Surprise Email…

* PREFACE: We weren’t expecting this one. Since she explains why she wrote so soon again, I’ll just let you read it.

Hello my wonderful family!

Our Branch President, President W. said that we could hurry and get on here to send a quick email because there are some elders who said that their parents think they will be able to call home on Christmas, so he told them that they could hurry and get on to send an email to their parents to let them know that there are too many missionaries at the MTC and not enough phones to be able to make calls home. I knew you guys already knew that, but I figured I would take advantage of the opportunity to get on and write you!
Things are going really well here at the MTC. I am very homesick, but the spirit here is so strong and I am constantly reminded of why I am out here serving a mission. I know that with time, I wont be quite as homesick. They say that we just need to make it to Sunday, so I am counting down the days until Sunday! Hopefully it does get better.
I saw Sister F. at the MTC yesterday and I gave her a letter talking about my first day that she was supposed to bring to the house. Hopefully it got there! I really am doing good, with the exception of being homesick and a little physically sick. (I had my flu shot yesterday though, so I think that is what it is from.) Oh well….no need to worry about me. Things really are going great and I cant wait to be out in Ohio! (pray that it comes quick!) Love you all! I will email you again on my P-day and send a longer letter. 🙂
-Sister Palmer

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