He spent two different periods working in Fort Wayne, totaling about 6 months of his mission. He made comments to me at times that he really liked the Fort Wayne area, that it was his favorite mission area to serve in. I told Kayla that, so I am sure that she has some added excitement being assigned to work there. I think about how awesome it would be if Kayla met a child or grandchild of someone that my dad taught or at least knew when he was a missionary there. Not that it needs to happen, but it would be added proof to me that her assignment was guided by the Lord.

I also have a neighbor friend who served part of his mission in Fort Wayne and talks positively about it. He was excited to learn that Kayla is serving there.

So with this post I have updated the banner at the top of the blog page to show where she is currently serving. She may actually be in a suburb or Fort Wayne, which we hope to find out for sure when she emails on Monday. But I will leave the assignment city as Fort Wayne for the time being.

We know that transfers won’t happen for another six weeks, so it is pretty safe to say she won’t go anywhere before then. I think it is fairly safe to say she will be there longer than six weeks too. I hope for her sake that she is…it will allow her to establish stronger relationships with the members and investigators that she works with. This will be a great assignment.

Leaving the MTC

* PREFACE: This morning (January 8th), Kayla left the Missionary Training Center in Provo to fly out to Cincinnati and begin her full-time service as a missionary (okay, she has been a full-time missionary the last three weeks, but in training…you get what I mean, right?). After she arrived at the airport she was able to call and talk with us. This was especially nice since we didn’t get to talk to her on Christmas day. Kayla is so grateful for the support she has received through prayers, letters and packages. With this change in location, if anyone would like to know how to contact her, just send a message to me.

Kayla is so excited and so nervous at the same time. Over the last few days in the MTC, she has had some experiences that have helped her to be even better prepared to teach the gospel on a daily basis.  As I write this she is in the air flying east and many great experience await her arrival in Cincinnati this afternoon and over the remaining seventeen months of her mission. This post shares her sentiments that she had as of yesterday afternoon, along with some experiences that have strengthened her testimony.

My Dearest Family and Friends!

SURPRISE!!!!!!!! We got an extra P-day here at the MTC! Booyah baby. Greatest day of my life! Let me tell you some of whats been going on……

This week has been kind of an awesome week of spiritual experiences. Miracles have definitely happened this week.

First off, let me tell you about my mouth. It was probably my second week here at the MTC and the left cheek on my face started to swell and was in pain. I took some medicine, but didn’t do much to get it to go away. It finally just went away all by itself. I don’t really know what had happened. I didn’t think it was anything to do with my wisdom teeth, because the sockets were closed up. Anyway, it went away on its own and my mouth was perfectly normal for like a whole week. Well this past weekend, the other side of my face began to swell up. This time I was in even more pain than before. Once again, I didn’t know how it was happening. I started out by trying to get through the pain, but then it was bad enough that I decided to take some medicine. Finally, the medicine really wasn’t doing much for me. It was fast Sunday, so I didn’t want to eat/drink much to be able to take some medicine. I had a very strong feeling that I needed to get a priesthood blessing.

I went up to our district leader, Elder McEachern (Mik-ek-urn) and asked him if he would give me a blessing. We had a few things to do , so we couldn’t do it right away, but he gave me one as soon as we had time. It was a really cool experience for me! To have someone my age, that is a worthy priesthood holder and could give me a blessing was cool! I am so thankful for all the Elders in my district and that they hold the priesthood.

Update on my mouth: So much better! I woke up the next day and the pain was gone! Like completely gone and the swelling had decreased a lot. I still went to the Health Clinic though to make sure I didn’t have an infection in my mouth. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me, so he gave me an ice pack and told me to continue taking ibuprofen to make the swelling go down. He isn’t extremely worried either, because I am headed stateside on my mission and will be near doctors and dentists that can help me out.

Okay, next awesome experience…when we first arrived here at the MTC, the Provo temple was closed. We knew that it would be opening back up before we left, so we asked if there was going to be a possibility that we would be able to go (since there isn’t going to be a temple in our mission, we all wanted to go one last time). It was looking like we weren’t going to be able to go because we weren’t scheduled. We were all so sad, but at the same time, we all continued to pray that we would be able to make it to the temple. Well, on Sunday, we were given new schedules, because apparently the MTC changes the schedules around with the BYU semester. So we get our schedules on Sunday and noticed that we had P-day today!!!! What?!?! We were so excited because we just had p-day on Thursday. We also had scheduled time to go to the temple!! Let me just tell you…Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers!!

We went to the temple this morning and it was so awesome! It was very much needed. I have come to appreciate the temple so much. I am very sad that we don’t have a temple in our mission. Maybe another miracle will happen and we will get to go to the temple out in Ohio (probably not…but we can hope a little). Today was the first time in three weeks that I have seen someone outside of the MTC that I know. Love You Grandma! 😉 Mom, don’t be sad that you didn’t see me. I know you want to, but I get to call home tomorrow, which I can hardly wait for as well…..

The other day, Sister Jackson and I got to leave the MTC for a little bit. This is another one of my miracle stories, just because I got to leave the MTC (it isn’t really that bad here, but it is nice to get out sometimes!) Anyway, Sister Jackson needed to get her driving record from the DMV. We were shuttled around Provo. It was so good to see a lot of similar surroundings. I wished that we could have gone to the Orem DMV just because you know…it would have been nice, but oh well. It was so good to get out though and associate with people in the “outside world”. We talked to a lot of people as they walked passed us. You would think that maybe I would see someone that I knew while we were out, but I didn’t. Dang….

Well you lovely people….thank you all so much for the love and support. I love getting emails and letters. I also greatly appreciate the packages. I leave the MTC tomorrow though, so start sending letters and packages to the mission home. 🙂

I have really enjoyed my stay here at the MTC. I am a little nervous to head out to Ohio tomorrow, but at the same time I am super, super excited!! My testimony of the gospel has continued to grow since I have been here and I can’t wait to share the gospel with the people out there. I am so thankful for all the love and support that I receive from all of you. You are all such great examples in my life! All I have to say right now is….see you later Utah!! I can’t wait to get back, but right now I have work to do. 🙂

Much love, 

Sister Palmer