Entering the MTC

MTC Dropoff

* PREFACE: On December 18th, Kayla entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC).  At the end of her first day, she took the time to write a short letter, which she sent home with a neighbor that works at the MTC.

My dearest wonderful family,

Good news! I made it through the first day at the MTC. Holy Crap. Let me tell you all about it…

I left you guys and we seriously got right to work. Well, almost. First we had to go get a few things. We of course got our name tags. Sister Palmer is now pinned to my shirt. It feels pretty good. We then had to get a few supplies that the MTC provides. (Pretty much that was just the missionary handbook and planner and then a few pamphlets.) We then dropped off my luggage in my in my dorm and headed straight for my classroom.

In the classroom I met my companion and everyone in our district.  There are five Elders and four Sisters in our district. My companion is Sister Jackson. So far she is really nice and I think we will get along.

We had MTC orientation which was pretty good. We had a little bit of a devotional, pretty much. Afterwards, we went to dinner. The MTC food isn’t bad, but I’m not a very picky eater, so yeah…

After dinner we were able to go back to our dorms for a little bit. Then we went right in to teaching. Like seriously, we had an investigator and everything! Thankfully we were all in a large group, so its not like it was one on one stuff. The MTC though doesn’t give you any time to breathe. You just dive right in!

Afterwards we were supposed to meet our Zone Leaders and get a tour of the MTC, but we don’t have Zone Leaders, so instead we got to meet our branch and our branch presidency. (This wasn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow.) Our branch president is so tiny! He seriously isn’t even 5 feet tall I don’t think. Such a cute old man! After talking about some things, and getting to know each other better, we took a tour of the MTC.

Finally we were able to go back to our dorms. We changed into our pj’s and unpacked our stuff. I seriously am so exhausted! We will see what tomorrow brings.

I love you all so much! This may be hard at first, but so far I am loving it. I am so excited to be serving the Lord. I can’t wait to leave the MTC and be out in Ohio!


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