Post-Christmas P-Day (finally a longer letter)

Hello everyone!

Things are going so good here at the MTC! Now that it is my P-day and I have more time to email, let me tell you a little bit about what has been going on.
First, the District. We have 4 sisters and 5 elders in our district. It is so awesome! We get along so well! There have been a few times in our classes when we have a hard time staying on topic (not often, but it has happened) and we tell stories and just laugh. They seriously make me laugh so hard! I love it.
My companion is pretty awesome! We get along really well and she does a really good job at looking out for me and making sure that I am doing okay (which I am!). The other two sisters in our district are amazing! We have all become so close to each other! We do pretty much everything together. There is hardly a time when it is just me and my companion by ourselves. The other two sisters are always with us.
Yesterday for Christmas we had a wonderful devotional! You are probably all wondering who came and spoke to us right?! We had Elder David A. Bednar come and speak to us! It was such a good devotional. He started out by saying that he was going to do something that had never been done in the history of the MTC. We all wondered what he was going to do. Turns out that he had 200 cell phones that they passed around to the audience. (We had to promise that we wouldn’t use them to call home.) He then gave us a number that we could text his iPad and we were allowed to ask a question. It had to be an inspired question. Then as he received questions on his ipad, he would answer them. The devotional was being broadcast to other MTC’s throughout the world, and they got to do the same thing. So as Elder Bednar was receiving questions from us, he was also receiving questions from the London MTC and other MTC’s throughout the world! Of course he didn’t have time to answer everyone’s questions, but he did answer quite a few and he gave a lot of really good insights.
Here at the MTC I have seen so many people I know! Its kind of funny, because everyone in my district thinks I am some super popular person. I keep reminding them though that I only live 10 minutes away from the MTC and so a lot of people I know from high school and junior high and such. Some people that I have seen so far…Elder Gunderson, Elder Steele, Sister Snow, Elder Driggs, Sister Anderson, and many many more. You probably don’t know half of the people that I am talking about. Just know that I know them all from school at some point in my life. Sister Anderson is so funny! To think that I only met her like two months before I actually came into the MTC is so weird. We get along so well! Every time we see each other, we run up to each other and give each other a great big hug. We are planning on getting pictures taken together, so that we can send them to our parents. Hopefully her mom see’s this email. Dad, make sure her mom see’s this. I know it will make her happy. 🙂
Speaking of pictures…..I have currently not taken any on my camera, but one of the sisters, Sister Davis has taken tons of pictures on her camera. I will find a time to upload some of them, so that you can see the fun that I am having here. Sister Davis and I get along so well! She is seriously so funny and we are always laughing when we are together. Its kind of funny because she has more pictures of the two of us than she has of her and her companion and my companion and I. Hahaha oh well…..
I don’t really feel like there is much to update you on at the moment. We seriously are in a classroom like almost all day. We have personal study, companionship study, and we also have teachers that come and teach us. I love our teachers. They are so funny and we always laugh when we are around them.
Oh yeah I guess I have one more thing to say…We have started teaching investigators. They are just people who volunteer at the MTC. Some are active members of the church that just are playing a role, but some really are investigators. We don’t know who is who, so we just pretend that they are all investigators. It is so much fun getting to know them all! I love teaching them too. Sometimes it is hard and I don’t always know what to say, but I just have to trust that the spirit will help me to know what to say and they will be touched by the spirit. That’s one thing that I have learned the most being here at the MTC. It doesn’t matter how much we studied preach my gospel before we came here. We don’t teach lessons! We have to teach by the spirit, because only our Heavenly Father knows what the investigator needs at that time in their life.
I am so thankful for the wonderful spirit that is felt here at the MTC. I am seriously learning so much and understanding gospel principles so much better! It has been such a great experience. I am having such a good time here too, so that makes things so much better! (Although we all can’t wait until we are out in OHIO!!)
Anyways, I just want you all to know that I love you! I miss you all. I think about you guys when I can. You are all such a good support system and it helps me to be able to continue doing what I am doing, because I know that there are lots of people that love me back at home. I am so thankful for this gospel and that I get to share it with people along with my testimony. I will write you again as soon as I can!
-Sister Kayla Palmer
P.S. I need more people to write me and email me! I don’t want to sound desperate or anything, but there is nothing better than getting on your email and having emails from people, or even receiving letters in the mail. Its things like those that make me happy and move forward with this work. 🙂 Thanks!

One thought on “Post-Christmas P-Day (finally a longer letter)

  1. My dear Kayla! It is so good to see your beautiful face. I am so proud and happy for you.
    What wonderful experiences you will have! And, are having.
    I am so proud of you. You have made a wonderful choice to serve the Lord. I admire you so much for that. You have been such a wonderful example to me. You are a kind and wonderful person.
    I look forward to reading your blog. What a great way to keep in contact with everyone.
    I love you so much. Keep up the good work. May Heavenly Father bless you and keep you safe.
    Much love,

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